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t5_2ugo72012-07-08T12:47:48+00:00r/MechanicalKeyboards for all the Click and None of the Clack!
r/MechanicalKeyboards for all the Click and None of the Clack!

I just plugged and typed with my first ever build.

KBDFans 5 degree 60% in Cyan.

Cherry MX Black switches

NPKC gradient from a recent Massdrop run

I’m honestly still waiting for the “oh crap, forgot about that” moment but for now, aside from some spacebar (basically all the stabilizers rattle) rattle, everything works. I kind of wish I had some led’s for the shine through but whatever...

Please forgive the iPhone pic, it’s likely too warm, iso 8 million etc...

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t3_d4gdl22019-09-15T05:21:26+00:00Just built my first board
Just built my first board

I am doing a cable mod for my TH-X00's, as the stock cable had a short and needed replacing. I chose to go with the mmcx mod, as everything else required actual modifications to the headphones. So I need a cable, I got a decent IEM cable on the way, but I'm looking for a beefier solution, something more fitting to the kind of headphone they are, IEM cables are tiny and frail, but it's all I can seem to find that terminates in mmcx. Can someone point me in the right direction? Maybe a custom cable guy on ebay or something, anything that's longer and a bit less dainty than IEM cables. I just know i'll burn through IEM cables so fast, and the length is going to be an issue as well.

To be honest I would love to just mod the stock cable to be mmcx, that cable is famously beefy but the short seems to be right at the split, so salvaging that seems like a lot more work than I'm interested in doing right now. Thanks in advance,so far this mod is so easy I hesitate to even call it a mod, just gotta solder the drivers in, but don't have a fine enough tip for the not-quite micro soldering levels of precision required for this particular mmcx housing.

About the mod, highly recommended so far, if you find yourself with a short in the stock cable, and thus, a dead set of cans, try this, there's quite a bit of guides out there from those who've been gracious enough to document their work for the rest of us, but the really important bit is just knowing the right MMCX housing that will fit stock, as is. Only need to cut the center pin down a bit.

Thanks specifically to RowEchelonForm from the massdrop discussions board for his help in getting the right mmcx jacks.

MMCX jack

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t3_d4eaxt2019-09-15T01:48:08+00:00Stronger/longer MMCX cable than ones for IEMs
Stronger/longer MMCX cable than ones for IEMs

First, Timestamps

Massdrop Plus w/ Null Audio Brevity Mic cable - $210 shipped OBO - Original owner. Purchased about a year ago with around 90 hours of listening. Still in excellent condition and comes with original silicone tips, Null Audio Brevity Cable with Mic, NA case, and MD+ case. The original cable is included but needs fixing, as the 3.5mm jack snapped off. Original foam tips have seen better days, so not included.

Audeze Mobius Blue w/ Carrying Case - $250 shipped OBO - Original owner. Purchased during preorder phase, with less than 10 hours total listening time. Condition is like new and comes with all original cables, box, and boom mic. Also includes carrying case. Still has original firmware, so needs to be updated. Love the sound and feature set, but I haven't gamed on the PC in a long while.

Philips SHP9500S w/ VModa Boom Pro mic - $75 Shipped OBO - Original owner. Less than 30 hours of use on this combo, though I purchased in late 2017. Original Philips 3.5mm cable is lost, so a replacement will be included. Does not come in original box.

Syba Sonic DAC/Amp SD-DAC63057 - $25 shipped OBO - neat little entry level DAC/amp that has a decent amount of power. You're not hearing the cosmic truth of life in perfect clarity on this one, but it's excellent for gaming. Original owner, bought in 2017.

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t3_d4e3bj2019-09-15T01:27:37+00:00[WTS][US - CA - Bay Area] Massdrop Plus w/ Null Audio Brevity (Mic), Audeze Mobius Blue w/ Case, SHP9500S w/ V-Moda Boom Pro, Syba Sonic DAC-Amp [W] PayPal Shipped CON-US or Local Cash
[WTS][US - CA - Bay Area] Massdrop Plus w/ Null Audio Brevity (Mic), Audeze Mobius Blue w/ Case, SHP9500S w/ V-Moda Boom Pro, Syba Sonic DAC-Amp [W] PayPal Shipped CON-US or Local Cash


prices shipped for US48.

-KP republic carbon clone caps. Mild use though I can't tell, no shine: 40$. I have GMK carbon on another board right now and while these are different, the quality is pretty good. KPrepublic link below. SOLD

-ducky TKL (ducky one) with cherry browns (the board the caps are sitting on), no caps: 65 shipped.

-Jellykey Oasis: 50 each shipped, includes corresponding little wooden box.

-MT3 godspeed split spacebars: have 2 sets, only need 1. 25$ shipped. SOLD

-SA Dasher TKL: 100 shipped. here's the keys layed out in the same way as they are in the massdrop pic. The official! SA Dasher bag is included.

