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Xbox One X: Discussion & News
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/r/XboxOne - The home of everything Xbox One on Reddit

Hey everyone,

I pre-ordered Torchlight 2 on Xbox One. Have been playing since it release. The outlander was a slow start I wasn't having that much fun. I've since made both a beserker and engineer and I really enjoy both. Maybe I was doing something wrong with the Outlander but range was pretty short and I would constantly shoot no one/in the wrong direction, etc. Just aiming was odd.

So to the questions. I'm kind of wishing I would have gotten it on the switch as my TV can be occupied most of the time. (I know Diablo 3 is on the switch and I've put many hours into that on PC/Xbox 360/Xbox X. Again hear it's pretty great on the switch) So is Torchlight it worth it? I've read of some game breaking bugs after the most recent patch still exist. However also seen the posts by u/winston_pennypacker saying those will be fixed and Panic Button is working on QoL changes as well as a switch lite update. That's awesome!

$20 vs $60 is a pretty big difference. However I'm fully ready to have a change from D3. Is it comfortable playing mobile on TL2? Does everything run smoothly? Will I be struggling/squinting to read text? Should I get it now because it's playable and game the breaking bug/s patch be out soon? It'll take me awhile to beat the game for NG+. I know D3 is pretty much an amazing port and it has local co-op which is pretty cool considering the power of the switch. Both have online/local co-op.

I rarely use my switch on TV. Bottom line is I really want to give TL2 a chance. I just don't want to put in time for nothing. My time is important to me.

D3 or TL2 or go for both!?

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t3_d4mmiq2019-09-15T16:20:48+00:00Torchlight 2 Switch Owners, I have a few ?'s
Torchlight 2 Switch Owners, I have a few ?'s

So just a quick question, I have a Xbox one, I’m gonna try to go to game trade to play the beta (They let you play ps4’s there) so I was curious as to what time the actual beta ends, thanks a lot

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t3_d4mksj2019-09-15T16:17:17+00:00Exactly what time does the beta end on Monday?
Exactly what time does the beta end on Monday?

Are there any PS4 shift codes? I've been looking, but everytime I put one in it says that it's either Xbox or Steam.

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t3_d4mjyx2019-09-15T16:15:37+00:00PS4 Shift Codes
PS4 Shift Codes

Hey everyone! I’m looking to get this league completely filled up with people who are gonna try their absolute best to be active, so if you’re interested in joining make sure you’re gonna be able to commit to the league! Also when you’re in here make sure to always respect and follow the rules and also to respect each other, I don’t want to see any toxicity and stupid behavior in here which will absolutely not be tolerated, trash talking about a game’s outcome and stuff is fine but be nice in general! :)

We have a discord server that I will invite you to through direct messages once you contact me saying you want in. The league name and password are posted into the discord server for you to join once you’re in.

That’s pretty much it I think, the rules, settings, etc. are all down below! Anyways good luck have fun and I hope to see y’all in the league! :)

Teams available: Rams, Raiders, Bills, Jets, Falcons, Dolphins, Lions, Redskins, Panthers, Titans, Texans, Broncos, Buccaneers, Saints, Bengals


Skill Level- All Madden Game Style- Simulation League Type- Coaches only Trade Deadline- Off Coach Firing- CPU Only Salary Cap- On Superstar Abilities- On Relocation- Off Injuries- On Pre existing injuries- Off Practice Squad Stealing- On Quarter Length- 7 minutes Career Clock- On Accelerated Clock- Off


  1. 4th down Rules:

You may go for it on 4th down from anywhere on on the field no matter what only ONCE PER GAME. So if it’s 4th and 20 on your own 10 or just any possible 4th down scenario that you usually wouldn’t be allowed to go for you can do it if you’re feeling ballsy but I repeat, only ONCE PER GAME.

You may go for it on 4th & 1 or inches once you’re at the 50 yard line or further if you feel the need to do so.

You may go for it on 4th & 5 or less once you’re at the opponent’s 45 yard line or further if you feel the need to do so.

You may go for it on any 4th down scenario once you reach the opponent’s 40 yard line or further if you feel the need to do so.

If you’re down by two scores at any point in the game you may go for it on any 4th down scenario if you feel the need to do so.

If you’re down in the 4th quarter you may go for it on any 4th down scenario.

