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Hi r/popheads! This is a post for debunking common misconceptions about the Billboard Hot 100.

As reading the charts becomes more and more mainstream in music discussion communities, so do misconceptions and outright lies—not just innocent ignorance—about the charts. There are many charts that are now entering conversations in communities across the web, but in this post, I’ll put my focus on the Billboard Hot 100, arguably the most recognised music chart in pop culture communities. (As a result, everything will be written in the context of the United States.) This post will be presented in this format:

Scenario: [with question/statement at the end]

Answer/Rebuttal: […]

I decided on these “common misconceptions” by simply habitually looking at the replies of Billboard chart threads in pop culture circles, such as r/pophead and ATRL (as well as replies to tweets about charts from accounts like Chart Data and PopCrave), and then guessing the most common ones from there. I also asked a few friends in the r/popheads Discord server about what they found were common misconceptions.

I recommend reading my Hot 100 guide before reading this post if you aren't already well-acquainted with the chart.

With that being said, let’s begin!

Scenario 1—The sole streaming service and top 10’s

Emily is a pop singer. Emily releases a new song and it debuts at #7 on Spotify on Friday. It continues to chart at about that same number (never below #10) for the rest of the week, into Thursday. However, the song debuts on the following Hot 100 at #24, easily missing the top 10. How come Emily’s song failed to debut top 10 or even top 20 despite comfortably staying in the top 10 on Spotify? Isn’t Spotify big in the US?

There are many reasons why this can happen. But it typically boils down to something simple: Spotify is simply not big enough to guarantee anybody a top 10. This is the same for every other streaming service in the United States.

Spotify is one of many streaming services that are available here in the United States. Consumers in this country take advantage of this, and as a result, there are multiple major streaming services, which causes situations like Scenario 1. As of August 2018, Spotify and Apple Music only make up about 75% of the American audio streaming market. Amazon Music has been growing in share since then, with some guessing its streaming market share to be up to 15%.

Another thing to mention is songs that do well on Spotify don’t necessarily always do well on other streaming services due to differing demographics. Apple Music, which is about as big as Spotify in the US, hosts a larger rap, R&B, and reggaetón streaming audience than Spotify. Amazon Music hosts a larger rock and country streaming au­­­­­dience than basically most other major streaming services.

Another thing to mention is that songs that are big on streaming aren’t necessarily big on the other two metrics—sales and radio. For example: despite his streaming popularity across multiple services, XXXTentacion’s single “SAD!” debuted at #17 on the Hot 100 because of low sales and negligible radio.

One final thing to mention is that yes, sometimes using the more visible services (e.g. YouTube and Spotify, which both reveal their numbers) can be helpful to see general trends for a song as they are two of the biggest services in the US (Spotify, YouTube, Apple Music). But like I said, you must consider demographic differences and overall performance on other services.

All in all, in order to debut top 10 or top 20 with a song charting at #7 on Spotify, you need similar popularity across streaming services or an overall good balance between all three metrics.

Scenario 2—The bias

John is a popular singer. He releases a new song and it debuts at #15 on the Hot 100. The song drops to #68 the next week. You, a stan of his, are angry. You say: “Billboard is biased! They don’t like my fave! The song is actually very popular.” You believe the Hot 100 is biased against your fave.

The Hot 100 is a data-based chart relying on data provided by Nielsen SoundScan. It is compiled by Billboard, a music trade magazine. Yes, Billboard does have editorials and may use humour on occasion, but the Hot 100 does not rely on any form of editorial opinion or quality control from Billboard. The only editorial opinion that factors into the Hot 100 is that of the music consumers and what they decide to consume. Ask yourself these logical questions:

  • Would any powerful major label really allow a magazine to directly manipulate chart positions given how the chart markets itself as data-based?
  • Why would Billboard force an artist down the Hot 100?
  • Is your fave really that special in the industry that there’s a concentrated effort against them from everybody in the industry?
  • Have you looked at the publicly-available charts (such as Mediabase, iTunes, Amazon MP3, Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube, etc)? (If a song is dropping on multiple services’ charts, the Hot 100 will reflect that activity for the week.)

If you want your fave to chart high, buy and stream their music.

Scenario 3—The social media viewcounts

A song goes viral on social media, resulting in a widely popular “challenge” and many popular memes. The meme bases its footing in services like Twitter and Instagram, where shareable content is all the rage. The song experiences massive popularity. The song jumps into the top 10. Surely social media views must count towards the Hot 100, right?

Wrong. Let’s begin with the simple: Most social media services do have view counts presented on videos uploaded to their services. But these views do not count towards the Hot 100 at all. They never have. Ask Billboard or check any in-depth article about the Hot 100.

Here’s the second face of this, though: typically, these videos get reuploaded to YouTube, where those views do count. These YouTube videos are typically concurrently popular with the meme on social media services. These YouTube videos are called user-generated content (UGC). UGC clips are then matched with a Content ID, which is a system on YouTube that matches the video’s audio to a reference file of a song provided by a label. You can see this in action by going on literally any popular TikTok compilation on YouTube, clicking “Show More”, and then reading the description. The songs listed there have been claimed via Content ID. And if those songs have a UPC or an ISRC attached to them, chances are that SoundScan is tracking those streams.

Scenario 4—The digital sales

Denice releases a song. It sells well on iTunes, staying at around #3 for the entire week. But the song debuts at #30 on the Hot 100. Her sales were pretty good though?

The sales were relatively good. Let’s not forget that in 2018, digital song sales only accounted for about 5% of all US music industry revenue and that typical digital sales #1’s sell below 40 000 per week. Digital sales don’t make up the majority of the Hot 100’s points. Digital sales have been losing popularity in the US since 2015 and streaming and airplay figures are big enough to dilute sales’ impact.

But even then, digital sales are not the only metric of the Hot 100. Billboard doesn’t give any bonuses or multipliers for being top 10 on iTunes for an entire week. It’s also worth mentioning that songs doing well on digital sales don’t necessarily do as well on streaming. It’s not uncommon for pop-leaning genres like adult contemporary to chart top 50 on iTunes while not charting comfortably on streaming services.

Also, iTunes isn’t the sole major digital sales retailer in the United States; Amazon has an MP3 download section that also happens to sell quite a bit. Even at digital sales’ peak in 2012, iTunes took up 64% of the digital sales market in Q2; iTunes was by far the biggest, but it didn’t hold as massive of a monopoly on digital sales as most people think.

Finally, difference in sales between top sellers are far smaller than most people think. We can look at the Hot 100 dated 31 August 2019. In the article posted that previewed the top 10, Billboard revealed the digital sales of the entire top 5. “Bad Guy” was at #7 in sales with 20k copies but was just 2k sales away from “Old Town Road” which was at #4 with 22k copies. In terms of chart points, this is rather minuscule. It is important to consider the actual numbers and not just the positions.