-cheap numpad: permanently attached usb cable. gateron blues. 15$ shipped. SOLD

-GMK magenta accents 35$ shipped

-a good quality cherry switch opener.
-heavy zealios, maybe

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t3_d4cu862019-09-14T23:32:58+00:00[US-MA] [H] ducky with browns, Jellykey artisans, GMK purple accent, SA Dasher TKL, cheap numpad, MT3 godspeed spacebars, Paypal [W] Paypal, cherry mx switch opener
[US-MA] [H] ducky with browns, Jellykey artisans, GMK purple accent, SA Dasher TKL, cheap numpad, MT3 godspeed spacebars, Paypal [W] Paypal, cherry mx switch opener


It's a sad day at the Rhino household, I am selling some of my most beloved Laconico's and one of my first grailes: the Anthem. Oh well... On with the show!

What up my dudes and dudettes?! I am scaling down my collection. Come get 'em while you can! Videos of each linked to the name and I'll provide more specifics as requested. Don't mind my occasional fumble with action closing, I'm challenged apparently 🙄

MD Laconico Keen $130 (bronze portals) {B} for carry, but damn near pristine. Box, shell, etc. (Drop weblink)[]

Min Pin $OLD {C} for upgraded timascus clip and some blade wear? Hard to capture on camera, so consider it very minor. Dibs u/mpzelaya14 (if he passes, I'll only break down the set like this: 170 for knife, 45 for clip - but clip must sell first). MBK weblink

Production Bean CF $OLD {B} for carry - dibs to u/sleuthycuban. Box, etc. BHQ weblink

Mini Grip 555-1 {B} for carry - to u/HermD $OLD. Box, sock, etc. BHQ weblink

Jasmine {C} for clip hardware - to u/ih8tea $PF. BHQ weblink

Angry Baby Bear $withdrawn. Priced to NOT SELL. Seriously, don't buy this one. Please. I'm not kidding! BHQ weblink

Gemini $110 {C} sharpened, plenty of snail trails, in a taco shell. Don't like the price? Don't buy it. I like this one and it won't hurt to keep it 😎 BHQ weblink

Anthem $OLD {C} Custom Anodized and sharpened to a mirror by EDC House (the blade has some minor use since then, so it is no longer a perfect mirror the entire way, but it is damn close); MXG deep carry clip installed (which is a HUUUUUGE improvement over the stock clip). Box, sock, papers, etc. BHQ weblink

Massdrop FF Buc $OLD (Mothership engraved version, I think? Two toned and sexy as hell!) {B} for occasional carry - box, papers, etc. BHQ weblink

Baklash WITHDRAWN {B} Custom lanyard and Ti bead by u/illwill318. Box, shell, etc. BHQ weblink

Not looking for trades, but a Spydiechef CQI or a TRM Atom (I like the red) would be hard to turn down.

The first YOLO GIMME comment takes it! Any PM will be considered after a main post comment. Shipping to CONUS included. International buyers will pay difference and accept liability for customs/issues. PayPal G&S, NO NOTES/Comments!

Thanks for looking!


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t3_d4cfrx2019-09-14T22:59:42+00:00Rhino's collection reduction sad/celebration!
Rhino's collection reduction sad/celebration!

My transition from console to PC has been a fun journey. Thanks a lot to all who post builds, reply with helpful recommendations, and answer questions of the newcomers!

PCPartPicker Part List

Type Item Price
CPU AMD Ryzen 7 3700X 3.6 GHz 8-Core Processor Purchased For $329.00
Motherboard Asus TUF GAMING X570-PLUS (WI-FI) ATX AM4 Motherboard Purchased For $213.00
Memory G.Skill Trident Z RGB 16 GB (2 x 8 GB) DDR4-3200 Memory Purchased For $85.29
Storage Crucial P1 1 TB M.2-2280 NVME Solid State Drive Purchased For $69.99
Storage Western Digital Caviar Blue 1 TB 3.5" 7200RPM Internal Hard Drive Purchased For $43.81
Video Card NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2070 SUPER 8 GB Video Card Purchased For $532.06
Case NZXT H500 ATX Mid Tower Case Purchased For $82.00
Power Supply EVGA SuperNOVA G3 650 W 80+ Gold Certified Fully Modular ATX Power Supply Purchased For $89.76
Case Fan Corsair LL120 RGB LED 43.25 CFM 120 mm Fan Purchased For $31.04
Case Fan Corsair LL120 RGB LED 43.25 CFM 120 mm Fan Purchased For $31.04
Monitor VIOTEK GN27D 27.0" 2560x1440 144 Hz Monitor Purchased For $296.00
Mouse Logitech G703 (Black) Wireless Optical Mouse Purchased For $58.63
Custom Massdrop ALT Purchased For $191.93
Prices include shipping, taxes, rebates, and discounts
Total $2053.55
Generated by PCPartPicker 2019-09-14 17:57 EDT-0400
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t3_d4bp0j2019-09-14T21:59:32+00:00Finished my first build thanks to help from the whole community!
Finished my first build thanks to help from the whole community!

Hey guys, today Im selling my KBD65 build. It is the chocolate aluminum case with a brass plate, DZ65RGB Hotswap PCB and massdrop holy panda switches. Included cheap white/grey caps. Keeb has been used for about a month, just want to try some other stuff. Switches and stabs are lubed, this keyboard sounds amazing in my opinion. Also foam liner on the inside. Looking for $260 shipped to lower 48 states.


