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  1. Solid gold toilet worth over $1 million stolen from Winston Churchill's birthplace  ABC News
  2. Golden Toilet Stolen From Winston Churchill’s Birthplace  Bloomberg
  3. Blenheim Palace: $1.25 million toilet stolen from Winston Churchill's birthplace  CBS News
  4. 18-karat gold toilet swiped from Winston Churchill's childhood home  New York Post
  5. Solid gold toilet stolen from Blenheim Palace, birthplace of Winston Churchill  CNN
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How was the Blenheim Palace toilet stolen from Winston Churchill home?

Officials at Blenheim Palace, the birthplace of Winston Churchill, are continuing to appeal for witnesses following the audacious heist that has deprived visitors of ...

Solid gold toilet stolen from former UK Prime Minister Winston Churchill's birthplace  CNN

Police say an 18-karat gold toilet was stolen from Blenheim Palace, the birthplace of former UK Prime Minister Winston Churchill, in Oxfordshire, England.

Winston Churchill’s Grandson Exits Politics and Chides Boris Johnson  The New York Times

Nicholas Soames, the grandson of the wartime leader Winston Churchill and a 45-year Tory veteran, has been booted from the Conservative Party for ...

UK's Johnson is no Winston Churchill says wartime leader's sacked grandson  Reuters

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson is nothing like Winston Churchill but someone who tells lies about the European Union, according to the grandson of ...

Churchill's Birthplace Gets A Hitler Statue (Really!)  Forward

Maurizio Cattelan's Hitler statue "Him" is being exhibited at Winston Churchill's birthplace at Blenheim Castle, Oxfordshire.

Emotional departure from Tory party by grandson of Winston Churchill  Irish Times

Nicholas Soames, the 71 year old grandson of Winston Churchill gives an emotional speech about standing down as an MP after 37 years following his sacking ...

‘Boris Johnson is nothing like Winston Churchill,’ says wartime PM’s grandson

Churchill's grandson calls Jacob Rees-Mogg 'an absolute fraud.'

Gold Toilet Stolen From Blenheim Palace, Birthplace of Winston Churchill  The Weekly Times

An 18-karat gold toilet with a reported value of £1 million ($1.25m) was stolen from the ancestral home of the Churchill... Most Viewed. 1. Meet Australia's first ...

The Daubing of Winston Churchill  In Defence of Marxism

Tony Blair, Jack Straw, William Hague and Ann Widdecombe have all expressed their disgust and outrage at the malicious vandalism melted out to the statue of ...

Winston Churchill? Sun Tzu? Boris Johnson is more like Alan Partridge  The Guardian

Letters: Dr Martin Treacy says the prime minister is the opposite of Churchill, Geoffrey Bindman compares him to Caligula, Valerie Crews says he must resign ...

Basic Errors? Winston Churchill Deconstructs Andrew Yang's UBI  Merion West

“The outcome of Andrew Yang's UBI would be higher rents and, most likely, a property bubble.” How would you spend the Universal Basic Income (UBI) ...

Soho loft from first 'Real World' season slashes price again  New York Post

Edwina Sandys reduced the ask of her four-bedroom at 565 Broadway in Soho, which was home base for Season 1 of the MTV reality show, to $6.8 million.

Nicholas Soames, grandson of Winston Churchill, retires from politics  Deseret News

Nicholas Soames, grandson of Winston Churchill, stood before the House of Commons on Wednesday to announce his decision to retire from politics.

Sean Hannity compares Donald Trump's canceled meeting with the Taliban to Winston Churchill's handling of World War II  Media Matters for America

SEAN HANNITY (HOST): Read The Art of the Deal. Some of you in the media mob, you might discover Trump says, always be willing to walk away from a deal, ...

Peaky Blinders re-casts Winston Churchill – again  Radio Times

The role of Winston Churchill has been recast again on BBC One's Peaky Blinders, with a new actor stepping to play the Prime Minister.

Winston Churchill and his women  The Sunday Post

Or, in Winston Churchill's case, the man voted the Greatest Briton had a whole host of great women behind him. This was the small army of secretaries and ...

Quote attributed to Churchill on having enemies originally came from Victor Hugo  PolitiFact

Here we go again: A questionable Winston Churchill quote caught our fact-checking attention, continuing the trend of social media users posting bogus quotes ...