  1. Play Calling Rules:

OFFENSIVE Play Calling: A user is not allowed to call the same offensive play more than 2x in a row. A user is not allowed to call the same type of play more than 3x in a row. I.E Calling the same play but from different formations like HB Draw Gun Twins, HB Draw Gun Trips, HB Draw Trips Bunch etc. Picking the same play and changing the routes with audibles violates the rule.

Also, I do not want to see anyone using the same 3-5 plays on offense for an entire game. Be as creative and strategic as you can! I’m not saying that you need to always be calling new plays but don’t get repetitive often.

DEFENSIVE Play Calling: A user is not allowed to call the same defensive play more than 2x in a row. Although you are allowed to call the same type of defensive play from a different formation anytime you want. For example, cover 2 invert 4-6, cover 2 invert 3-4 bear, cover 2 invert 4-3 spread. If the person on offense starts to call a hurry up offense then you are not obligated to switch you defensive play.

  1. No custom playbooks!

  2. All trades must be approved by a commissioner. NO CPU TRADES ALLOWED.

  3. Position Change Guidelines:

WR to TE: WR must be 6’3” or taller and his speed must be 86 or lower. A WR cannot line up at TE until his position is officially changed.


DEFENSE: SS to LB/LB to SS: SS to LB only allowed if the SS can TAK/POW and his speed is 88 or lower.

CB to FS/FS to CB: Allowed LB to DL/DL to LB: Allowed DL: All interchangeable

OFFENSE: QB to RB/RB to QB: Allowed QB to WR/WR to QB: Allowed WR to RB/RB to WR: WR to RB only allowed if the WR speed is 92 or lower. RB to FB/FB to RB: RB to FB only allowed if the RB speed is 85 or lower. TE to FB/FB to TE: TE to FB only allowed if the TE speed is 80 or lower. OL: All interchangeable

Special: WR to DB/DB to WR: Allowed K to P/P to K: Allowed K and P: Can be moved anywhere

  1. We all want fair play but if you feel a player is not playing fair. I.E Not mixing plays, going on 4th downs all the time, Etc. Then record it and submit to a commissioner for review. Just dont quit. Let the Commissioners review it. We will guarantee a fair result.

7.Absolutely no quitting games

  1. Broadcasting:

We will be broadcasting ALL games if possible (granted everyone is able to, if you don’t have good internet for this don’t worry) These rules are also so that those particular matters where someone is accusing someone of cheating and breaking the rules are made a lot easier to judge and hopefully this rule can prevent it from happening more.

Again not sure how much I can force this since some people don’t have good enough internet to be able to broadcast and play without issues but we’ll see.

If you are the away team you must broadcast. (User game.) If you experience connection issues due to this then the other person can broadcast for you. Start your broadcast before you start the game.

Everyone can stream on mixer or Twitch if they’d like but follow these simple easy steps if you plan on streaming on Mixer so that your streams get saved onto your channel for the games to be easy to review anytime if there is a problem.

Step 1. Download the “Mixer Create” app on your phone. NOT the regular Mixer app. Mixer Create has a purple icon.

Step 2. Once installed, log in to your Mixer account with your Xbox live account and when that’s done you should see an option to “keep recordings (VoDs) of my streams.” Turn that on and you’re done.

  1. Claimed Lag outs and Disconnects:

If there is ever a game where one person has the lead and the other person is losing and the game disconnects, the losing player must provide a clip of it so that we know if it just lagged out or not, if no clip is provided then we’ll assume you quit. All you need to do is as soon as it happens just press the Xbox home button on your controller and press X to record the last 30 seconds.. easy 🙂 there should be no reason to not be able to do it, and if you’re already streaming then great. If you fail to provide evidence that you didn’t quit or turn off your Xbox as stated then you will receive a loss.

  1. Fair Sims, Force Wins, & Inactivity:

After 24 hours, if your opponent does not respond then you may request a FW. Proof of no response and 24 hours elapsed must be provided when you request this.

If both users fail to contact each other then the game will be sim’d at advance. If both users have actively tried to schedule a game but fail then the game will be sim’d at advance.

If you miss your scheduled game time, after 30 mins your opponent gets the FW unless you’ve notified your opponent that you can’t make it. Reason for not showing up must relate to family/friends, work/school, or religion.

If you are completely inactive and unresponsive for three straight in game weeks without a previously provided excuse then you will be booted from the league.