Thanks for the interest guys. Sold to /u/-phooey-

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t3_d4b7n52019-09-14T21:20:09+00:00[US-NJ] [H] Chocolate Tofu 65 RGB Hotswap Holy Panda Build [W] PayPal
[US-NJ] [H] Chocolate Tofu 65 RGB Hotswap Holy Panda Build [W] PayPal



Brand: Hot Keys Project Skull Face Artisan

Price: SOLD 31 shipped (fees included). No interest in trades.

Condition: New in original packaging

Payment and shipping method: PayPal or Venmo

Will ship via USPS with tracking

Miscellaneous: Originally purchased through Massdrop. It was never used beyond trying it on my board.

According to the website "compatible with Cherry MX switches and clones"

I've purchased many keycaps throughout the subreddit but this is the first time selling however I have sold many things throughout other subreddits. Please see my post history. Thank you for your time.

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t3_d4air92019-09-14T20:25:42+00:00[US-CA] [H]Hot Keys Project Skull Face Artisan [W] Paypal or Venmo
[US-CA] [H]Hot Keys Project Skull Face Artisan [W] Paypal or Venmo

I’m trying to downsize my collection, particularly my Sennheisers. I’m located in Orange County and will do a discount If you can pick up locally. Here is each item


In great condition. I recently cleaned down everything. Drivers are completely mint and have no hair/dust. Comes with the original Massdrop cable. I will ship it in its original box. $160 shipped.

HD 580 Precision -

The pair I’m most reluctant to sell. Nearly 20 years old but still sounds incredible. This model uses the same driver as the HD 600. Hence why I’m selling it as I already have a 600. Comes with the HD 650 1/4 inch cable. The ear pads are also replacements since 20 year old pads would be quite flat. Asking $150 shipped

HD 565 Ovation [SOLD] -

This I’m selling cheap as it has volume imbalance in the right earcup. This is inevitable for this model as the contact springs wear over time. Sennheiser made the contact springs in the 580 and up modular (replaceable). However these are soldered on. I used to be able to wiggle the cable but now that workaround doesn’t work. Could be a fun project for someone. Asking $35 shipped.

HD 545 -

These still work great. I’ve had them for a while and just don’t use them anymore. Like the 565, the contact springs are soldered on. Something to keep in mind. Asking $60 shipped.

HD 600 Headband -

I bought this headband to restore an old pair of 600s. Ended up buying new ones so the headband was never put to use. It’s still in new condition. I’m missing one of the 2 plastic tabs but you should have 2 from the pair you’re swapping. Asking $30 shipped.

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t3_d49ig42019-09-14T19:07:12+00:00[WTS] [US-CA] [H] Sennheiser HD 6XX, Sennheiser HD 580 Precision, Sennheiser HD 565 Ovation, Sennheiser HD 545, Sennheiser HD 600 Marble Headband [W] PayPal, Local Cash
[WTS] [US-CA] [H] Sennheiser HD 6XX, Sennheiser HD 580 Precision, Sennheiser HD 565 Ovation, Sennheiser HD 545, Sennheiser HD 600 Marble Headband [W] PayPal, Local Cash

Happy weekend, /r/mechmarket! I'm looking for loving new homes for a couple of boards and some caps and switches that aren't getting used around here. Prices shown do not include shipping. Happy to prioritize buyers who are interested in multiple items! Please comment before sending a PM. Since I'm new to this subreddit, you can check out my eBay profile for more feedback!


  • Drop/Massdrop ALT - A lovely board in brand new condition! I've decided that I'd prefer to build my own ANSI 60%, so this board has seen only a few minutes of use. Complete with stock keycaps and Kailh Speed Silver switches. Includes original box with paperwork, USB cable, keycap puller, switch puller, and magnetic feet.
    • $150
  • Apple Extended Keyboard II w/ Cream Dampened Alps + drakware ADB2USB Adapter - Great condition with just a touch of yellowing--more subtle in person than the photo shows. I gave this board a thorough cleaning after receiving it, but the switches haven't been opened. The cable it arrived with, sadly, was damaged due to poor shipping. If you don't have your own cable, I can include one from another Apple board for an extra $5. I can also include a drakware adapter for converting ADB to USB. Tested and working perfectly!
    • $65 with cable + drakware ADB2USB
    • $60 with drakware ADB2USB (no cable)
    • $50 with cable only
    • $45 for keyboard only
    • $20 for drakware ADB2USB only
  • NP XDA Ice Cream Keycaps - Purchased from KBDfans, not realizing that it was a clone of a DSA set. Only tested once. I've decided to try the DSA profile instead (and I'd prefer the original set for these caps)!
    • $60
  • Sunset Blue Gradient Keycaps - OEM profile with top-printed legends. 123 keycaps should cover most layouts.
    • $35
  • 67x Kailh Speed Silver Switches - Pulled from another Massdrop ALT. Nice, light, speedy linears!
    • $18
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t3_d48f4h2019-09-14T17:44:59+00:00[US-FL] [H] Drop/Massdrop ALT, AEK II + drakware ADB2USB Adapter, Keycaps, Switches [W] PayPal
[US-FL] [H] Drop/Massdrop ALT, AEK II + drakware ADB2USB Adapter, Keycaps, Switches [W] PayPal

Selling my Massdrop x Mito Godspeed Kobe-set.