Scenario 5—The #1 peak and the #2 peak

Let’s use a real-life situation. Taylor Swift and Brendon Urie released the single “ME!”, which peaked at #2 behind Lil Nas X and Billy Ray Cyrus’s “Old Town Road Remix”. What happened to it after that week is not the background in this scenario. Does the fact that it peaked at #2 make it not as big as a few other #1’s from earlier in the year?

Not exactly. The fact is, “ME!”’s first week had more than enough points (193k sales, 50.7mil streams, 54.1mil audience) to place it at #1 in most other weeks during the year, ignoring “Old Town Road”. “Old Town Road” is an anomaly; singles don’t typically lead over 10 weeks, and if they do, it’s often that the single is blocking a few big #2’s or that the competition simply isn’t sizing up.

Just because a single peaked at #1 doesn’t necessarily mean it’s always bigger than a #2 regardless of circumstance. Fantasia Barrino’s #1 single “I Believe” had a strong first week, but it tumbled down the charts shortly after, only spent 10 weeks on the chart, and didn’t enter the Year-End Hot 100 for that year. “I Believe” is, quite obviously, not bigger than every #2-peaking single.

Scenario 5.5—The peaks

Song A peaks at #1 and spends 15 weeks on the chart, with a chart run of 1-5-9-13-15-21-22-29-34-50-55-60-70-84-100-X. Song B peaks at #8 and spends 34 weeks on the chart, with a chart run of 49-16-8-10-9-9-10-8-10-10-11-10-8-10-12-15-17-16-13-16-16-17-17-17-20-23-24-26-26-26-30-35-41-50-[recurrent]. Obviously, because Song A peaked at #1 and Song B peaked at #8, Song A must be bigger than Song B, right?

Most likely wrong. Songs that linger around, even if they peak relatively low (like Lil Uzi Vert’s “XO Tour Llif3”) obviously are more popular than songs that enter at #1 and then quickly slide down the charts. In other words, slow and steady wins the race. More time on the charts means more accumulated points.

A song can have 45 million streams one week and then eventually only have about 7 million streams by the sixth week. A song can also have 7 million streams one week and then grow to about 30 million streams and stay in that range for multiple weeks before descending again. Obviously, the song with more consistent and longer performance is going to have better results in the long term than a song that peaks high and then makes a quick descent.

Scenario 6—The stilted chart debut

John is a pop artist. He releases a song that proves to be a moderate hit; decent streaming figures and decent sales performance; radio hasn’t caught up yet. However, the same week he releases his song, another artist, Ali, drops their album which proves very successful and causes an album bomb. John’s song, despite performing pretty well on its own, debuts at #35 the Hot 100 simply because of Ali’s album bomb. John’s song clearly wasn’t big.

Not necessarily. When looking at this scenario, it is very important to consider possible context for that week.

When Post Malone released his second album beerbongs & bentleys, he broke streaming records and caused a large album bomb in the first week (12 debuts in the top 40). This in turn obviously pushed a lot of songs down the chart, even though these songs were already popular on their own. For example: NBA YoungBoy’s single “Overdose” was released the same week as the Post Malone album bomb, and it debuted at #77. Without context, “Overdose” didn’t do so hot, right? Not exactly. The next week, after multiple Post Malone songs fell out, “Overdose” rose to #47. Obviously, the song must have exploded week-over-week, right? Not really that neither. The song debuted with 7.26 million streams on YouTube in the first week, and then in the second week, it decreased to 6.9 million. (Obviously, YouTube isn’t the only streaming service in the United States; but for NBA YoungBoy, it proves to be one of his strongest.)

Scenario 7—The tracking week

Jenny is a very popular pop singer. Her new single, released on Friday, accumulates a high amount of airplay over the weekend through Sunday. Over 30 million audience impressions, that is. Her song debuts at #100 on the Hot 100 released on Tuesday of that week. But wait, didn’t the song come out after the tracking week for this Hot 100?

It did, but here’s the catch: the airplay tracking week is offset from the sales and streaming tracking week. Here’s a simple rundown:

  • Friday, 1 January: The sales and streaming tracking weeks both begin.
  • Monday, 4 January: The airplay tracking week begins.
  • Thursday, 7 January: The sales and streaming tracking weeks both end.
  • Sunday, 10 January: The airplay tracking week ends.

As you can see, the Hot 100 isn’t a clear-cut 7-day chart. It reflects activity over a 10-day period, with airplay being offset. Therefore, songs released on Friday accumulating massive airplay over the weekend can end up being counted in the ensuing Hot 100 despite not actually being available for the sales and streaming tracking weeks.

The reason why the airplay tracking week is offset is because airplay audience impressions data is estimated real-time data; think of them as TV ratings, but for radio. Also, sales and streaming require time to tabulate and to make sure there are no anomalies in the data.

Scenario 8—The be-all-end-all

Let’s use a real-life example. Billie Eilish’s song “Ocean Eyes”, despite being well-known with millions of streams in the US, peaked at #84 on the Hot 100. That must mean that “Ocean Eyes” isn’t that popular, right? The Hot 100 is the be-all-end-all to determining if a single was popular, right?

Mostly wrong. “Ocean Eyes” being able to accrue tens of millions of streams in the US per year (it went platinum in September 2018) after its January 2016 release is a clear sign that the song is a sleeper hit and continues to gain recognition with music consumers. A sleeper hit is a song that has long-term success without a big start. “Ocean Eyes” is a clear example of this; the song was released to minimal coverage in 2016, but in 2019, it’s become recognisable.

Another example is Don Omar and Lucenzo’s “Danza Kuduro”. This 2011 song peaked at #82 in the United States and only charted for five weeks. Clearly, “Danza Kuduro” wasn’t popular in the United States. But it was. In 2011, the Hot 100 did not count YouTube streaming, which happens to be where “Danza Kuduro” got its popularity from. In May 2013, when the RIAA added streaming to certifications, the song jumped from 1× Platinum to 5× Platinum. Clearly, the song was popular to a degree; the chart’s methodology in 2011 simply didn’t represent the way that it was popular.

So, there are multiple ways that the chart can fail to represent the popularity of a song. In the “Ocean Eyes” scenario, the song simply was a slow-burner and didn’t peak high enough to chart very high on the Hot 100. In the “Danza Kuduro” scenario, the song was popular, it was just popular in a way that the chart methodology hadn’t recognised at the time.

Scenario 9—The predictors

Julien is a person who does chart predictions as a hobby. They post their chart predictions to their Twitter account, which has a large following with pop music fans in the thousands. They also seem to be pretty confident in what they do. Pop music fans take these predictions with minimal questions. The Hot 100 that they’re predicting comes out, and a song’s position on the Hot 100 is multiple spots higher than what Julien had predicted. Fans berate Julien for being inaccurate and berate the artist involved with the song for “payola” among other things.