  1. No playing the CPU if you don’t have a user opponent to play, on too many occasions in leagues I’ve ran have end of the year rewards been ruined due to someone running up crazy stats on the CPU which is completely unfair to those that are in the running without CPU help so I’d like this to happen as little as possible at the least and remember you’ll get the force win anyways so don’t worry. If you ever think about wanting to play CPU at least ask a commissioner first but again the answer will likely be no. Anyone who does so without permission will be kicked.

  2. No desperately trying to run up the score late in the game. If your opponent doesn’t have the necessary time outs/time to get the ball back and you can chew clock and kneel it then do that. If you’re up by an impossible lead for your opponent to come back from in the 4th then start chewing clock. If score from a breakaway play while chewing clock that’s fine just no desperate attempts at stat padding and trying to score when you don’t need to and can just end it.

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t3_d4mjso2019-09-15T16:15:15+00:00[XB1] [17/32] 48 Hour advance sim CFM with regular updated current rosters! Looking for active members to completely fill up the league before we start the regular season! Discord will be provided through DMs.
[XB1] [17/32] 48 Hour advance sim CFM with regular updated current rosters! Looking for active members to completely fill up the league before we start the regular season! Discord will be provided through DMs.

[15M] I have literally 1 friend and he lives 800 miles away from me. I want some more friends preferably ones with Discord, Xbox, or snapchat. Those are my prime ways of communicating. Im known to be pretty boring and annoying. If you want you can look through my posts. I like to write and all that and hey. Some ideas can be pretty helpful😁. I hope I find someone cool out of this

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t3_d4mjsc2019-09-15T16:15:14+00:00Hey you should comment. I need some fun people in my life
Hey you should comment. I need some fun people in my life

I got all the sorceries in the game, but received no achievement for it. I just went and got the achievement for the dragon covenant. I’m trying to get all achievements so if anyone could help me out with this I’d really appreciate it! I’m playing Dark Souls Remastered on Xbox one. I have compared the spells in my inventory to the list of spells in the wiki and there are none missing.

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t3_d4mjle2019-09-15T16:14:46+00:00Wisdom of a Sage
Wisdom of a Sage

I need someone to join me so I can sell my I/E cars without enemies. Free Aim Lobby, Xbox One. Gamertag: AAC Aquatic

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t3_d4mian2019-09-15T16:12:05+00:00I/E XB1

There are a few planets that I have encountered that have collectible glitches littered amongst the map. The only one that I have had problems with (on 2 different saves) was the Column Planet. The glitch is the black columns that are breaking apart with lava looking trim. If I pick one of those up and try to leave the planet, game crashes, I can reload my save and try again, but only if I collect the glitch my game crashes, I can walk the whole planet, fly the entire atmosphere, or even mine, scan, or collect materials with no complications. It’s only that collectible glitch that causes the crash. Are others experiencing this problem? (Xbox One)

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t3_d4mi9j2019-09-15T16:12:02+00:00The planets with collectible glitches.
The planets with collectible glitches.

I have a PS4-original, the first generation and this piece of shit hardware never worked well
First, the Wifi card is pure shit, i have a desktop, xbox 360, and a FUCKING PS3
they're all connected to my hotspot by Wifi, and none of them are crappy as the online from the PS4
It can't connect most of the times, for no reasons at all, and when it does, it take 3 hours just to update a single game
Don't even make me started on updating the system, it can take between 5 and 8 hours
For absolutely no-reasons, i can DL like 15GB (Infamous 2) on my PS3 in less than two hours
But it takes 6 hours to donwload half-of it (6GB for a update) on my fucking PS4
And they're both in Wifi, only difference is one is more than ten-years old, and the other-one is 6 years old
Now, here's why i'm venting, they can't even make controllers right
My PS4 controller just decided the L1 button wasn't gonna respond anymore
Why? well, you tell me

Being a kinda DIY type of guy, i've searched how to fix it instead of just buying a brand-new controller
Most posts i've read basically sayed "yeah the rubber under the button might have moved"
So i took the controller apart, being carefull and making sure nothing was broken/moved
I took a look at the rubber under the L1 button, and it was perfectly fine
It's actually even connected to the L2 button, which was working without any problems
Of course i gently poked at the connectives to see if it reacted or if it was just crap
And yup, it was crap, for somes reasons it simply responded like, every 7 pokes
So the rubber isn't the problem at all, their controllers just suck
And before anyone start to accusing me of playing soccer with them or some shit like that
I take great cares of my controllers and keyboards
Because why wouldn't i? It's literally needed to play games