Barely used, no marks of wear, since I got Solar alphas as well and liking them slightly more than this.


Price: $50 + shipping

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t3_d4829n2019-09-14T17:17:49+00:00[NO] [H] MT3 Godspeed Kobe [W] PayPal, WoB Extras
[NO] [H] MT3 Godspeed Kobe [W] PayPal, WoB Extras

GMK Bento base + salmon Rama cap - SOLD

This was one of the extras from novelkeys used for about 2 weeks no gaming, and absolutely no shine still looks new. Rama cap has a broken stem from my stupidity but it still fits switches perfectly fine with no wobble. Will be shipped in ziplock bag unless buyer wants to add $12 for shipping

67 x Zealios 62g V2 lubed with tribosys 3203 - SOLD

GMK Laser 65% Kit - SOLD

Purchased form another user on here about 2 months ago brand new and never got around to ever using it. These are the ones that came with massdrop alt, so it’s that exact same layout with the extra pink enter & esc keycaps.

CONUS shipping only

submitted by /u/Caesarleo_ to r/mechmarket
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t3_d45zgh2019-09-14T14:38:15+00:00[US-FL] [H] GMK Bento + Rama Cap, 67 Zealios V2 62g Lubed, GMK Laser 65% Kit [W] PayPal
[US-FL] [H] GMK Bento + Rama Cap, 67 Zealios V2 62g Lubed, GMK Laser 65% Kit [W] PayPal


I have a Lyra II new in box, sealed. Never opened it since I got it from massdrop.

Looking to get $400 for it shipped CONUS.

submitted by /u/IoSonoFormaggio to r/AVexchange
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t3_d41jh42019-09-14T06:14:32+00:00[WTS] [CA] [H] Campfire Lyra II New In Box, Sealed [W] Paypal
[WTS] [CA] [H] Campfire Lyra II New In Box, Sealed [W] Paypal

Make and Model: [NM] Boker Kwaiken (Bubinga wood) - 25 @ $5

Price: $125 = [25 @ $5]





If NO spot quantity specified with RANDOM or WAITLIST then ONE SPOT will be assigned. Please do not edit calls, make new top comment

Call containing only an individual number is assumed requesting that specific spot number.

If called spot is already taken then a random will be assigned, unless otherwise specified.



Payment info listed in main post while raffle is live.

Pay via F&F with comments/notes section BLANK, as in DO NOT PUT ANYTHING IN THERE, HOLY FUCKING SHIT! Oh and PLEASE PAY PROMPTLY as we're all impatient degenerates.


Description: I have a Boker Kwaiken with Bubinga wood scales that I dug out of the vault. Overall, it’s in very good to excellent shape (B+ I think.) There are no obvious, readily apparent, discernable wear/blemishes/defects that I can find, aside from a tiny light mark/discoloration on the clip. Aside from that it’s still pretty much like newish. Technically not a new knife with a previous owner(s) and may have general wear that is not immediately apparent. I have not carried or used it, just flipped it n whatnot. The only previous owner I know about also did nothing but handle/flip/admire this little knaf. I think these were available through Massdrop a long while ago and then some made it into some retailer/reseller hands. There are no identifying marks or paperwork or anything referencing massdrop, so who the fuck knows and frankly who cares it’s a pretty little knaf.

The blade is in excellent condition, no blemishes/wear, no signs of use and a sharp factory edge. The centering looks to be right on. Lockup is ~60%, liner is full engaged on the tang, solid with no issues and disengages cleanly. Medium detent with snappy action like kwaikens should have, blade will glide closed with the lock disengaged. It comes with box, plastic bag and that Boker paper insert that’s in German and fucking useless and some s4mpson crap.


Payment info listed in main post while raffle is live.

Pay via Friends & Family with comments/notes section BLANK, as in DO NOT PUT ANYTHING IN THERE, FUCK!.

Send payment after I’ve confirmed your spot and added it to the OP. Follow up payment with a PM including your PP name and email in order to confirm payment. Once the raffle is full, you will have 1/2 hour to send payment (time adjustable as I see fit due to circumstances) or I will offer your spot(s) to the first person requesting them.

US shipping included. International (and Canadian.. because you’re international) winner pays the difference in shipping costs and owner is not responsible for any customs/shipping issues out of country.
Thanks muchly and good luck, bitches!



PayPal Info: [REDACTED]

Tip BoyAndHisBlob

Number of vacant slots: 0

Number of unpaid users: 0

Number of unpaid slots: 0

This slot list is created and updated by The EDC Raffle Tool by BoyAndHisBlob.