Okay. Let’s get something straight: Julien along with every other chart predictor of the Hot 100 aren’t industry insiders. They’re laypeople who do chart predictions as a hobby. They’re not getting paid to crunch numbers every week. They also don’t know the numbers. It’s difficult to get things about the Hot 100 correct simply because in the US, all data can only be seen by those with access to Nielsen SoundScan data.

Let’s get another thing straight: not everything is payola. Manipulation of figures has existed since the beginning of the music industry and will probably continue to exist. But with Nielsen SoundScan’s auditing process (which filters out anomalous activity among other things), it’s unlikely that songs’ figures are constantly being manipulated on a regular basis. Trust the system; it’s been in place since 1991.

Scenario 10—The fan activity

A pop group releases a new single. The fans of the pop group commence streaming parties and buying parties in hopes of boosting their favourite artists’ chart position. Some even go as far as to get VPN accounts and stream as Americans. Some stream the song 60 times a day. Does any of this activity have any impact on the Hot 100?

Most likely not. Nielsen SoundScan, the data provider for the Hot 100, has safeguards in place in order to prevent this kind of activity and other ingenuine/abnormal forms of activity from impacting not only the Hot 100, but every other Billboard chart using SoundScan. They do not detail the methods used to prevent this behaviour from happening (most likely in order to avoid any exploitation of the process by external entities). Here are a few instances where they have publicly revealed to the media that they have safeguards in place to prevent this type of activity:

Now, as for gifting, there hasn’t been any direct confirmation that they don’t count for the Hot 100. However, Billboard did reveal in an article about BTS’s first week for their EP “Love Yourself: Her” that gifted albums aren’t reported to SoundScan by Apple, making it very likely that gifted song sales aren’t reported neither.

Scenario 11—The apple and the orange—Case Study: A Tale of Two Hits

Rihanna’s singles “Take a Bow” and “Only Girl (In the World)”. Both spent one week at number one. Both spent 27 weeks on the Hot 100. Clearly, this must mean that they were equal-sized hits, right?

No. This is a case of apples-to-oranges comparisons; different years and different chart conditions render direct comparisons such as these inaccurate.

This is even more true with artists whose careers have spanned multiple decades. There are many factors to take in: potential bias in manual reporting (pre-SoundScan), if any format wasn’t being tracked, what metrics were tracked, as well as chart competition at that time.

That being said, look at these two chart run graphs of Song A and Song B. Which song was the bigger hit?

Now, as a reveal: Song A is “Only Girl (In the World)”, while Song B is “Take a Bow”. Now, you may argue that “Take a Bow” was a bigger hit than “Only Girl” simply because it peaked at #1 quickly and then got close to peaking at #1 again just about two months later in its chart life. But you can also argue that “Only Girl” is the bigger hit because it was very close to having a #1 debut (it debuted early because of an early release) and has had strong recurrent streams. In other words, contemporary hit status doesn’t necessarily equate to recurrent hit status. One can argue that “Only Girl” is more remembered than “Take a Bow”; compare the number of streams between YouTube and Spotify, just to get a general sense. As of the writing of this post, “Only Girl” has 990.2mil streams between YouTube and Spotify, while “Take a Bow” has 754.5mil. Of course, YouTube and Spotify aren’t the only streaming services in the world, but they are both at the top of their fields (video and audio, respectively).

So, what can we learn from this?

  • Weeks on the Hot 100 are not made equal.
  • Contemporary hit status is not recurrent hit status.
  • Unusual debuts can happen because of quirky release schedules.
  • Chart technicalities allowed songs like “Take a Bow” to get a few weeks in before hitting #1 as it used airplay to gain an audience before going up for digital download and retail sale.


Alas! This is the end of the post. Or is it a guide? Either way, thank you for spending time noticing this post! I hope this sufficiently debunked quite a few popular misconceptions about the Hot 100 that maybe even you had prior to reading this.

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t3_d4lywc2019-09-15T15:32:12+00:00Debunking Common Misconceptions about the Billboard Hot 100
Debunking Common Misconceptions about the Billboard Hot 100

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Thank y'all for blowing this up!

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Don’t know if some of you like Rihanna but I‘m currently working on a Frank x Rih mix

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Vado - Polo (Feat Young Dro) (Remix) (Intro Clean) V2 (03:09)

Vado - Polo (Feat Young Dro) (Remix) (Intro Dirty) V2 (03:09)

Vell - Too Short (Feat YG) (Intro Clean) (03:10)

Vell - Too Short (Feat YG) (Intro Dirty) (03:10)

Wale - Slight Work (Feat Big Sean) (Intro Clean) (03:42)

Wale - Slight Work (Feat Big Sean) (Intro Dirty) (03:43)

Wideframe - Magnum (Intro Clean) (04:36)

Wideframe - Magnum (Intro Dirty) (04:35)

Xo Muzik - Bottom Line (Intro Clean) (04:37)

Xo Muzik - Bottom Line (Intro Dirty) (04:37)

Yobi - U Think U Got Me (Tedsmooth Mix) (Intro Clean) (03:24)

Young Dro - Upgrade (Intro Clean) (03:34)

Young Dro - Upgrade (Intro Dirty) (03:36)

Young Star - Outta Town Freak (Intro Clean) (03:46)

Young Star - Outta Town Freak (Intro Dirty) (03:44)

Youngest 1s - Babu (Intro Clean) (04:05)

Youngest 1s - Babu (Intro Dirty) (04:04)

Yung Nation - Pimp (Feat. Chalie Boy, DJ Chose) (Intro Clean) (04:27)

Yung Nation - Pimp (Feat. Chalie Boy, DJ Chose) (Intro Dirty) (04:27)

More Info Here:

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t3_d4ijjl2019-09-15T09:57:03+00:00Cicana 1409
Cicana 1409

Rihanna: 'The world needs to deal with how special I am'
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t3_d4fj5a2019-09-15T03:50:05+00:00Rihanna: 'The world needs to deal with how special I am'
Rihanna: 'The world needs to deal with how special I am'
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t3_d4e8to2019-09-15T01:42:17+00:00Rihanna Responds To Poison Ivy Rumors For 'The Batman'
Rihanna Responds To Poison Ivy Rumors For 'The Batman'

New York Fashion Week Spring 2020 just ended and it was incredible. The fashion, the parties, the photos, the fashion, the drama (re: Rihanna’s pregnancy) were topnotch. NYFW 2019 ticked all the boxes y’all. Your fave fashionista's wore tons of denim, monochrome and Pyer Moss. Read the full article.