An 18-carat gold toilet has been installed at Winston Churchill's birthplace, and you can use it as long as you take less than 3 minutes  INSIDER

The toilet is fully functioning and can be used by visitors who have paid the £27 ($33) entrance fee to the stately home and gardens.

Voice of the Mirror: Boris Johnson is nothing like hero Sir Winston Churchill  Mirror Online

Boris Johnson recently likened himself to Sir Winston Churchill who led Britain to victory in World War Two.

ET 40 Under 40 Awards: When Wockhardt Hospitals boss reiterated Winston Churchill’s words on success & failure  Economic Times

Zahabiya Khorakiwala spoke of infusing creativity and ideas into the world.

Andrew Adonis writes Winston Churchill parliament speech for 2019 | Latest Brexit news and top stories  The New European

ANDREW ADONIS imagines how Winston Churchill would address the House of Commons in 2019: 'Do not forget Britain's European destiny'

David Davis invokes Churchill to prove how Boris has defeated EU ‘End of the beginning!’

DAVID DAVIS, the first Brexit Secretary, has launched a fierce defence of Boris Johnson's decision to prorogue Parliament.

Not Winston Churchill's finest financial hours  strategy+business Today

The legendary leader's political successes were continually undermined by his financial and business failures.

Winston Churchill resigns as Britain’s prime minister, April 5, 1955  Politico

Winston Churchill, who led Great Britain in an alliance with the United States and the Soviet Union that defeated the Axis powers in World War II, resigned on this ...

Inside John F. Kennedy's Lifelong Admiration of Winston Churchill  Biography

Despite JFK's father feuding with the Prime Minister during World War II, the late president idolized and took cues from the British politician.

Winston Churchill Would Despise Boris Johnson  The New York Times

Britain's new leader has a sadly exaggerated sense of the importance his country will have after Brexit.

Winston Churchill: Why has Britain’s wartime prime minister been called a 'villain'?  The Independent

Labour's shadow chancellor John McDonnell has attracted a storm of criticism after describing Sir Winston Churchill as a “villain”. Responding to a question ...

Column: In Britain, will Trump absorb his hero Winston Churchill’s hatred of tariffs?  Los Angeles Times

Winston Churchill is supposedly Trump's hero, but he was an opponent of tariffs.

Former Home of Winston Churchill Available to Rent  Barron's

A summer retreat of Sir Winston Churchill is available for rent in Surrey, England, according to the estate agents Hamptons International Lettings in Guildford.

Winston Churchill’s Granddaughter’s MTV Connection  The New Yorker

Naomi Fry on a visit with the octogenarian Edwina Sandys in the SoHo loft that launched “The Real World”—and American reality TV.

What if Churchill Had Been Prime Minister in 1919?  New York Times

At 11 a.m. on Nov. 11, 1918, Winston Churchill was looking out of the window of his Ministry of Munitions, toward Trafalgar Square in London, waiting for the ...

Why Winston Churchill has been revered in this small Missouri town for 50 years  Los Angeles Times

Winston Churchill's legacy will be remembered during three days of celebrations in May at the Midwestern museum that bears his name. The 50th anniversary of ...

How Winston Churchill’s Cigar Habit Defined Him  Biography

One of the most important statesmen of the 20 century, Winston Churchill became famous for his oratorical skills and political leadership in the United Kingdom.

Andrew Roberts's masterly biography of Winston Churchill.  City Journal

In his massive new biography of Winston Churchill, Andrew Roberts recounts how Major-General Sir James Edmonds, editor of the government's official war ...

Winston Churchill was paid $250 for a lecture in Cincinnati on this date in 1901

He didn't have a hotel reservation, but Winston Churchill was in town for a lecture on Jan. 15, 1901.

History Tells us Winston Churchill's Genius Saved Western Civilization  The National Interest Online

During the summer of 1940, Winston Churchill was fighting a two-front war. The first was against Adolf Hitler and his war machine, particularly his Luftwaffe.

Winston Churchill spent much of his extravagant life on the brink of financial ruin  CNBC

David Lough explains how Winston Churchill projected a seemingly extravagant image of wealth despite living on the edge of crippling financial debt.

Teen charged after allegedly throwing traffic sign onto QEW in Oakville  Global News

"Although no one was injured, this reckless criminal act was taken very seriously by the Halton Regional Police *Service* and an investigation was initiated ...