This controller is like, a year old, because it's not the first time this shit happenned
Last time it was my square button, exact same shit happenned
Keep in mind, i have 360 and PS3 controllers i've been using for YEARS, and they still work fines
Hell, even fucking PS2 controllers, the joystick kinda stick sometimes but that's all
I even use my 360 controller for my PC and TV when i stream games, AND 5 YEARS OLD AND THEY STILL WORKS
But a PS4 controller?
Nah fam', it live for a year, and then you need to replace it because it was made by baboons in uniformes

Jesus-christ, how hard is it to just make a nice controller to hold, and make it durable?
It's not a fucking car, i shouldn't have to replace it after a certain ammount of time

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t3_d4mfxc2019-09-15T16:07:18+00:00Why can't Sony make good hardware?
Why can't Sony make good hardware?

heeello there,

soo, i dont know if im the only one with this problem but i have the issue, that i cant decide where to play games on my xbox one. we have a full hd smart tv in our living room, pretty big and my own pc monitor in my room.. the problem is, i always get the feeling to move my xbox from A to B lol. its like i feel better in my own room (being alone and nobody disturbs) and i like when the screen is near to my eyes. and my pc is also there. on the other side, our tv has extra graphic settings so that games look sharper and have better textures. also our internet router is in our living room, thats an extra point. but i just dont feel "relaxed" there when i play. its like my parents can come anytime and tell me to stop playing lol... im so confused, what would you recommend? where do you guys play all the time?

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t3_d4meqy2019-09-15T16:04:49+00:00cant decide where to play on my xbox one?
cant decide where to play on my xbox one?

Does anyone have any experiences with multiple partitions of one drve?

I picked up a 6TB external drive for cheap and my idea was to make 3 partitions of 2TB to put on all the games I had on my 2TB drive and the games I downloaded recently along with some of my favorite classic Xbox games.

Does anyone know if this gives any trouble? Thanks in advance! ;)

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t3_d4mbmi2019-09-15T15:58:30+00:00Multiple partitions one HDD
Multiple partitions one HDD

So I bit the bullet and bought the super deluxe edition of borderlands 3. But now after playing it for the past few days I realize I never got my preorder bonuses. I checked my mail and I didn’t get it in there. I am playing on Xbox One I have no idea what to do. Any help would be appreciated.

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t3_d4m1qv2019-09-15T15:38:02+00:00Not getting my Super Deluxe Preorder Bonuses
Not getting my Super Deluxe Preorder Bonuses

So, I've tried this a handful of times before, with varying amounts of success, but none of which have led to the end result I am searching for, thus far. I'm a 33 year old male from the Florida panhandle, 5'10" tall with blonde hair and blue eyes and overweight with a chubby physique(300 pounds). What I am looking for is a genuine connection with someone, that has potential to become a long, loving relationship.

I have a wide variety of interests, ranging anywhere from video games(PS4 and/or Xbox One preferred) to movies, to Magic the Gathering, to Dungeons and Dragons, and even some outdoorsy things. I am also a fan of professional wrestling and Mixed Martial Arts. I can be a tad shy and awkward when first meeting someone, and talking to women is the bane of my existence(again, I'm quite shy), hence why I am searching online. Anytime I try to do so in person, my anxiety gets the best of me, so I find this to be the easiest method in which to do so.

I would like to find a woman 18+ years of age who is honest, trustworthy and loving above all else. A sense of humor is appreciated, as mine can be quite dark at times and I'd like someone who can match it; sweet with a hint of sass but submissive to her man. Physically, I like short and chubby/overweight girls. But while that is my preference, I'm open to anyone as long as a mental and emotional connection is made.

I'm terrible at these things, but I hope I've caught your attention. If you like what you read, leave me an orange envelope. I would be happy to chat, get to know one another and see where it goes. I can't wait to hear from you, whomever you may be.

Also, I am open to long distance relationships, as long as you don't ghost on me and it has potential to become not long distance at some point.