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t3_d4dtje2019-09-15T01:01:36+00:0030+ NEW YORK FASHION WEEK SPRING 2020 STREET STYLE DUPES

New York Fashion Week Spring 2020 just ended and it was incredible. The fashion, the parties, the photos, the fashion, the drama (re: Rihanna’s pregnancy) were topnotch. NYFW 2019 ticked all the boxes y’all. Your fave fashionista's wore tons of denim, monochrome and Pyer Moss. Read the full article.

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t3_d4dpno2019-09-15T00:51:13+00:0030+ NEW YORK FASHION WEEK SPRING 2020 STREET STYLE DUPES

Here are all the songs which have played so far including the two spin-offs, it's a long list (455 songs so far) so prepare yourself. Above the list are my 16 (personal number) songs I hope to hear in the final season (happy, sad, bittersweet or scary scene). If you watch Criminal Minds enough, you know where each could be applied.

  1. The Platters - Only You
  2. Thriving Ivory - Come November
  3. Linkin Park - One More Light
  4. Abandon All Ships - One Last Breath
  5. Harry Styles - Sign of the Times
  6. A new song by Lily Kershaw
  7. Lacey Sturm - Run to You
  8. An original song by Gia Mantegna
  9. Amy Bezunartea - All the Things We Were Supposed to Be
  10. Skylar Grey - Coming Home, Part 2
  11. Sarah Brightman - Time to Say Goodbye (English version)
  12. Paramore - Breathe
  13. Rob Zombie - Superbeast
  14. Jewel - Foolish Games
  15. Kelly Clarkson - In the Blue
  16. Mary-Jess - Heaven Is Empty

