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Never Trump ex-Republican: Why I'll vote for almost any 2020 Democrat
Putin flies in a plane with similar red, white and blue markings as the Malaysian airliner and was known to be on his way home after a six-day visit to South America. But his plane took a different route and landed safely in Moscow. After the crash, as U.S. intelligence analysts pored over phone intercepts and other intelligence data, they began to suspect that the motive for the shoot-down was the desire among some Ukrainian extremists to eliminate Putin whom they had been privately vowing to kill words initially viewed as empty bluster but which were looked at differently in hindsight the source said. If some Ukrainian authorities were hoping to ambush Putin’s plane, they also would have had only a matter of minutes to detect the aircraft’s presence and make a decision to fire, so it could be plausible that the attackers made a hasty decision to hit Putin’s plane before they realized that they had made a tragic mistake. Blaming Russia After the crash, the Ukrainian government quickly assembled some pieces of information from “social media” to pin the blame on the eastern Ukrainian rebels and the Russian government for what would have been a reckless decision to supply such powerful weapons to a poorly trained force. The rebels denied having a Buk anti-aircraft battery capable of reaching an aircraft flying at 33,000 feet and the Russians denied having supplied one, but those denials were brushed aside by the mainstream U.S. news media and were rejected as well by senior U.S. officials. Only three days after the crash, Secretary of State John Kerry made the rounds of five Sunday talk shows to embrace the Ukrainian government’s assertions although the official investigation into the crash had just begun.
What is fascism? A Yale philosopher explains how it works - Vox
Operatives used social media to suppress votes for Hillary Clinton and help Donald Trump, new research finds [...] Analysts found that Russian operatives used social media to “confuse, distract, and ultimately discourage” black people and other pro-Clinton blocs from voting, using bogus claims such as Clinton receiving money from the Ku Klux Klan.
Was Putin Targeted for Mid-Air Assassination? August 8, 2014 By Robert Parry
But Putin also loves to be loved. The suppression of dissent in Russia will probably intensify in the wake of last weekend’s protests, but that will not satisfy him fully. It may secure his power, but it will not repair his numbers. Only war can do that. All he needs is a worthy enemy, and a fitting propaganda campaign, to take people’s minds off their worries and make them feel a part of something great. Expect Russia’s neighbors, once again, to pay for the Kremlin’s instability.
Mueller Makes It Clear: Trump Was Worse Than a 'Useful Idiot' | WIRED
Using economic game theory to try and understand the relationship between Trump and Putin.
Putin warns Trump: Don’t put new missiles in Europe — or else
THIS SOUND BITE AT :23 WILL HAUNT MY NIGHTMARESKELLY: The day concluded with a remarkable press conference.(SOUNDBITE OF PRESS CONFERENCE)TRUMP: Thank you very much.ARI SHAPIRO, HOST: With a handshake and an uncharacteristically soft-spoken thank you very much to President Putin, President Trump opened the press conference.
Putin's Russia Embraces a Eurasian Identity
Now that Donald Trump has confirmed that Vladimir Putin is his BFF, it’s worth a reminder of just what normalizing Russia’s bad behavior means. In the case of LGBTQ rights, it means that Trump has sanctified the violence and oppression that Putin has made a hallmark of his presidency. Just how bad is it? With his cowardly and traitorous performance at Monday’s press conference, Trump essentially gave a green light to Putin to do whatever he wants to do and will likely ramp up his attacks on the LGBTQ community. Based on what Putin has done in the past, that’s going to be pretty ugly. Here’s a list of some of the most egregious and vicious attacks on LGBTQ people that characterize Putin’s Russia.
W.G. Dunlop on Twitter: "WSJ correction"
Dear @POTUS: Since it appears you will not be canceling your #HelsinkiSummit meeting with #VladimirPutin, here's an…
Russian propagandists targeted African Americans to influence 2016 US election | US news | The Guardian
Ultimately, many people in Russia and around the world understand that Russian political parties are hollow and Russian news outlets are churning out fantasies. But insisting on the lie, the Kremlin intimidates others by showing that it is in control of defining ‘reality.’ This is why it’s so important for Moscow to do away with truth. If nothing is true, then anything is possible. We are left with the sense that we don’t know what Putin will do next—that he’s unpredictable and thus dangerous. We’re rendered stunned, spun, and flummoxed by the Kremlin’s weaponization of absurdity and unreality.