Fact Check: Social media falsely attributes quote to Sir Winston Churchill  India Today

A quote has been doing rounds on the internet and people are attributing it to Winston Churchill; India Today Anti Fake News War Room found Churchill never ...

Winston Churchill didn't say this about the arts  PolitiFact

A warning to anyone inclined to post a Winston Churchill quote to social media. He didn't say, "When you're 60, you realize no one was ever thinking about you ...

Is This the Best One-Volume Biography of Churchill Yet Written?  The New York Times

Andrew Roberts's “Churchill: Walking With Destiny” tells the full story of an extraordinary life.

Winston Churchill, war correspondent: His early military years shaped his political ambitions  Salon

It was during his early military *service* that Churchill first expressed his political aspirations to confidantes.

Winston Churchill's V for Victory sign had a very cheeky double meaning  Mirror Online

Winston Churchill first used the sign on July 19, 1941, to symbolise defiance during World War Two.

Winston Churchill is born in Victorian Britain, Nov. 30, 1874  Politico

On this day in 1874, Winston Churchill was born into an aristocratic British family. His father, Lord Randolph Churchill, was a politician who served as chancellor ...

Winston Churchill ‘shocked’ by Downing Street restoration plan  The Guardian

'The Ark did not take so long,' PM wrote of repair work that overran budget and schedule.

Boris Johnson has always identified with Winston Churchill — it’s time to find out if he has what it takes  The Sun

“INFAMY! Infamy! They've all got it in for me,” cries a mop-topped Caesar as half his cabinet round on him with bloodied daggers. The old Carry On gag will be ...

What the row over Winston Churchill's legacy is really about  Prospect

The debate over Churchill isn't really about the man. It's about an icon—and what the values we instil in him can tell us about ourselves.

How Winston Churchill Attacked What Could Have Been Hitler's 'New' Battleship  The National Interest Online

As the morning wore on, the British signaled quite visibly and “in clear” to French ships their offer to welcome the French ships into the British fleet. They had ...

How Winston Churchill used his storytelling skills to shape his country's history  New Statesman

Inspecting a battleship in 1940, Winston Churchill stopped to talk to a group of young sailors. “Is everything you tell us true?” asked one of them. “Young man ...

Hitler Nearly Took Over France's Battleship Fleet. Then Winston Churchill Stepped In.  The National Interest Online

By early June, however, there was real speculation that France would break its pledge against a separate peace and bargain with Germany. This would have ...

No, Winston Churchill didn't say this quote about age  PolitiFact

Winston Churchill once said, "It's a good thing for an uneducated man to read a book of quotations." The British statesman is himself widely quoted, both online ...

Winston Churchill's visit to Fort Jackson created a crucial military alliance  Nevada Appeal

FORT JACKSON, S.C. – On June 6, 1944, more than 160000 Allied troops landed along a 50-mile stretch of heavily-fortified French coastline, to fight Nazi ...

Winston Churchill new biography Andrew Roberts book review  USA TODAY

Andrew Roberts has written an excellent new biography of Winston Churchill called "Churchill: A Walk With Destiny." A 4-star book review.

Andrew Roberts: Winston Churchill consciously spent a lifetime shaping his destiny  Fox News

When we examine Winston Churchill's life we see the extraordinary degree to which in 1940 Churchill 's past life had indeed been but a preparation for his ...

Readers critique The Post: Misquoting Winston Churchill and misusing space terminology  The Washington Post

A photograph that accompanied the May 12 news article about Interior Secretary David Bernhardt, “Interior chief backs drilling plan despite climate questions,” ...

‘Audacity Is the Only Ticket’: How Winston Churchill, an Amateur Artist, Treated Painting as a Battlefield  artnet News

Winston Churchill took painting seriously as a connoisseur and amateur artist, and spoke often about its role in political life.

Analysis: 5 of the worst crimes of Winston Churchill  CommonSpace

There's no question of Churchill's racism and crimes against humanity SCOTTISH Green MSP Ross Greer has drawn the ire of such renowned historians as ...

Queen Elizabeth Has Worked With 14 Prime Ministers During Her Reign. Here She Is With All of Them.

Since Queen Elizabeth ascended the throne, she's forged a partnership with the prime minister of the time, from Winston Churchill to Theresa May. See her with ...