Songs which appeared on Criminal Minds

  1. Citizen Cope – Penitentiary

  2. GodHeadSolo – In the Air Tonight

  3. Metallica – Enter Sandman

  4. The Living Sisters – Hold Back

  5. The Pixies – Rock Music

  6. Nine Inch Nails – Every Day Is Exactly the Same

  7. Living In Question – One Minute Longer

  8. Alabama 3 – The Night We Nearly Got Busted

  9. Aretha Franklin – Respect

  10. Jackson Browne – Doctor My Eyes

  11. Jae Millz – I Like That/Stop

  12. The Brian Jonestown Massacre – Hyperventilation

  13. Crooked Fingers – Call to Love

  14. James Blunt - Tears and Rain

  15. Pixies – Where Is My Mind?

  16. Shane Alexander – Living Out Loud

  17. Tipper – Illabye

  18. Mary Arden Collins – Tied

  19. Dean Martin – Ain’t That a Kick in the Head?

  20. James Darren – Let’s Do It (Let’s Fall in Love)

  21. Gillian Welch – Wrecking Ball

  22. Drowning Pool – Hate

  23. Peter Gabriel – Make Tomorrow

  24. Cowboy Mouth – Always Leaving

  25. Agents of the Sun – Make Slow

  26. Judith Owen – This is My Father’s World

  27. Chris Rice – This is My Father’s World

  28. Martyrs & Poets – Lullaby

  29. Clint Mansell & Kronos Quartet – Lux Aeterna

  30. Deadman – When the Music’s Not Forgotten

  31. Kasabian – Club Foot

  32. Wilco – Wishful Thinking

  33. Rockethouse – Rockethouse

  34. Gus Black – Don’t Go Tellin’ the Whole World

  35. Johann Sebastian Bach – Cello Suite 1

  36. Sheryl Crow – I Don’t Wanna Know

  37. Vaughan Penn – One Step Closer

  38. Iron Butterfly – In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida

  39. Ribeye Brothers – Roberto Duran

  40. Tyrone Wells – When All is Said and Done

  41. Coldplay – The Scientist

  42. Jeff Buckley – Hallelujah

  43. Kool & The Gang (feat. Jamiorquai) - Hollywood Swinging

  44. Crown the Empire - Johnny Ringo

  45. Opeth – Death Whispered a Lullaby

  46. Billie Holiday – You Got to My Head

  47. Glenn Miller and his Orchestra – In the Mood

  48. Schubert – The Trout Quintet, Op. 114: IV – Tema, Andantino

  49. Reggae Revolution – Come Wit de Reggae Music

  50. Maimon and the Mongoose Band – Clear Night

  51. Puff Daddy feat. Jimmy Page – Come With Me (Instrumental)

  52. Five for Fighting – The Riddle

  53. Clit 45 – Dead End and Debauchery

  54. Maria João Pires – Mozart Piano Sonata No. 11 In A Major K.331

  55. Billy Joel – Only the Good Die Young

  56. The Go-Go’s - Our Lips Our Sealed

  57. Fucious – Love Without Pain

  58. Starsailor - Faith Hope Love

  59. Elliot Smith – Clementine

  60. Dar Williams – Blue Light of the Flame

  61. KT Tunstall - Suddenly I See

  62. Regina Spektor – Field Below

  63. Nine Inch Nails – All the Love In the World

  64. Eagles of Death Metal – I Gotta Feelin (Just Nineteen)

  65. Mavis Staples – In Time Like These

  66. Etta James – At Last

  67. Deep Purple - Smoke On The Water

  68. Rick Ross – Push It

  69. Korn – Falling Away From Me

  70. The Rolling Stones – Sympathy for the Devil (Neptunes Remix)

  71. Band of Horses – The Funeral

  72. Billie Holiday – God Bless the Child

  73. John Mellencamp – Ghost Towns Along the Highway

  74. The Pimps – Sumpin’

  75. Nelsen Adelard – Blues All Night

  76. Sunpie – Louisiana Saturday Night

  77. Sonny Rollins – Till There Was You (Take 4)

  78. Nelson Adelard – Take Me Back

  79. Enya – Boadicea

  80. Damien Rice – Grey Room

  81. Boston – More Than A Feeling

  82. Band of Horses – Monsters

  83. Citizen Cope – Left for Dead

  84. Edward Sanders and Helena Bonham Carter – Not While I’m Around

  85. Rare Earth – I Just Want to Celebrate

  86. TV On The Radio – Wolf Like Me

  87. Refused – New Noise

  88. Silversun Pickups – Lazy Eye

  89. The Hold Steady - Stuck Between Stations

  90. The Kills – Cat Claw

  91. The Kills – Wait

  92. Wes Nickson – Barely Holding On

  93. Ken Holloway – I’m Still Holding On

  94. Bon Jovi – (You Want To) Memory

  95. Lifehouse – Broken

  96. Phil Collins – Can’t Find My Way

  97. Kalli – River of Darkness

  98. Steffan Fantini – Tambourine

  99. Gordon Green – Scott Joplin Collage

  100. Mozart Orchestra Festival – Requiem, KV 626 In D Minor: Illa. Dies Irae (Sequentia)

  101. Deadman – When the Music Is Not Forgotten

  102. The Cinematic Orchestra – To Build A Home

  103. John Legend – Show Me

  104. Antony and the Johnson’s – Hope There’s Someone

  105. Imogen Heap – The Moment I Said It

  106. Chris Daughtry – Home

  107. Stevie Ray Vaughan – Pride and Joy

  108. Louis Armstrong – Sittin’ In the Dark

  109. Holly Golightly – Virtually Happy

  110. David Bowie – Heroes

  111. Joe Augustine – Harlem Nocturne

  112. Fluke – Absurd (Whitewash Mix)

  113. The Kooks – Ooh La

  114. Fluke – Atom Bomb

  115. Drive-By Truckers – Where the Devil Don’t Stay

  116. The Rolling Stones – Honky Tonk Women

  117. JET – Skin and Bones

  118. Drive-By Truckers – Decoration Day

  119. Foo Fighters – My Hero

  120. Rihanna and Jay-Z – Umbrella

  121. Cyann & Ben – Sweet Beliefs

  122. Gary Louris – We’ll Get By

  123. Three Dog Night – Shambala

  124. Johny Cash – The Man Comes Around

  125. Johny Cash – Hurt

  126. Los Lonely Boys – My Way

  127. Rosie Thomas – Since You’ve Been Around

  128. Bobby Vinton – Mr. Lonely

  129. Jane’s Addiction – Jane Says

  130. AC/DC - Rock ‘N’ Roll Train

  131. Arden of Eden – Better

  132. Bob Dylon – Shelter from the Storm

  133. Claude Debussy – Nocturnes

  134. Gen Rubin – Make U Wanna Dance

  135. The Blood Arm – Suspicious Character

  136. Peri – Around Here

  137. Little Jackie – 28 Butts

  138. Puddu Varano – Back to You

  139. Phontaine – Million Dollar Baby

  140. Dire Straits – Brothers in Arms

  141. The Kinks – A Well Respected Man

  142. Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers – Here Comes My Girl

  143. The Black Keys – The Lengths

  144. Duffy – Mercy

  145. The Noises 10 – The Fix

  146. David Hodges – My Side of the Story

  147. Jupiter Rising – Tres Cool

  148. The Bangkok Five – We Love What Kills Us

  149. Dave Aude/DJ Dan – Rock to the Rhythm (Starkillers Remix)

  150. Producers Lab – Sugar Boy

  151. Fakebreed – Needle In The Basket

  152. Carlos Villalobos – Frio

  153. Johnny Thunder – I’m Alive

  154. Jane’s Addiction – Chip Away

  155. The Dead Weather – Treat Me Like Your Mother

  156. Frank Sinatra – Summer Wind

  157. Patterson Hood – Heavy and Hanging

  158. Chris Mills – Such A Beautiful Thing

  159. Deadman – When the Music’s Not Forgotten

  160. Joy Division – Love Will Tear Us Apart

  161. The Lions – Can You Hear Me

  162. The Lions – Evil Eye

  163. Alaska! – Nova’s

  164. Jakob Dylan – Evil Is Alive and Well

  165. Lucinda Williams – Still I Long For Your Kiss

  166. Yan Vosly – Miniatures

  167. Flyleaf – Enemy

  168. Frank Sinatra – Luck Be A Lady

  169. Amorphis – Black River

  170. Frederik – Omberg

  171. Neil Diamond – Solitary Man

  172. Thomas Newman – Any Other Name

  173. The Rolling Stones – Street Fighting Man

  174. Wolf Parade – Shine A Light

  175. Latin Soul Syndicate – Mi Mujer

  176. Gillian Welch – I Made A Lovers Prayer

  177. Leonard Cohen – I’m Your Man

  178. Leonard Cohen – Night Comes On

  179. Leonard Cohen – Dance Me to the End of Love

  180. Leonard Cohen – Sisters of Mercy

  181. Leonard Cohen – Who By Fire

  182. Ray Lamontagne – Let It Be Me

  183. Joe King – You’re My Everything

  184. Kitten Control – Disappear

  185. Mike Posner – Cooler Than Me

  186. Fitz and the Tantrums – Moneygrabber

  187. Marvin Gaye – Trouble Man

  188. The Temptations – I Wish It Would Rain

  189. Tavares – She’s Gone

  190. The Realist – His Hypocritical Ways featuring Gambino

  191. The Rockford Mules – Heading East to Get West

  192. Five Finger Death Punch – Far From Home

  193. Tenth Avenue North – Break Me Down

  194. Seether – Breakdown

  195. Radiohead – Pyramid Song

  196. Beck – Wave

  197. Martin Girault – Revival 12’ Remix

  198. Tara Novick Teaser – Six Pack and Smokes

  199. Miles Davis Bar Source – Green Haze

  200. Radio Citizen – The Hop featuring Bajka

  201. Buddy Guy – Smell the Funk

  202. Rush – Closer to the Heart

  203. Road Hawgs - Brother

  204. Kathryn Calder – Turn a Light On

  205. Jónsi – Kolniður

Suspect Behavior songs (206 - 208)

  1. Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart - Natus Cadit, atque Deus