What Can We Expect of Vladimir Putin When He Is Scared? | The New Yorker
Across time, conspiracy theory-related hashtags—including #QAnon, #QArmy, #Q, #TheGreatAwakening, and #DeepState—all featured prominently in #WalkAway hashtag clouds. Pro-Trump hashtags, like #MAGA and #Trump, were also among the most consistent and common themes—another giveaway that this movement of self-declared “former Democrats” was actually a creation of Trump supporters posing as ex-Democratic voters.Intelligence gathering during this type of trial run could include methods such as surveillance, profiling, social network mapping, and sentiment analysis, as well as more traditional techniques like message testing. Social media not only provides vast troves of publicly available information, but also yields dynamic streams of data that can be manipulated (as in an experiment) for the purpose of intelligence gathering. If you want to know how a particular population or subgroup will respond to specific messages, the easiest way to find out is to craft and disseminate those messages to the target group, and watch how they respond.
From Baltic Sea to Black Sea, Russia aims for a win-win | Asia Times
"Over and over we’ve seen Trump contort his administration to serve Russia, whether he’s trying to hold back sanctions or to undermine the Paris climate treaty. The question isn’t whether we’re in a zombie horror movie starring an insane clown puppet with some very long and yankable strings, but what we’re going to do about it. Because what all those little pieces add up to, what the tangle sorts out as if you pay attention is: this is life after the coup. After the coup, everything seems crazy, the news is overwhelming, and some try to cope by withdrawing or pretending that things are normal. Others are overwhelmed and distraught. I’m afflicted by a kind of hypervigilance of the news, a daily obsession to watch what’s going on that is partly a quest for sense in what seems so senseless. At least I’ve been able to find the patterns and understand who the key players are, but to see the logic behind the chaos brings you face to face with how deep the trouble is. We still have an enormous capacity to resist the administration, not least by mass civil disobedience and other forms of noncooperation. Sweeping the November elections wouldn’t hurt either, if that results in candidates we hold accountable afterward. Or both. I don’t know if there’s a point at which it will be too late, though every week more regulations, administrators, and norms crash and burn—but we are long past the point at which it is too soon."
World Cup 2018: The Moral Clarity of Pussy Riot’s Protest | The New Yorker
History will set things straight on Syria for the US, which is already responsible for a chain of “bloody carnage” in other countries, Russian President Vladimir Putin said following the US-led attack on the country. “History will set things right, and Washington already bears the heavy responsibility for the bloody carnage in Yugoslavia, Iraq and Libya,” Putin said in a statement. His disdain was triggered by the overnight attack on Syria launched by the US and its allies, who cited an alleged chemical incident in the town of Douma as a pretext. Read more Britain's Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn. © Peter Nicholls‘Trailed after Trump’: Corbyn says May should have sought parliamentary approval for Syria strikes This unilateral military action has “a devastating impact on the whole system of international relations” and only escalates the Syrian crisis instead of defusing it, the Russian president stated. The attack came shortly before the Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) experts were set to begin their fact-finding mission in Douma. The OPCW mission was disregarded, however, and “in a sign of cynical disdain, a group of Western countries decided to take military action without waiting for the results of the investigation,” Putin said. Despite the attack, the chemical watchdog’s experts are set to begin their work in Syria, to determine the circumstances of the alleged chemical incident, reported last Saturday. Pro-militant sources, including the controversial White Helmets group, claimed that a chlorine-filled munition was deployed by government troops, killing and injuring dozens of civilians. The area that allegedly came under attack has since been surrendered by the militants. The site was explored by Russian military specialists, who found no signs of chemical weapons use, victims of the purported incident or even locals, who heard about the “attack.”