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t3_d4m12y2019-09-15T15:36:42+00:0033 [M4F] Florida/Anywhere, USA- Awkward lad looking for his awkward lass.
33 [M4F] Florida/Anywhere, USA- Awkward lad looking for his awkward lass.

Looking to sell local in North Myrtle Beach or Myrtle Beach. Shipping is NOT possible at this time.

All games are tested to work, almost all have original case & manual. Prices next to titles, can work something out if you purchase multiple.

Can email pictures by request, imgur won’t let me upload without getting their app now.



Half-Life 2 $8

Counter-Strike $5

Mercenaries: Playground of Destruction $8

Halo 2 $5

Halo 2: Multiplayer Map Pack $5

Destroy All Humans! $8

Sega GT 2002/Jet Set Radio Future combo pack $9

Spider-Man 2 $8

Max Payne $5

SSX Tricky $8

The Simpsons: Road Rage $8

Burnout 3: Takedown $8

Star Wars: Republic Commando $10

—XBOX 360–

The Darkness $8

Halo: Reach $8

Call of Duty 2 $8

LEGO Batman 2: DC Super Heroes $5


Sunset Overdrive $5

L.A. Noire Remastered $10


Medal of Honor: Warfighter Limited Edition $6

Call of Duty: Black Ops II $8


Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection $10

Also have several Official U.S. PlayStation Magazine and PC Gamer demo disks.

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t3_d4ls4o2019-09-15T15:18:32+00:00[USA] [H] Xbox, Xbox 360, Xbox One, PS3, and PS4 games. [W] Cash locally in South Carolina
[USA] [H] Xbox, Xbox 360, Xbox One, PS3, and PS4 games. [W] Cash locally in South Carolina

Hey friends! I've recently been having issues with chat on the xbox lately

I thought it was my headset being weird, at first, and used a different set but no one was able to hear me. Alright, well here's another controller. I can hear them just fine, and the game, but they cannot hear me,

The menu says that my network settings might be to blame, and gives an error of 0x807A1017 - I came across a few different articles with similar steps and spent a large chunk of time checking it all - NAT type open, energy saving mode, unplug for a while to discharge, verify privacy settings ...

Multiple headsets and controllers later, I'm signing in on my phone to try to talk to my friend. Finally, in a party, I hear him through the phone, but he still doesn't hear me!

Of course, there are reports of the same happening to others but I have had zero luck in finding what actually helped resolve it for these users.

I'm currently in the process of resetting my wireless router to try to make sure I cover all bases on the network side, and no settings were magically enabled for this to be a problem - any ideas on what to try next?

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t3_d4lqmx2019-09-15T15:15:30+00:00Having a tough time with party voice chat - both on the xbox one and through the xbox app
Having a tough time with party voice chat - both on the xbox one and through the xbox app

I'm looking for some help with my console problems. Long story short my two xbox one consoles have been smashed on the floor and poured over with liquid multiple times over the past year or so. Until recently I've been able to dry them out and put then back together with no major problems. However i recently got them from storage and tried to put them back together. One of them does not power on at all. The other seems to work fine now except for the fact that it powers on and off by itself. I believe that the problem is somewhere in the front board where the power ribbon attaches. When the ribbon is not plugged in I can push the spot where it would normally connect and the console will turn on. That makes no sense to me but if you know how to fix this please tell me. I am planning on taking the board from my other console and putting it on the one that turns off. That way I will hopefully have one working console atleast. If I'm missing something please help me figure this out. Thank you.

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t3_d4lphu2019-09-15T15:12:58+00:00Problems with my Xbox One Console
Problems with my Xbox One Console

This guide works on PS3 and Wii/U, but requires a separate step(s). NOTE: This only works on RB3 for PS3 and Wii/U (as far as I know), on Xbox 360, it works for all 3.

You will need: A copy of Rock Band 3, C3 Custom Tools, a flash drive or external hard drive formatted by the Xbox 360.