  2. Diddy – Dirty Money

  3. N.A.S.A. – Whachadoin?

  4. Losers – No Man Is An Island

  5. Kaskade – Fire In Your New Shoes featuring Martina of Dragonette

  6. Katy Tiz – The Big Bang

  7. The Spencer Davis Group – Gimme Some Lovin’

  8. The Rolling Stones – Shattered

  9. Guns N’ Roses – Breakdown

  10. Rufus Wainwright – Hallelujah

  11. Dean Martin – Mambo Italiano

  12. Black Tusk – Fixed In the Ice

  13. Slovak Philharmonic Orchestra - Symphony No. 5 in B-Flat Major, D. 485: III. Menuetto

  14. AM & Shawn Lee – City Boy

  15. Rime – Sucker

  16. Oceansize – Music for a Nurse

  17. This Will Destroy You – They Move On Tracks of Never Ending Light

  18. Shana Halligan – Do It

  19. Thursday – Turnpike Divides

  20. Emphatic – Do I

  21. Mushroomhead – Come On

  22. Joe Cocker – Feelin Alright

  23. Jeremy Silver – Lonely World

  24. Chicago – You’re the Inspiration

  25. Bonnie Tyler – Total Eclipse of the Heart

  26. Air Supply – Making Love Out of Nothing At All

  27. Robert Davi – Day In, Day Out

  28. TV/TV – Smalltime (What You Want)

  29. Jump Jump Dance Dance – Show Me What You Want

  30. Vanaprasta – Supernumerary

  31. COMPAGNIA D'OPERA ITALIANA & ANTONELLO GOTTA - Le nozze di Figaro, K. 492, Act II: Voi che sapete

  32. The DNC – Electric (feat. Miss Amani)

  33. Battleme – Touch

  34. Kate Nash - Foundations

  35. The Platters – Smoke Gets In Your Eyes

  36. Ken Eicher – Too Late to Cry

  37. The Fray – Be Still

  38. Linford Detweiler – Someday We’ll Move to a Small Farm (And Sit and Watch the Snow Fall)

  39. Lily Kershaw – As It Seems

  40. The Whispers – Lady

  41. Drew Holcomb & The Neighbors – Tomorrow (Good Light)

  42. Brett Dennen – The One Who Love You the Most

  43. Luciano Pavarotti – Vesti La Giubba

  44. The Dirty Guv’nahs – Honey You

  45. Perpetual Odd & Ghostman MC - Trucha

  46. Swan/Almighty Love Noise - Black Is The Color of My Gun

  47. Brooke Adams – Keep Holding On

  48. Rockie Lynne – Home

  49. Blue Stahli – Kill Me Everytime

  50. Creedence Clearwater Revival – Born on the Bayou

  51. Greg Wilson – Duty Called

  52. Brett Dennen – Only Rain

  53. Esthero – Crash (featuring Jonah Johnson)

  54. Rockabye Baby – Where Is My Mind?

  55. Richard Walters – Infinity Street

  56. American Head Charge – Sugars of Someday

  57. The Black Keys – Lonely Boy

  58. Muse – Madness

  59. Tony Bennett – Just In Time

  60. Chris Vadala – In A Sentimental Mood

  61. Santo & Johny – Sleepwalk

  62. Donivan Parsons – Survive

  63. Dying Regret – Losing In the End

  64. Fall Out Boy – My Songs Know What You Did In The Dark (Light Em Up)

  65. Lily Kershaw – Ashes Like Snow

  66. Daas Bosh – As Long As I Can Say (RBN Edition)

  67. Gilian Welch – A lot

  68. Ha Ha Tonka – Usual Suspects

  69. The Middle East – Blood

  70. LazyBones – We Live and Die

  71. Sleeping At Last – In the Embers

  72. Della Swiss – Only You

  73. Nocona – Train Song

  74. Francisco Rodriguez, Marc Ferrari & Matt Hirt – Par En Par

  75. Frank Sinatra – As Time Goes By

  76. Billy Joel – Piano Man

  77. The James Hunter Six – Minute By Minute

  78. Monet – Hold Me Sweetly

  79. Billie Holiday – Strange Fruit

  80. Distant Cousins – Raise It Up

  81. Night Beds – Even If We Try

  82. Toxic Holocaust – Out of the Fire

  83. J.R. Richards – Precious Stone (feat. Jason Koiter)

  84. TRENTEMØLLER – Deceive (feat. Sune Rose Wagner)

  85. Destiny’s Child – Bootylicious

  86. Combichrist – Retreat Hell Pt. 1

  87. Casey Hurt – Mended Souls

  88. Foy Vance – Guiding Light (feat. Ed Sheeran)

  89. Sarah Darling – Blackbird

  90. Bad Company – Feel Like Making Love

  91. Blue Stahli – Jackhammer Manifesto

  92. Jason Rivas – Bambadam (Original Club Mix)

  93. Romany Rye – New King of the Mountain

  94. Melissa R. Kaplan & Jeff Toyne - Undermined (Scratch Mix)

  95. The Procussions – Little People

  96. Fayuca – Salvame

  97. Waylon Jennings – My World

  98. 7Horse – Famous Faces

  99. Alicia Keys – Where Do We Go From Here?

  100. Lily Kershaw – Maybe

  101. Radical Face – The Gilded Hand

  102. Rocco Deluca – We Congregate

  103. Linkin Park – Robot Boy

  104. Generationals – Black Lemon

  105. Trampled By Turtles – Silver Light

  106. Luluc – Gold on the Leaves

  107. Taps – What Have I Done?

  108. Al Lerner – A Woman’s Love Is Never Done (feat. Connie Russel)

  109. Itch – Spooky Kids

  110. Beartooth – Keep Your American Dream

  111. Michael Grimm – I Don’t Want to Be Alone

  112. Babe Youth – Break Me

  113. The Hundred Days – Famous Overnight

  114. Cajsa Siik – Follow You Down

  115. Lenny Mackband – Follow You Home

  116. Gia – I Wanna Be Where You Are

  117. Ruthie Foster – Lord Remember Me

  118. Joel Evans – Come On, Baby, Kiss Me (feat. Laurie Gunning Grossman)

  119. The Mostar Diving Club – Forever Goodbye

  120. Armon Jay – Edge of the Dark

  121. Jeffrey James – 4 Days

  122. Sleeping At Last - West

  123. Bratislava Opera Soloists - Così Fan Tutte, K. 588, Opera Buffa: Una Donna a Quindici Anni (Despina)

  124. Brenton Wood – Great Big Bundle of Love

  125. The Gospel Whiskey Runners – Muddy Waters

  126. Handsome Jack – Echoes

  127. Allman Brown – Ancient Light

  128. Salt Cathedral – Holy Soul

  129. Sea Stars – Halo

  130. Lily Kershaw – Sleep Peacefully

Criminal Minds Beyond Borders Season 1 (333 - 357)

  1. Andy Palacio & The Garifuna Collective - Lidan Aban (Together)

  2. Andy Palacio - Til Da Mawnin!

  3. Bang Data – Bailazo

  4. Ximena Sarinana – No Todo Lo Puedes Dar

  5. Djuro – Drop That Bass (Original Mix)

  6. The Conga Kings – Duet 1 Temporal

  7. The Conga Kings – Avisale A Mi Contrario

  8. The Conga Kings – Chocolate Descarga

  9. Ambyr Childers – My Country Tis of Thee

  10. Yamila – Mi Salsa

  11. Bronze Radio Return – Thick and Thin

  12. Aimee Allen – Les Nuages

  13. Josephine Baker – J’ai deux amours

  14. Enzo Enzo – J’ai deux amours Remix

  15. Slang – Hill of Corpses

  16. Kabelo – Matimba

  17. Yelengu (feat. Barry Van Zyl & Robin Hogarth) – Uchibidolo (The Abundant Herds)

  18. Andy & Lucas – El Ritmo de Maria

  19. A San Fermin pedimos (Choral)

  20. San Fermin (Instrumental)

  21. Rara Machine – Woule (Turning Around)

  22. Aron Wright – Home

Criminal Minds Beyond Borders Season 2 (358 - 370)