The Rest of Us Always Knew Churchill Was a Villain  Bloomberg

His record in Britain's former colonies more closely resembles that of a war criminal than a defender of democracy and freedom.

Is Boris Johnson a Winston Churchill as rewritten by Monty Python?  The Boston Globe

Maybe. Yet it would be a mistake prematurely to write off Johnson's premiership.

Piers Morgan got Trump to wear a Winston Churchill-style hat in a TV interview  INSIDER

Piers Morgan interviewed the US president in the Churchill War Rooms, where Winston Churchill masterminded much of World War II.

The inside story of how Roosevelt, Churchill, and Stalin won World War II  National Geographic

Winston Churchill, Franklin Roosevelt, and Joseph Stalin were an odd trio. Churchill, the United Kingdom's prime minister, was a bullish aristocrat famous for his ...

Why Boris Johnson really is like Winston Churchill – Joyce McMillan  The Scotsman

Boris Johnson, who may share some qualities with Winston Churchill, is a combative leader whose great cause is both worthless and divisive, writes Joyce ...

Winston Churchill: Unearthed letter shows King BEGGED hero PM ‘not to fight on D-Day’  Express

WINSTON CHURCHILL was ready to take to the seas and fight on the beaches of Normandy on D-Day, but King George VI stepped in to stop him, an unearthed ...

A Blundering Churchill, a Farsighted Roosevelt  The New York Times

Nigel Hamilton's “War and Peace,” the third volume of his Roosevelt trilogy, takes a revisionist look at the two wartime partners.

Never Assume, Always Persist: Another Leadership Lesson from Winston Churchill  Forbes

Every time I write about Winston Churchill, I always feel, “Well, that's it, I don't have anything more to write about.” But then along comes a new book with a new ...

Sir Winston Churchill was secretly gay, historian and comic Charlie Higson says  Mirror Online

The WWII wartime leader was accused of cavorting with other officers and behaving like 'Oscar Wilde' while at Sandhurst in his early twenties.

BSC launches archive with digitized Winston Churchill papers

Birmingham-Southern College has launched a digitized archive of British Prime Minister Sir Winston Churchill papers.

Houston resident and great-grandson of Winston Churchill has died  Houston Chronicle

Jonathan Sandys, the great-grandson of Winston Churchill and a noted public speaker and Houston resident, has died in a London hospital of chronic lung ...

How Winston Churchill made peace with his father in a ghostly short story  The Telegraph

For his Oscar-winning performance in Darkest Hour, Gary Oldman portrayed Sir Winston Churchill as Britain's great wartime leader. His next project will reveal a ...

'I Have Always Earned My Living By My Pen,' Said Winston Churchill  Forbes

The Great Britain-based Conway Stewart pen company is producing yet another pen in Winston Churchill's honor, the first in the series of Conway Stewart ...

Churchill's policies contributed to 1943 Bengal famine – study  The Guardian

The Bengal famine of 1943 was the only one in modern Indian history not to occur as a result of serious drought, according to a study that provides scientific ...

New biography reveals Winston Churchill’s problem with Ireland  Irish Examiner

A new biography on Winston Churchill has much to recommend it but, from a purely Irish perspective, it is disappointing, writes Ryle Dwyer. The latest biography ...

Churchill and D-Day: did the prime minister oppose the Normandy landings?  BBC History Magazine

Why did the British prime minister Winston Churchill gain a reputation of being against D-Day until the last minute? Find out here.

How We Authenticated This Autograph Of Winston Churchill And How It Nearly Ended Up In The Trash  Forbes

Earlier this year, we acquired Winston's Churchill's signed letter of resignation to King George VI, dated 1945, after the end of the war in Europe and the loss of ...

Winston Churchill's History In Florida And Cuba To Be Highlighted  WUSF News

When most people think of Sir Winston Churchill, they think of the man who led the United Kingdom in the 1940s and 1950s. They probably don't know that he.

When Churchill Dissed America | History

Our exclusive first look at the diaries of King George VI reveals the Prime Minister's secret hostility to the United States.

Inside the $40M Restoration of London's Templeton House, Winston Churchill's Former Mansion  Architectural Digest

In one of the U.K.'s most painstaking projects in recent history, the 18th-century house has been handsomely restored to its original splendor.

World War 2 revelation: Stalin's never-before-seen 'apology card' to Churchill revealed

WINSTON CHURCHILL received a birthday message during World War 2 from Soviet leader Joseph Stalin in which he made a surprising veiled apology, it has ...