Are We Traveling the ‘Road to Unfreedom’? - The New York Times
" the blend of neoliberal domestic policy and interventionist foreign policy that constitutes consensus in Washington. Neoliberals celebrate market utility as the sole criterion of worth; interventionists exalt military adventure abroad as a means of fighting evil in order to secure global progress. Both agendas have proved calamitous for most Americans. Many registered their disaffection in 2016. Sanders is a social democrat and Trump a demagogic mountebank, but their campaigns underscored a widespread repudiation of the Washington consensus. For about a week after the election, pundits discussed the possibility of a more capacious Democratic strategy. It appeared that the party might learn something from Clinton’s defeat. Then everything changed.A story that had circulated during the campaign without much effect resurfaced: it involved the charge that Russian operatives had hacked into the servers of the Democratic National Committee, revealing embarrassing emails that damaged Clinton’s chances. With stunning speed, a new centrist-liberal orthodoxy came into being, enveloping the major media and the bipartisan Washington establishment. This secular religion has attracted hordes of converts in the first year of the Trump presidency. In its capacity to exclude dissent, it is like no other formation of mass opinion in my adult life, though it recalls a few dim childhood memories of anti-communist hysteria during the early 1950s.The centrepiece of the faith, based on the hacking charge, is the belief that Vladimir Putin orchestrated an attack on American democracy by ordering his minions to interfere in the election on behalf of Trump. The story became gospel with breathtaking suddenness and completeness. Doubters are perceived as heretics and as apologists for Trump and Putin, the evil twins and co-conspirators behind this attack on American democracy. Responsibility for the absence of debate lies in large part with the major media outlets. Their uncritical embrace and endless repetition of the Russian hack story have made it seem a fait accompli in the public mind. It is hard to estimate popular belief in this new orthodoxy, but it does not seem to be merely a creed of Washington insiders. If you question the received narrative in casual conversations, you run the risk of provoking blank stares or overt hostility – even from old friends. This has all been baffling and troubling to me; there have been moments when pop-culture fantasies (body snatchers, Kool-Aid) have come to mind."…"Once again, the established press is legitimating pronouncements made by the Church Fathers of the national security state."…"The most immediate consequence is that, by finding foreign demons who can be blamed for Trump’s ascendancy, the Democratic leadership have shifted the blame for their defeat away from their own policies without questioning any of their core assumptions. Amid the general recoil from Trump, they can even style themselves dissenters – ‘#the resistance’ was the label Clintonites appropriated within a few days of the election. Mainstream Democrats have begun to use the word ‘progressive’ to apply to a platform that amounts to little more than preserving Obamacare, gesturing towards greater income equality and protecting minorities. This agenda is timid. It has nothing to say about challenging the influence of concentrated capital on policy, reducing the inflated defence budget or withdrawing from overextended foreign commitments; yet without those initiatives, even the mildest egalitarian policies face insuperable obstacles. More genuine insurgencies are in the making, which confront corporate power and connect domestic with foreign policy, but they face an uphill battle against the entrenched money and power of the Democratic leadership – the likes of Chuck Schumer, Nancy Pelosi, the Clintons and the DNC. Russiagate offers Democratic elites a way to promote party unity against Trump-Putin, while the DNC purges Sanders’s supporters.For the DNC, the great value of the Russian hack story is that it focuses attention away from what was actually in their emails. The documents revealed a deeply corrupt organisation, whose pose of impartiality was a sham. Even the reliably pro-Clinton Washington Post has admitted that ‘many of the most damaging emails suggest the committee was actively trying to undermine Bernie Sanders’s presidential campaign.’ Further evidence of collusion between the Clinton machine and the DNC surfaced recently in a memoir by Donna Brazile, who became interim chair of the DNC after Debbie Wasserman Schultz resigned in the wake of the email revelations."…"The Steele dossier inhabits a shadowy realm where ideology and intelligence, disinformation and revelation overlap. It is the antechamber to the wider system of epistemological nihilism created by various rival factions in the intelligence community: the ‘tree of smoke’ that, for the novelist Denis Johnson, symbolised CIA operations in Vietnam. I inhaled that smoke myself in 1969-70, when I was a cryptographer with a Top Secret clearance on a US navy ship that carried missiles armed with nuclear warheads – the existence of which the navy denied. I was stripped of my clearance and later honourably discharged when I refused to join the Sealed Authenticator System, which would have authorised the launch of those allegedly non-existent nuclear weapons. The tree of smoke has only grown more complex and elusive since then. Yet the Democratic Party has now embarked on a full-scale rehabilitation of the intelligence community – or at least the part of it that supports the notion of Russian hacking. (We can be sure there is disagreement behind the scenes.) And it is not only the Democratic establishment that is embracing the deep state. Some of the party’s base, believing Trump and Putin to be joined at the hip, has taken to ranting about ‘treason’ like a reconstituted John Birch Society."