1 /u/bdogjoe PAID

2 /u/moebids PAID

3 /u/Safetyman613 PAID

4 /u/bdogjoe PAID

5 /u/Safetyman613 PAID

6 /u/spot_caller PAID

7 /u/Safetyman613 PAID

8 /u/mac796 PAID

9 /u/Bingotazer PAID

10 /u/bdogjoe PAID

11 /u/Bingotazer PAID

12 /u/mac796 PAID

13 /u/Safetyman613 PAID

14 /u/bdogjoe PAID

15 /u/moebids PAID

16 /u/bdogjoe PAID

17 /u/Player1Dad PAID

18 /u/mac796 PAID

19 /u/Poopsmith89 PAID

20 /u/mac796 PAID

21 /u/Bingotazer PAID

22 /u/Bingotazer PAID

23 /u/Bingotazer PAID

24 /u/Poopsmith89 PAID

25 /u/mac796 PAID


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t3_d40b9b2019-09-14T03:55:45+00:00[NM] Boker Kwaiken (Bubinga wood) - 25 @ $5
[NM] Boker Kwaiken (Bubinga wood) - 25 @ $5

Timestamp: (I have other stuff in the image but I don't think I'm quite yet ready to sell them)

Located in downtown, Toronto. Shipping cost will be approximately $15 USD to the US (slightly less for Canada).

(SOLD) Massdrop Alt Barebones

  • Price: $115 USD
  • There are some scratches on the top plate that are not too noticeable with caps on, and scratches where the switches sit. The photos should give you an idea of the condition.
  • A switch puller was not included when I bought the Alt, so I included an aftermarket one that I think works better anyway. The wire puller is also aftermarket.
  • Additional Photos: [1] [2] [3] [4] - These photos should show the scratches on the top plate. [5] - This photo shows the plate with the switches on. [6] - This photo shows what the board looks like with caps on.

Generic 1976 replicated PBT keycaps

  • Price: $15 USD
  • They didn't get the brown right. It looks more wine red unfortunately.

x110 KBDfans Cherry gold plated springs - 35g

  • Price: $10 USD

I'm looking for these switches (unsoldered):

  • Gateron Yellows (100)
  • NovelKeys Creams (70)

Also interested in other unsoldered switches in bundles of 70-100.

Thanks for looking!

submitted by /u/chayu to r/mechmarket
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t3_d3zxmw2019-09-14T03:17:13+00:00[CA-ON] [H] Massdrop/Drop Alt Barebones, generic 1976 PBT keycap set [W] Paypal, E-transfer (CAD), Switches
[CA-ON] [H] Massdrop/Drop Alt Barebones, generic 1976 PBT keycap set [W] Paypal, E-transfer (CAD), Switches


Massdrop(Drop) CTRL Mechanical Keyboard - BAREBONES -----$OLD

Condition: Board: lightly used.

Massdrop(Drop) Alt Mechanical Keyboard - Halo clear -----$150 shipped

The ALT comes with Halo Clears not Halo Trues. I messed up on my title. Sorry for the confusion.


Board: lightly used.

Halo Clear: unused

keycaps: unused. no key shine

USB-C cable, Keycap puller, Switch puller included

CONUS only.

Please comment before PM.

Thank you!

submitted by /u/Kinkajoou to r/mechmarket
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t3_d3zu2l2019-09-14T03:07:19+00:00[US-CA][H] Massdrop CTRL barebones and Massdrop ALT w/ Halo True [W] Paypal
[US-CA][H] Massdrop CTRL barebones and Massdrop ALT w/ Halo True [W] Paypal

Pretty much what the title says: the E-MU Teak is on Massdrop/ again and I'm curious as to whether or not they're a good deal at $350/$400. I've been wanting to upgrade from a DT990 and I think this might be a good buy, but I can't find too much info on them aside from a suspiciously glowing Zeos review and I'd like to ask if anyone has had experiences with them and what they were like.

submitted by /u/Cocoa_Addiction to r/HeadphoneAdvice
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t3_d3z9wp2019-09-14T02:12:18+00:00E-MU Teak on Massdrop
E-MU Teak on Massdrop

Hey guys up for sale are a few items that I haven't been using a ton recently.

* 87x Box Jades switches -$35 shipped
* Logitech G Pro Keyboard -$75 shipped
* Logitech G502 Proteus Spectrum -$25 shipped
* Massdrop Alt keycap set -$25 shipped

Willing to drop prices if you are interested in buying multiple items. I am looking for GMK sets but specifically Massdrop GMK WoB and a Dolch set with text + icon modifiers. Willing to add cash + items for a set. Please don't hesitate to reach out with any trades or offers!


submitted by /u/billnye29 to r/mechmarket
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t3_d3xge62019-09-13T23:29:25+00:00[US-MS] [H] Box Jades, Logitech G Pro TKL, Massdrop Alt Keycap Set, Logitech G502 [W] PayPal, GMK
[US-MS] [H] Box Jades, Logitech G Pro TKL, Massdrop Alt Keycap Set, Logitech G502 [W] PayPal, GMK


It's time for my yearly clear out of random projects I've been working on and need to clear out to make room for more random projects. Hopefully my tendency to buy too much stuff will benefit one of you guys :)

Prices do not include shipping. Prices are in USD.