The Truth About Winston Churchill: Weekend Edition  Bloomberg

The recent flap over Winston Churchill — with Labour politician John McDonnell calling Britain's most revered prime minister a “villain” and prompting a rebuke ...

Winston Churchill's son received this fiery letter from JFK now up for auction  IrishCentral

A letter from John F. Kennedy to Winston Churchill's son has been found and is now up for auction.

The Greatest Briton Churchill Hated The Greatest Indian Gandhi  The Atlantic

Exactly a century ago, Mahatma Gandhi began his first all-India movement against British colonial rule. Winston Churchill was, and continued to be, ...

'Winston Churchill: The Blitz' comes to ECC Arts Center April 28  Chicago Daily Herald

On Sunday, April 28, actor Randy Otto will bring "Winston Churchill: The Blitz" to the Elgin Community College Arts Center. As the historic leader, Otto transports ...

Winston Churchill’s hat and cigar feature on Antiques Roadshow  Irish Examiner

Winston Churchill's top hat and one of his cigars are part of a collection valued at £10,000 on the next instalment of Antiques Roadshow. The items, along with a ...

Live in the house where Winston Churchill learned to paint

'The canvas grinned in helplessness before me. The spell was broken. The sickly inhibitions rolled away. I seized the largest brush and fell upon my victim with ...

Inside the special relationship between Roosevelt and Churchill during World War II  CBS News

The ups and downs between the two leaders are on display at the FDR Library & Museum in Hyde Park, New York.

Churchill, Brexit and the War: why history is worth fighting for  British GQ

Why did people vote for Brexit? History is at the heart of this stalemate. Brexit, Winston Churchill and the War - why Britain's history is always a battleground.

Winston Churchill’s former apartment in Mayfair is now available to rent

Winston Churchill's former two-bedroom home in Mayfair, London – located at 105 Mount Street above a cigar shop – is available to rent for £74400 per year.

Was Winston Churchill really a "villain"? – The Oxford Student  Oxford Student

John McDonnell, Labour's Shadow Chancellor, recently sparked outrage by describing Winston Churchill as a “villain” because of his role in the Tonypandy riots ...

Winston Churchill and the plot to smear Britain’s great men

The concerted attempt by left-wing figures to smear Winston Churchill last week is no surprise. In fact, it is another instance of a phenomenon I…

MSP Ross Greer brands Churchill 'mass murderer'  BBC News

Green MSP Ross Greer has repeated his controversial claim that Sir Winston Churchill was a "white supremacist" and a "mass murderer." He told the BBC's ...

World's Only Winston Churchill Book Shop Right Here in NYC  NY1

NEW YORK - At one end of the atrium in a Midtown skyscraper, you'll find a unique store — the only bookshop anywhere devoted to Winston Churchill. "We get ...

Sir Winston Churchill's cigar and top hat found at rubbish tip  Sky News

The items, along with a cigar case and letters revealing details of the former PM's daily life, have been valued at £10000.

Donald Trump Receives Winston Church-Style Hat Gift From Piers Morgan

Donald Trump got a Winston Churchill hat from Piers Morgan during his UK state visit and it does not look good on him.

The ridiculous PC pushback on Winston Churchill  New York Post

Ex-astronaut Scott Kelly tweeted out a call for civility in these divisive times on Sunday — and naturally got eaten alive. His comment: “One of the...

Brexit: Winston Churchill's grandson says no-deal 'most serious crisis' since World War Two  The Scotsman

A no-deal Brexit would be the "most serious crisis" Britain has faced since the Second World War, Winston Churchill's grandson has warned.

John Lukacs, a historian who wrote a bestselling tribute to Winston Churchill, dies at 95  Los Angeles Times

John Lukacs, a Hungarian-born historian, has died at age 95. Lukacs was an iconoclast who brooded over the future of Western civilization, wrote a bestselling ...

A New Biography Examines the Impressive Rights and Many Wrongs of Winston Churchill  Willamette Week

F.E. Smith, 1st Earl of Birkenhead and a friend of Winston Churchill's, summed up the iconic British statesman this way: "Winston was often right, but when he ...

Racist Or National Saviour? On Winston Churchill, Everyone Is Right  HuffPost UK

Judging democratic leaders is a tricky business and full of contradictions.


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