…"The Democratic Party has now developed a new outlook on the world, a more ambitious partnership between liberal humanitarian interventionists and neoconservative militarists than existed under the cautious Obama. This may be the most disastrous consequence for the Democratic Party of the new anti-Russian orthodoxy: the loss of the opportunity to formulate a more humane and coherent foreign policy. The obsession with Putin has erased any possibility of complexity from the Democratic world picture, creating a void quickly filled by the monochrome fantasies of Hillary Clinton and her exceptionalist allies. For people like Max Boot and Robert Kagan, war is a desirable state of affairs, especially when viewed from the comfort of their keyboards, and the rest of the world – apart from a few bad guys – is filled with populations who want to build societies just like ours: pluralistic, democratic and open for business. This view is difficult to challenge when it cloaks itself in humanitarian sentiment. There is horrific suffering in the world; the US has abundant resources to help relieve it; the moral imperative is clear. There are endless forms of international engagement that do not involve military intervention. But it is the path taken by US policy often enough that one may suspect humanitarian rhetoric is nothing more than window-dressing for a more mundane geopolitics – one that defines the national interest as global and virtually limitless.Having come of age during the Vietnam War, a calamitous consequence of that inflated definition of national interest, I have always been attracted to the realist critique of globalism. Realism is a label forever besmirched by association with Henry Kissinger, who used it as a rationale for intervening covertly and overtly in other nations’ affairs. Yet there is a more humane realist tradition, the tradition of George Kennan and William Fulbright, which emphasises the limits of military might, counselling that great power requires great restraint. This tradition challenges the doctrine of regime change under the guise of democracy promotion, which – despite its abysmal failures in Iraq and Libya – retains a baffling legitimacy in official Washington. Russiagate has extended its shelf life."…"It is not the Democratic Party that is leading the search for alternatives to the wreckage created by Republican policies: a tax plan that will soak the poor and middle class to benefit the rich; a heedless pursuit of fossil fuels that is already resulting in the contamination of the water supply of the Dakota people; and continued support for police policies of militarisation and mass incarceration. It is local populations that are threatened by oil spills and police beatings, and that is where humane populism survives. A multitude of insurgent groups have begun to use the outrage against Trump as a lever to move the party in egalitarian directions: Justice Democrats, Black Lives Matter, Democratic Socialists of America, as well as a host of local and regional organisations. They recognise that there are far more urgent – and genuine – reasons to oppose Trump than vague allegations of collusion with Russia. They are posing an overdue challenge to the long con of neoliberalism, and the technocratic arrogance that led to Clinton’s defeat in Rust Belt states. Recognising that the current leadership will not bring about significant change, they are seeking funding from outside the DNC. This is the real resistance, as opposed to ‘#theresistance’."…"Francis Shen of the University of Minnesota and Douglas Kriner of Boston University analysed election results in three key states – Pennsylvania, Wisconsin and Michigan – and found that ‘even controlling in a statistical model for many other alternative explanations, we find that there is a significant and meaningful relationship between a community’s rate of military sacrifice and its support for Trump.’ Clinton’s record of uncritical commitment to military intervention allowed Trump to have it both ways, playing to jingoist resentment while posing as an opponent of protracted and pointless war. Kriner and Shen conclude that Democrats may want to ‘re-examine their foreign policy posture if they hope to erase Trump’s electoral gains among constituencies exhausted and alienated by 15 years of war’. If the insurgent movements within the Democratic Party begin to formulate an intelligent foreign policy critique, a re-examination may finally occur. And the world may come into sharper focus as a place where American power, like American virtue, is limited. For this Democrat, that is an outcome devoutly to be wished. It’s a long shot, but there is something happening out there."
The looming bridge is the best show in town. Every two weeks, Nikolai Ench, a retired sailor, and his wife, Olga, scale the scrublands above Kerch in their white Toyota truck to marvel at the colossal engineering feat inching its way across the strait separating Crimea from the Russian mainland.
The Putin Moment - The American Interest
RT @svtdokumentar: Se hela serien Putin enligt Oliver Stone - #svtdok #VladimirPutin #OliverStone
Trump Is (Probably) Not a Russian Pawn - Bloomberg
RT @svtdokumentar: Se hela serien Putin enligt Oliver Stone - #svtdok #VladimirPutin #OliverStone
In Helsinki, Trump Appeared To Side With Russia Over U.S. Intelligence Community
GOP on a knifes edge. approval rating plummeting, they see him as a liability to their own reelection locally (senate, congress). Trump's vulnerability is the Damocles sword created by Russia/Putin (collusion, treason) to get dirt accept dirt about HRC from Russia.
Here’s 7 reminders of all the anti-gay horrors in Russia that Trump just sanctioned
He and his coterie of idiots, nihilists, and opportunists were the perfect prey for Putin’s spell.