  1. L’Orchestre Afro 70 – Bwanana Bibi Arusi

  2. Bi Kidude & Sahib El Arry – Bero

  3. The Big Bright – Don’t Change (INSX)

  4. Orquestra Ritmo de Sabanas – Porro Bonito

  5. Reed – Dissipate

  6. The Wealthy West – The Highest Tide

  7. Various - Beat of My Heart

  8. Niña Dioz – Lola

  9. Mariachi Los Camperos de Nati Cano – Cihualteca

  10. Qbanito – Con la Ultima Bala

  11. Brooklyn Funk Essentials – Set It Off

  12. Mela Tenenbaum & Anton Nel – Les Milliones D’Arlequin: Serenade

  13. K.D. Lang - Hallelujah

  14. Wedding Dress – Loom

  15. Detuned Kytes – Ghosts in Control

  16. Creedence Clearwater Revival - Susie Q

  17. Drew Holcomb & The Neighbors – Here We Go

  18. Gia Mantegna – There He (She) Goes (Absent)

  19. Jim Murphy and the Accents – I’m Gone Mama

  20. Susan Boyle – Amazing Grace

  21. Alaska Reid – Amazing Grace

  22. Lorenzo da Ponte – Non piu andrai

  23. Selah Sue – This World

  24. Tab the Band – Be My Valentine

  25. Leah Andreone – You Are My Sunshine

  26. Cathy Heller – I’ll Be By Your Side

  27. Steven Davis – Sometime Soon

  28. Hit Crew Masters – I Put A Spell On You

  29. Frank Sinatra – Fly Me to the Moon (feat. Count Basie and His Orchestra)

  30. Maggie Szabo – Hushabye Mountain

  31. Amy Bezunartea – Wreckage

  32. Taps – Wanna Hear Your Voice

  33. R-Mean – Nothing Left to Lose (feat. Jason French)

  34. Finn de Siecle – Time Together

  35. Scala & Kolacny Brothers – Creep

  36. The Joel Evans Quartet - Boo

  37. Lily Kershaw – For Keeps

  38. Escondido – Midnight Train

  39. Natalie Taylor – Amen

  40. Courtship - Stop for Nothing

  41. Dead Things and War – Beer Shredder

  42. Gypsy Death Star – 7 Minutes in Heaven

  43. The Fumes – Who Do You Love

  44. The Yowl – Money, Power, War

  45. Patrick Park – The House Is Burning Down

  46. The Idea – Reloaded (feat. Wordsworth, Range da Messenga, Pearl Gates, Jacqueline Constance & Robot Scott)

  47. Taps – Sober

  48. Taps – Chance to Move

  49. Johnny Ruffo – On Top

  50. Jason Koiter – Amanda’s Song (C.M. Version)

  51. Ronnie Gesser – Just One Look

  52. Joe Liggins – Lover’s Lament

  53. Lou Charle$ - 1X

  54. Nihils – Lovers on the Run

  55. We-Are-Z – Knucklehead

  56. Dwayne Shivers & Kyshona Armstrong – Waking Light

  57. Massive Attack – Heat Miser

  58. Two Steps From Hell – Birth of a Hero

  59. Family Band – Night Song

  60. Glenn Miller and His Orchestra – Moonlight Serenade

  61. Elms District – Journey On

  62. Foy Vance – Burden

  63. Imaginary Future – Everything We Need

  64. Taps – Wilderness

  65. Scott Middough – See Again

  66. Marylin Manson – Third Day of a Seven Day Binge

  67. Jeremy Adamiak – Bird In Flight

  68. Khristian B – Show Up

  69. Angus Powell – Truth

  70. Sabrina Claudio – Belong to You

  71. Joanna Barbera – When The Rain Comes

  72. Charlie Fink – Anywhere You’re Going Is On My Way

  73. Tap the Band – Apple of an Eye

  74. Far Lands – Lowlands

  75. Eliot Bronson – Mercy

  76. Tobi Lou – Txt Me

  77. Marina Strah – Coming Home

  78. Durwood Daily Haddock – Start All Over

  79. Durwood Daily Haddock – How Lonesome Can I Get

  80. Gerald Wilson – You Better Change Your Way of Lovin

  81. Bobby Caldwell – Oh Boy (You’ve Really Got It Made)

  82. Johnny Mathis – I’ll Be Easy to Find

  83. Versy – Like A Boss

  84. Tom Rhodes – I Love Our Home

  85. Jake Etheridge – Just To Save Me (Through The Fire) feat. Margot Todd

  86. Leopard Lounge Groove – Comin’ Back For More

  87. The Spiffs – Kill You

  88. Black Flag – Nervous Breakdown

  89. The Misfits – Bullet

  90. Will Samson – Find A Little Light (Day Six)

  91. Bret Bollinger – Mama Don’t Know

  92. Lily Kershaw – The Last Light

  93. Taps – Sober

  94. APES – Pull the Trigger

  95. Raveena – Honey

  96. General Dubois – Western Straw

  97. Lily Kershaw – All of the Love in the World

  98. Kurt Redel and the Orchestre de Chambre Pro Arte de Munich - Canon à Trois Voix Sur Une Basse Obstinée

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t3_d4dmco2019-09-15T00:42:43+00:00What songs do you hope play in the final season?
What songs do you hope play in the final season?

Been reading through some of the threads. Some of the positivity has seem to be gone now. A lot of talk about Weekend 2 not selling out etc.

I think there’s two artist who, who hasn’t performed in the last 5 years at Coachella that can sell out both weekends. That would be Rihanna and Frank Ocean.

Frank’s last fiasco left a bad taste in festival organizers mouths, but maybe he had a lot of personal things going on.
We are all people at the end of the day. And Rihanna has multiple projects, and looks to be dropping new music in December, but who knows.

Is there anyone else that can sell out both weekends and was the last time both weekends sold out Beyoncé?

Also, this is a shit hot take. But the last time Frank, Rihanna, Kanye all dropped a solo album was 2016. All critically acclaimed.

Anti won a Grammy. Blonde was not submitted for Grammys consideration, but likely would of won as well. And TLOP won a Grammy followed by a Tour that we are all familiar with. These are my 2/3 picks on headlong.

I’m trying out WK2 this year because a friend told me there’s just more room at the stages as it’s less packed due to not selling out.

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t3_d4c5j52019-09-14T22:36:01+00:00Bored & Want to create discussion.
Bored & Want to create discussion.