Boardwalk PCB (with Mill-Max sockets) and Brass Plate - $140

This was my personal Boardwalk for a long time. Selling because I'm working on some new PCBs and need to subsidize the cost of prototypes. The Mill-Max sockets are arranged for HHKB blocker layout with a 2x2u bottom row and 6x1u center columns. The brass plate does not have switch-top cutouts to improve stability. I unfortunately had it cut with stabilizer cutouts that were too small so I had to modify the plate to make it fit stabs. It's not the cleanest modification but it is fully functional.

"Ergo61" Hot-swap Boardwalk, Custom brass plate, KPRepublic XD64 HHKB Case - $250

Oh man, yeah I feel conflicted about selling this one. This is a special "supporters" edition Boardwalk that I designed for the original supporters of the Boardwalk project. It is one of 5 Boardwalks that have Kailh Hot Swap sockets. The layout is the grid layout with 2x2u bottom row. My reason for selling this? It uses Mini USB. I have all my keyboards using those magnetic adapters so I can swap back and forth easily between boards as I'm prototyping, and this keyboard cannot use those so I don't use it right now. Unforunately, that makes it an expendable part of my collection.

It has a custom plate to fit in the KPRepublic case. It also has 3d printed inserts that support the sides of the plate/PCB and prevent the PCB from "falling" when there's no switches installed. I've also reinforced every socket with epoxy so there's no way the sockets will lift and damage the pads underneath :)

Mill-Max Corne keyboard with 3d printed case - $120 Sold to /u/cunning47

I wanted to use my left-over mill-max sockets so I hopped on the CRKBD train. I was planning on using this as a mobile typing device, and even went so far as to design a custom 3d printed case with an integrated 5mm plate (so it's a sturdy typing experience while still being lightweight) and uses the original acrylic bottom so you can see the PCB still. Unfortunately, it turns out I still can't type on 40% sized keyboards efficiently. LEDs and OLED screens have been soldered on as well.

Currently has DSA Otaku on it with Outemu v2.1 switches, which I will remove prior to shipping unless you want to bundle it all together!

DSA Otaku - $120

Katakana base, 60% mods, TKL mods, RBD 2u (4x), RBD 1.5u (12x), RBD 1u (10x), GQN 2u (4x). Supports Ergodox and Ortholinear keyboards. Would prefer to sell all together.

80x Linjar Switches - $35 sold to /u/EcnerwalNart

150x Gateron Yellow Switches - $30 sold to /u/CosmicMo

80x Outemu Sky v2.1 Switches - $50 sold to /u/CosmicMo

Teal nylon housings. 68g springs. These are the hyper-tactile v2.1 stems, I've retooled the stem holess to reduce scratchiness, as well as lubed the rails to improve smoothness. Currently installed in the Corne (not soldered).

80x Outemu Sky v2.2 switches - $50 sold to /u/EcnerwalNart

Teal nylon base, clear anti-wobble tops, 68g springs. Rails have been lubed to improve smoothness. These are my favourite non-Holy Panda tactiles.

90x MD x Invyr Holy Pandas - $110 sold to /u/cybershadowX


Freebies that can be included with an order of any of the above, or if you want to cover shipping. I just want to clear out my keyboard parts box and if I can help someone else tinker with their keyboard, perfect!

  • 60-ish Greetech Browns

* 20-ish Cherry Clears in Gateron housings with 67g springs sold to /u/theotherblewis

  • 70-ish Gateron Brown springs and sliders

  • 100x Clear Outemu Tops

* 22x Teal Outemu Nylon bottoms (tactile leaf) sold to /u/CosmicMo

* 107x Clear Outemu anti-wobble tops sold to /u/CosmicMo

  • 3x 3d printed switch openers

  • Random knock-off stabilizers and 1x authentic 6.25u costar stabilizer

* 200x Milky Gateron housings sold to /u/EcnerwalNart

* 200x Gateron Yellow springs sold to /u/EcnerwalNart

  • Random shelf liner that's approximately 60% sized.

  • Massdrop Switch holder thingies

submitted by /u/Shensmobile to r/mechmarket
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t3_d3tgu42019-09-13T18:30:21+00:00[CA-BC] [H] Boardwalk, Prototype hot swap Boardwalk, Corne Keyboard, DSA Otaku, Switches [W] PayPal
[CA-BC] [H] Boardwalk, Prototype hot swap Boardwalk, Corne Keyboard, DSA Otaku, Switches [W] PayPal


I’ve owned the Radsone EarStudio ES100 bluetooth receiver since back in July 2018, and I’m completely honest when I say that it’s changed the way that I listen to music. Being able to enjoy the benefits of Bluetooth and retain high audio quality have been great, including using it with my existing gear instead of having to buy dedicated Bluetooth iems or headphones. For instance:

I’ve praised the ES100 any time they came up, and that praise is deserved. Not only is the audio quality awesome, but the app for the device is mind-blowing in the amount of control you get over the listening experience. To top it off, Radsone has actually listened to community feedback and made it better with multiple iterations of firmware updates. I legitimately think that pretty much everyone on here should get one. It’s that good.

I recently saw that Radsone was releasing a new iem, the HE100, and my interest was piqued. Z Reviews released a high-praise review for them (shocker). I thought about buying it to check it out ($90 on Amazon), but I already have way too many headphones and iems. Then I received a message from u/radsonemily, a representative from Radsone. She noted that I had positive impressions posted on r/headphones about the ES100, and asked if they could offer me a unit in exchange for a review on Reddit. Since I was already curious, I decided to take her up on her offer.