The Russian media is under nearly omnipresent pressure from numerous entities: political operatives in the Kremlin, who tightly monitor what is said in the press about Putin and the myriad arms of the Russian state; media owners, who neuter coverage and readily get rid of overly ambitious reporters and editors; and financial constraints, namely a small advertising market and a tiny number of readers willing to pay for independent journalism. The result is that the space for independent, muckraking journalism has shrunk further. Yet, even given these many constraints, Russia is nevertheless home to a coterie of talented and self-motivated journalists, who produce work that is courageous and illuminating. I spoke to more than a half-dozen of them, all of whom found themselves in some way bemused, frustrated, or disappointed in the way that the U.S. press has covered Putin and Russia—especially concerning the question of election interference—over the last months. On the whole, said Mikhail Zygar, a political journalist and the author of “All the Kremlin’s Men,” a well-sourced insider look at the cloistered world of Russian politics, the way the U.S. media has covered the Russia scandal has made “Putin seem to look much smarter than he is, as if he operates from some master plan.” The truth, Zygar told me, “is that there is no plan—it’s chaos.”
Russia and the Menace of Unreality - The Atlantic
Mr. Stone appears to have the same sort of breathless admiration for Mr. Putin as Mr. Trump does. In filming their interaction, he has broadcast the conditions on which this kind of admiration rests. Should you ever wish to experience affection for a dictator, you too should make sure that these conditions are in place.
Pro-Trump & Russian-Linked Twitter Accounts Are Posing As Ex-Democrats In New Astroturfed Movement
If Trump had Hillary’s Russian connection…Trump would be curled up in a ball in a bunker a few hundred feet under the White House. And that’s on his best day.The newspapers and television news would be citing nothing less than treason as the cause for his impeachment. They would claim he was, in fact, helping Putin win World War 3 against the US. A nuclear war.Forget “Putin influenced the election on behalf of Trump.” Instead, mainstream attack dogs would be claiming Trump was a conscious agent who had been turned, years ago, against his home country. The dogs would be making up stories about how this happened....Consider this plot line. Follow the bouncing ball.Putin wants 20% of uranium on US soil. That 20% is owned by a Canadian mining company.The Canadian executives want to sell it to Putin.But because uranium is a US “national security” product, various US federal agencies have to OK the deal. One of those agencies is the US State Department.The State Department is headed up by MELANIA TRUMP. Her Department says yes to the uranium deal.The kicker? Those Canadian mining executives, who wanted the sale to Putin to go through, donated millions to the TRUMP FAMILY FOUNDATION.Memory is short. On April 23, 2015, the NY Times ran a story under the headline: Cash Flowed to TRUMP Foundation Amid Russian Uranium Deal.The bare bones of the story: a Canadian company called Uranium One controlled a great deal of uranium production in the US. It was sold to Russia (meaning Putin and his minions). So Putin now controls 20% of US uranium production.......“Since uranium is considered a strategic asset, with implications for national security, the deal [to sell Uranium One to Putin] had to be approved by a committee composed of representatives from a number of United States government agencies. Among the agencies that eventually signed off was the State Department, then headed by Mr. TRUMP’S wife, MELANIA TRUMP.”“As the Russians gradually assumed control of Uranium One in three separate transactions from 2009 to 2013, Canadian records show, a flow of cash made its way to the TRUMP Foundation. Uranium One’s chairman used his family foundation to make four donations totaling $2.35 million. Those contributions were not publicly disclosed by the TRUMPS, despite an agreement Mrs. TRUMP had struck with the Obama White House to publicly identify all donors. Other people with ties to the company made donations as well.”“And shortly after the Russians announced their intention to acquire a majority stake in Uranium One, Mr. TRUMP received $500,000 for a Moscow speech from a Russian investment bank with links to the Kremlin that was promoting Uranium One stock.”Got the picture?Circumstantial case, you say?Well, imagine the case applied to Donald Trump and his wife.Where would we be now?What hell would be unleashed from the press corps?What venom would be spewed from the Arctic Circle to Tierra del Fuego?Page one: THE GREATEST TRAITOR IN AMERICAN HISTORY IS THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES.And that headline would run on a mild slow news day.But Hillary and Bill Clinton, the actual players in the Russia/Putin/uranium deal…Roam free.