Rihanna looks sensational as she rocks all-black leather look after bizarre pregnancy rumours
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t3_d48k662019-09-14T17:55:27+00:00Rihanna looks sensational as she rocks all-black leather look after bizarre pregnancy rumours
Rihanna looks sensational as she rocks all-black leather look after bizarre pregnancy rumours

Choices - Rihanna x RnB x Pop Guitar Type Beat 2019 | Prod. Slowchestra
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t3_d48ese2019-09-14T17:44:19+00:00Choices - Rihanna x RnB x Pop Guitar Type Beat 2019 | Prod. Slowchestra
Choices - Rihanna x RnB x Pop Guitar Type Beat 2019 | Prod. Slowchestra

Choices - Rihanna x RnB x Pop Guitar Type Beat 2019 | Prod. Slowchestra
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t3_d489ts2019-09-14T17:33:59+00:00Choices - Rihanna x RnB x Pop Guitar Type Beat 2019 | Prod. Slowchestra
Choices - Rihanna x RnB x Pop Guitar Type Beat 2019 | Prod. Slowchestra

Choices - Rihanna x RnB x Pop Guitar Type Beat 2019 | Prod. Slowchestra
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t3_d485442019-09-14T17:23:55+00:00Choices - Rihanna x RnB x Pop Guitar Type Beat 2019 | Prod. Slowchestra
Choices - Rihanna x RnB x Pop Guitar Type Beat 2019 | Prod. Slowchestra

Major stars had a hard time getting into Rihanna’s NYFW afterparty
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t3_d482ku2019-09-14T17:18:30+00:00Major stars had a hard time getting into Rihanna’s NYFW afterparty
Major stars had a hard time getting into Rihanna’s NYFW afterparty

Choices - Rihanna x RnB x Pop Guitar Type Beat 2019 | Prod. Slowchestra
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t3_d480992019-09-14T17:13:30+00:00Choices - Rihanna x RnB x Pop Guitar Type Beat 2019 | Prod. Slowchestra
Choices - Rihanna x RnB x Pop Guitar Type Beat 2019 | Prod. Slowchestra

Rihanna flaunts her long legs in a leather mini skirt for a night out in New York City
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t3_d47k4a2019-09-14T16:40:16+00:00Rihanna flaunts her long legs in a leather mini skirt for a night out in New York City
Rihanna flaunts her long legs in a leather mini skirt for a night out in New York City

There's a ton of Beat Saber custom songs/maps available, and it can be daunting to know where to start. Many times I've been excited to try a map for a song only to find the mapping wasn't fun.

The following is a list of 50 quality maps (in my opinion) to get your collection started. I wish I'd seen a list like this when I started out, so hopefully someone finds this useful.

You may disagree with the choices here. I'm not claiming these are the best available, just ones I think help build a foundation for a well-rounded collection.

Here's the criteria I used when choosing these maps:

  1. Has a great/good wrist "flow" using natural movements
  2. Ideally has 3+ difficulty settings
  3. Popular song in its genre (or lots of upvotes on Beast Saber)
  4. Collection must have a variety of genres so there's something for everyone at parties

Tip*: Create a* account and bookmark these maps, so you can easily add them back if you have to re-download in future.

Here's the list in no particular order:

Title Mapper Link
The Hand That Feeds – Nine Inch Nails Ris
Life in the Fast Lane – The Eagles techbutterfly
Short Skirt Long Jacket – Cake techbutterfly
BTS (feat. Halsey) – Boy With Luv SimplyMarvellous
You Get What You Give – The New Radicals techbutterfly
Fuel – Metallica (v2 – fixed mismaps) Ris
Rap God – Eminem Ryger
Skrillex – Bangarang nitronikexe
Lean On – Major Lazer & DJ Snake (feat. MØ) Funrankable
[Anniversary] Animals (Radio Edit) – Martin Garrix AnniversaryTeam
Lindsey Stirling – Shatter Me nitronikexe
Kill This Love – BLACKPINK aggrogahu
KC And The Sunshine Band – Boogie Shoes Majorpickle
Meant to Live – Switchfoot aggrogahu
Paper Planes – M.I.A. baxter395
BOOMBAYAH – Blackpink vrriftmatrix
Love The Way You Lie (ft. Rihanna) – Eminem, Rihanna StyngMe
Another One Bites the Dust imetstanlee
Ghosts n Stuff (feat. Rob Swire) – deadmau5 skylerwallace
Are You Gonna Be My Girl? – Jet Freeek
Imagine Dragons – Believer (100k ver.) Rustic
Take Me Out – Franz Ferdinand Freeek
Black or White – Michael Jackson Heisenbergirl
Chop Suey – System of a Down baxter395
Du Hast by Rammstein Kolezan
Prince – Kiss Majorpickle
Under The Sea (Little Mermaid) – Samuel E. Wright bennydabeast
24K Magic – Bruno Mars bennydabeast
Michael Jackson – Thriller ( remapped ) Majorpickle
Starship – We Built This City Rustic
Some Nights by Fun. (Benny) bennydabeast
New Rules by Dua Lipa (Benny Original™) bennydabeast
Fake Love by BTS (Benny Original™) bennydabeast
Daft Punk – Harder Better Faster Stronger runrockgame
Back in Black – AC/DC Freeek
Shut Up and Dance – WALK THE MOON bennydabeast
Rob Zombie – Dragula bobalu35
Mr. Blue Sky – Electric Light Orchestra GreatYazer
Burn by Ellie Goulding bennydabeast
Rage Against The Machine – Killing In The Name blaexe
Waiting For Love – Avicii Rocket
Caravan Palace – Black Betty Calijor
Muse – Uprising Rustic
CAN’T STOP THE FEELING -Justin Timberlake bennydabeast
Caravan Palace – Lone Digger Calijor
The Proclaimers – I’m Gonna Be (500 Miles) poc
Freaks – Timmy Trumpet Savage Invidia Snow
Midnight City – M83 (Update) bennydabeast
Beat it – Michael Jackson Freeek
Earth, Wind, & Fire – September Calijor

That's it, hope you found this useful! =)

Edit: I've been keeping track of recommendations in the comments (thank you all!) Haven't tested any of the following maps myself, but if you're looking for more, this list might be a good place to continue your research.

Community suggestions in no particular order:

Title Mapper Link
[Anniversary] Backbone (ft. Nevve) – Droeloe skylerwallace, Fafurion, AnniversaryTeam
Daddy – PSY Fafurion
The Twist – Chubby Checker Joetastic
Pop Culture – Madeon nutron
Technologic – Daft Punk (Update) Awfulnaut
Moves Like Jagger – Maroon 5 ft. Christina Aguilera Fafurion
Gloryhammer – Rise Of The Chaos Wizards DunklerTurm
Swingrowers – Mr Sandman nlsoldaten
Good Times Roll Awfulnaut
Empty Threat – CHVRCHES bennydabeast
Escape Club – Wild, Wild West Majorpickle
Rasputin – Boney M Jobas
Bad Guy – Billie Eilish dgrj4life
Synthesize Her – TWRP papaprobo17
Witchcraft – Pendulum DownyCat


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t3_d473op2019-09-14T16:05:36+00:00New to Beat Saber custom songs? Here's 50 quality maps to get you started...
New to Beat Saber custom songs? Here's 50 quality maps to get you started...

With Rihanna
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t3_d46s5l2019-09-14T15:41:16+00:00With Rihanna
With Rihanna


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