Disclaimer – this is my first full “review” on here. I’m not a very technical reviewer nor critical listener, and I’ll link to a couple of other reviews that are more technical, or at least provide additional impressions, but I have done my best to include as thorough and honest of a review as I can. All opinions and comments are my own, and Radsone has placed no restrictions upon what I can say nor suggested what I should say.

Other Reviews:

Major Hifi -

Audio Fool -

Prime Audio Reviews -


See pics in previously-linked other reviews. The HE100 comes in an unassuming white box. Included are three sets of silicon tips (S/M/L), a shirt clip, a black carrying soft pouch, and the attached-cable iems themselves. I was surprised at how small they are. Here are pics comparing to the size of the ES100 and the Tin T2:

They feel solid and premium despite being small, and look subdued yet nice with dark navy or "midnight" blue and black coloring. They’re a “canal” type iem. There is a clearly visible white R and L on the iem bodies against the blue background which are easy to read, with additional R and L in raised black against the black of the ends of the cables. There’s an Earstudio logo on the ends of both bodies, and "Hi-Res" printed on side of each body. The listed driver specs are as follows: Single dynamic driver (no size specified), Sensitivity 103 dB/mW, Impedance 27 ohms, Frequency response 10-40,000 Hz. There is a non-removable 1.2 m cable.

Listening Experience:

First, about that cable. I don't really care about cables for sound differences, and I don’t really think they change the sound. Just looks. I have replaced "nice" braided cables that came with T2 and Massdrop plus for more utilitarian cables that had a mic/remote. It would have been nice if it were removable with an option for a shorter balanced cable, which makes the most sense if aiming to pair with the ES100, and I use this method with a short Fiio balanced cable to listen to both my Andros and FH7. The HE100 cable is microphonic when running straight down from the ears, but it gets much better when looped backwards over the ears. However, when doing that, the mic is closer to rear of my jaw than at my mouth. However, I can just quickly switch the right iem, which includes the mic/remote, from over ear to straight down if a call comes in, so that the mic is closer to the mouth. The cable has an L-shaped end with 3.5 mm plug. Its remote functioned fine - single press pause/play, double press next track, triple press last track, long hold to activate digital assistant. Mic worked fine for calls - no complaints from the other end about being able to be heard.

Source: Streaming at 328 kbps from Google Play Music with Samsung Galaxy S9+, either directly through headphone jack or Bluetooth via ES100 - Minimal audible differences when driving from one or the other. That said, I've been impressed with the S9+ after coming from an LG V20, and it works well for most iems I own except for those that are very sensitive like the Massdrop Plus or Andromeda. The ES100 offers the convenience of being able to charge your phone while listening and not being tethered to the charger. The option of ambient mode on the ES100 also means that I don't have to take them out if I need to listen to my surroundings or have a conversation. That said, they don't take much effort to insert or remove, so ambient isn't as important as if I'm using an Etymotic. Sound impressions below are similar for either source, although with the ES100 the noise background might have been slightly more “black.”

Sound Impressions after about 20-30 hours of listening over the course of around a week:

Neutral-ish and fairly balanced/cohesive, detailed, not lots of bass but not lacking - coherent - nothing really missing. Maybe not for bassheads, but it won't let you down on EDM or rap either. No issues with sibilance or piercing highs. Pretty good noise isolation with stock tips - reduce external talking and fan noise, but won't compete something like an Etymotic. That said, with music playing, no issues with external noise intrusion. Somewhat above average "soundstage", but kind of agree with Z Reviews that it's a bit "schizophrenic" - sometimes seems wider and sometimes more intimate, but for the most part better than average.

Tips: I used the medium stock tips for most listening. I then tried my general go-to spiral dots, which are my favorite for almost everything. They are wide bore tips, and opened the sound up more than stock tips at the cost of dropping the low end a bit. Due to a shorter contact area with the driver cylinders, they also fit a little loose, and they didn't seem to seal as well as the stock tips. Better isolation with stock tips. Thus, this is one of the few iems where I prefer stock tips to Spiral Dots.

Specific Track Impressions:

Rodrigo y Gabriela - Witness Tree - very quick guitar play from dual guitars. Driver kept up with the speed well, good dynamics and imaging/separation of the instruments.

Two Steps from Hell - Victory - Movie score style music combination multi-instrumental with vocals. Nothing seemed pushed forward - vocals on same "level" as instruments.

Air - Alone in Kyoto - soundstage seem pretty wide with great imaging and precise placement of instruments.

Haim - Summer Girl - Lead vocals sound intimate directly to the center of my head, with instruments and backup vocals spaced wide to the left and right, kind of three distinct regions of sound.

Patrick Sexx – Om Shanti - chanting at beginning of song moves from left to right, back and forth, revealing a good amount of width.

Comparisons to other IEMs I currently have in the same price ballpark:

Final E4000 ($150) - Single-driver dynamic. More intimate and in your head than HE100, warmer sound, vocals singing directly to your ears, narrower soundstage, HD650 analog. Similar cylinder-style design.