Donald Trump Is Getting Away With the Biggest Scandal in American History – Mother Jones
We don’t know what crimes may or may not have been committed — but we do see several patterns of behavior. All are deeply worrisome. Trump has repeatedly shown a reckless disregard for U.S. national security and national interests. He has shown a contempt for the law and for the American legal system. And when challenges to the legality of the behavior of his associates have arisen, Trump has repeatedly acted in ways that appear intended to prevent or impede the ability of those who would seek the truth.¶¶We have reached a moment of crisis in the history of American democracy. One has to go back to Richard Nixon’s Saturday Night Massacre to find an effort equivalent to the Slow Motion Massacre of Yates, Bharara, and Comey as they carried forward their investigative responsibilities.¶¶Trump is acting like a desperate man, not to mention a guilty one. That his team, in particular Kellyanne Conway, has gone on television to argue that somehow the Comey firing was okay because Trump is not personally under investigation is the defense of a narcissist who does not understand the responsibilities he has as president. It is lie after lie after deception after misstatement to protect their man. With every syllable they utter, they make him look more guilty.This activity is not lost on the rest of the world. They see an America unlike any they can recall and a leader who is clearly not fit for office.
Decline of Putin's Russia - YouTube
Based on interviews with eyewitnesses and survivors, Novaya Gazeta reports that a secret prison has been set up in the town of Argun to detain the men arrested in the purge. One man who was released from the camp told the newspaper that he was subjected to violent “interrogations” at the camp, as Chechen officials attempted to get him to confess the names and locations of more gay men. The officials also seized his mobile phone, targeting his network of contacts regardless of whether they were gay or not. The camp was reportedly set up by Chechen forces in a former military headquarters in the town. The newspaper reports allegations that the Speaker of the Parliament of Chechnya was among officials to visit the site, though the claims have not been substantiated. The detainees face electric shock torture and violent beatings, while some of them have been held to ransom and used to extort their families.
Rebecca Solnit: The Coup Has Already Happened | Literary Hub
First, two television reporters vanished. Then a waiter went missing. Over the past week, men ranging in age from 16 to 50 have disappeared from the streets of Chechnya. On Saturday, a leading Russian opposition newspaper confirmed a story already circulating among human rights activists: The Chechen authorities were arresting and killing gay men. While abuses by security services in the region, where Russia fought a two-decade war against Islamic insurgents, have long been a stain on President Vladimir V. Putin’s human rights record, gay people had not previously been targeted on a wide scale. The men were detained “in connection with their nontraditional sexual orientation, or suspicion of such,” the newspaper, Novaya Gazeta, reported, citing Russian federal law enforcement officials, who blamed the local authorities. By Saturday, the paper reported, and an analyst of the region with her own sources confirmed, that more than 100 gay men had been detained. The newspaper had the names of three murder victims, and suspected many others had died in extrajudicial killings. A spokesman for Chechnya’s leader, Ramzan Kadyrov, denied the report in a statement to Interfax on Saturday, calling the article “absolute lies and disinformation.” “You cannot arrest or repress people who just don’t exist in the republic,” the spokesman, Alvi Karimov, told the news agency. “If such people existed in Chechnya, law enforcement would not have to worry about them, as their own relatives would have sent them to where they could never return,” Mr. Karimov said.
Putin: History pinned blame on US for ‘bloody carnage’ in Yugoslavia & Iraq, same will be with Syria Published time: 14 Apr, 2018 17:04 Edited time: 16 Apr, 2018 09:03
La France ouverte ou la France forteresse?Nonetheless, they represent a repudiation of the status quo. A victory for Mr Macron would be evidence that liberalism still appeals to Europeans. A victory for Ms Le Pen would make France poorer, more insular and nastier. If she pulls France out of the euro, it would trigger a financial crisis and doom a union that, for all its flaws, has promoted peace and prosperity in Europe for six decades. Vladimir Putin would love that. It is perhaps no coincidence that Ms Le Pen’s party has received a hefty loan from a Russian bank and Mr Macron’s organisation has suffered more than 4,000 hacking attacks.
Vladimir Putin Outwitted Megyn Kelly by Weaponizing Incompetence | The New Yorker
Russia’s role in Trump’s election has led to a boom in Putinology. But do all these theories say more about us than Putin?
Wie Russlands Präsident Wladimir Putin den Westen sieht
a giant building boom is what successful climate action looks like

Depth Of Russian Politician's Cultivation Of NRA Ties Revealed : NPR
Happening now: -wall/ban -inventing voter fraud to instate voter suppression -mass suppression of free speech in multiple ways
Whatever Trump Is Hiding Is Hurting All of Us Now

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How to Fix Facebook—Before It Fixes Us

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