  1. First of all, make sure you have followed this guide to ensure you have customs working on your:
  1. Google "Chorus Clone Hero", and enter the first site (
  2. In the search bar, search for the DLC song you'd like to install. For example, I've looked for "Take On Me" (
  3. The chart you want is the one with the "Harmonix" tag on it, you may download others, but I recommend sticking with Harmonix's charts.
  4. Go to and download the latest release. At the time of writing that is 20190914. (
  5. Install Onyx like any other program. If Windows warns you against running the installer, run it anyway, it's safe.
  6. Open Onyx and you'll be greeted by this screen. (
  7. Select "Batch Process"
  8. A new window will open. This is where you'll add your songs. Add a song by pressing "Add Song".
  9. To select the song, navigate to the song folder, and select the song.ini file (
  10. Move to the "Rock Band 3 (360)" tab, and select "Create CON files". [(
  11. Install the CON as normal using RBtoUSB in C3 Custom Tools. (

Extra step: To export to RB2 repeat step 1 through 10, and then open the "Rock Band 2 (360) tab, and press "Create CON files".

Second extra step: To convert the CON file to PS3 or Wii/U, use the PS3 converter or the Wii converter in C3 Custom Tools, and install as usual (by console method).

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t3_d4lohq2019-09-15T15:10:58+00:00How to get free Rock Band 1, 2 & 3 DLC without RGH/JTAG
How to get free Rock Band 1, 2 & 3 DLC without RGH/JTAG

So i made the mistake of using the packs you get with the super deluxe edition early and now I found out one of the nades is good for farming, if I delete them then redownload them will I get them back in the mail?(Xbox)

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t3_d4loh32019-09-15T15:10:56+00:00Is there a way to get my dlc packs back?
Is there a way to get my dlc packs back?

So its a difficult question and Im sure theres not one but it doesnt hurt to ask.

What I want is some program/website/tool that can be used to design a settlement that i can later use as kind of a blueprint in the actual game. It would help if the program actually used in-game materials, etc.

Im setting up a Warhammer 40k playthrough now that I found the armor mods for xbox so im planning on turning Starlight drive-in into an enormous castle/fortress with a mighty throne worthy of a Space Marine.

Thanks in advance for any help!

PS: I am also looking for a similar tool that allows you to design a character (appearance, clothes, armor, etc) in a 3d fashion online. But this is 2nd to the main topic!

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t3_d4lo2d2019-09-15T15:10:02+00:00[FO4] (Xbox) Are there any online tools that can be used to pre-design a settlement in FO4?
[FO4] (Xbox) Are there any online tools that can be used to pre-design a settlement in FO4?

So with this phone being quite big, it's sometimes hard to find generic accessories that will fit with the screen size (cases and the like unless ordered online)

I was wondering if anyone has any experience with using a Bluetooth controller to game on their phone with, or Used the clips that fit over your controller and acts as a mount type thing.

The clips are the cheaper option, and I've linked an xbox compatible one but would need ps4, unless I bought a second hand xbone controller.

Anyone had experience with these type of accessories and this phone?

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t3_d4lktk2019-09-15T15:03:18+00:00Gamepad or clip adapter that will fit this monster of a phone?
Gamepad or clip adapter that will fit this monster of a phone?

I’ve been playing FO4 on Xbox with mods and having no problems for 22 levels. Normally, I play on GamePass, but my internet was knocked out, so I borrowed a disc. The disc loaded and the game ran perfectly, but started “stuttering” really quickly until it crashed whenever I quicksave/autosave/fast travel/change location. This occurs on any load. All loads boot up and run perfectly until one of the triggers I listed causes the game to stutter to death. My internet is back on, but this is still occurring. Did I do something to mess my game/saves up?? Would appreciate any input, thanks in advance

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t3_d4lj232019-09-15T14:59:42+00:00Fallout 4 (XBOX) switch from GamePass to disc and now my game stutters to death on save/fast travel?
Fallout 4 (XBOX) switch from GamePass to disc and now my game stutters to death on save/fast travel?

Is there any sort of way to force a camp to spawn?

I've been playing for the last 2 hours trying to get my camp to place but nothing happens. It just flashes and then tells me Cripps packed up my nonexistant camp.

I'm on an Xbox One X. I've hardest my console, I've teatared the game multiple times. I've left and rejoined servers multiple times. Nothing works.

My bad for assuming Rockstar would have fixed this glitch before or after putting something that relies solely on your camp. I guess I expected too much. Does anyone know a way to fix this shirt term? Like something to force the camp to spawn instead of just getting stuck placing and then failing to do so?

I just wanted to hunt and donate to Cripps but it's essentially broken and unplayable at this point.

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t3_d4li6r2019-09-15T14:57:46+00:00Camp Workaround?
Camp Workaround?


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