ER2XR ($132) – Single-driver dynamic. HE100 seems slightly less detailed with slightly less bass quantity, with bass feeling a bit less tight / more smeared than the crisper bass of the ER2XR. However, it's not a great deal less detail with the HE100. In the track Dum Dee Dum by Keys N Krates, what I'd describe as maniacal laughing starts at about 1:12 in the background behind and to the left of center, and I heard it clearly with both the HE100 and ER2XR.

Fiio FH1 ($75) - Hybrid 1 BA + 1 DD, this one is definitely more for the bassheads. The big DD brings the low end in spades, but while the quantity is big the quality is a little less so, and bleeds into the mids more than with the HE100. The FH1 struggled on Rodrigo y Gabriela's Witness Tree, sounding smeared with bass, whereas the HE100 shined. The accessory kit with this is amazing for the price as well (soft case, hard pelican style case, multiple tips, standard mmcx removable cable, and a balanced cable). A great deal for $75, but not the all-arounder in sound that the HE100 is. If you are only listening to rap and EDM, this might be a better choice.

Tin T2 (~$49) Double dynamic driver (10 mm and 6 mm) - less detailed than HE100, almost as if there is a slight haze over everything in comparison. It just doesn't sound as "sharp". Vocals seem slightly more pushed forward on T2, whereas for the HE100 everything seems "in line". Bass is also weaker on the T2. Worse isolation than HE100, and I think slightly less comfortable. Both have good build quality.

Overall, I’m really impressed with the HE100 as an inexpensive all-arounder as a first effort by Radsone. I do wish they had a better accessory pack and a removable cable (Fiio FH1 includes both for less money), but these are minor gripes, and aren’t as important as the overall sound, which is pretty great, especially for the money.

I’d recommend these for the price, in particular for the following situations: someone wanting an inexpensive all-around option, especially those without a bluetooth receiver like the ES100. Noobs wanting 1-and-done without paying a lot. Buy this and never come back to r/headphones. Backup pair for bag or commuting (might replace my T2 in my bag). People wanting to support Radsone - they listen to the community and make improvements to the ES100. Something tells me that they’re going to listen to feedback here to make their next device even better, assuming this one does well enough. I’m very excited to see what else they will do in the future.

submitted by /u/Grimlock248 to r/headphones
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t3_d3tc6a2019-09-13T18:20:51+00:00Radsone EarStudio HE100 IEM Review - Inexpensive All-Arounder
Radsone EarStudio HE100 IEM Review - Inexpensive All-Arounder

Selling Includes:

Massdrop x MiTo Laser ALT Keyboard - Laser Pink



Keyboard Details:

  • Dusk colorway.
  • Comes with all original packaging: feet, switch puller, keycap puller, special artisan, USB cable.
  • Board is as is originally purchased, No Switches or caps included.
  • Used a couple of times.
  • Serial #086.
  • Default layout.
  • Need to fund next board.



ProjectKey - 3 Eyes Ghost (Phantom Purple-Cherry MX)

$75 US


submitted by /u/Tadakatsukami to r/mechmarket
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t3_d3pf7b2019-09-13T13:40:44+00:00[AU] [H] MiTo Laser ALT Keyboard / PROJECTKEY 3 Eyed Ghost - AU [W] Paypal
[AU] [H] MiTo Laser ALT Keyboard / PROJECTKEY 3 Eyed Ghost - AU [W] Paypal

For sale today I've got two pieces of gear:

LCD-2F: Walnut wood, late 2015 model with fazors. Headphones are in overall good/very good condition, but there are a few small marks on the wood, which I've included photos of in the album. No cracks. Pads have been upgraded to Dekoni Elite Velour, Lohb comfort strap is installed. 1/4" and XLR Audeze cables are both included, along with the carrying case, and certificate of authenticity.

Massdrop THX 789: Got it in this week. After a day listening, it's clearly excellent, but a bit redundant given my Oppo HA-1. I wanted to hear what the hype was about, but I get it now, and don't really need two SS amps. Perfect condition, all original packaging included. This is the last shipment without the Drop logo on the front.

Bundle THX 789 and LCD-2F for $1000

Vali 2: Great condition, one tiny mark on top surface. Serviced by Schiit a few months ago and functioning perfectly.

Tubes included: Amperex 6CG7, USA Globe Tung Sol USA 6CG7, Sylvania USA 6CG7 triple grey plate, silver shield Voshkod 6N1P-EV, Voshkod 6N23P-EV, Phillips PCC88, JJ E88CC, Voshkod 6N3P $210 for the Vali 2 and all tubes (over $120 in tubes)

I'l happily do bundle pricing if you want more than one thing.

Let me know if you have any questions!

submitted by /u/fruitofconfusion to r/AVexchange
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t3_d3o64z2019-09-13T11:58:22+00:00[USA-PA] [H] LCD-2F and Massdrop THX 789 Bundle, Vali 2 with lot of tubes [W] PayPal, Local Cash
[USA-PA] [H] LCD-2F and Massdrop THX 789 Bundle, Vali 2 with lot of tubes [W] PayPal, Local Cash


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