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(finds) the shit I won't buy but maybe someone else will! jackets/sweaters heavy bc I'm COLD

Cheap assorted small bags!

The mega purge continues. Cleaning out my closet before I go on vacation for awhile for my bday (yaaaay). Rest assured all funds raised are going toward a bomb ass cake 😛

I am mod approved for Paypal Friends and Family. Payment is due within 60 minutes or I move on to the next buyer. I can ship out the next business day. First class shipping is included in all these prices. If you want Priority shipping then please be prepared to pay between $7-$15 extra – send me your zip code if you need an estimate.

Tagged family photo here. (Nike bag in photo is sold -- the other two are still available.)


**Susan Alexandra Ma Cherie Cherry-Appliqué Beaded Tote

Pics here
Auth link here

WTC link here

Original price I paid including shipping and Basetao fees: approx $35
Selling for $30 $26 shipped.

This is brand new. I added this to my last haul without realizing it was a rep! After receiving the bag and seeing how nicely it was made I Googled and saw it was a rep of a Susan Alexandra bag. I have never seen the authentic one in person so I don't know how accurate it is, but based on photos it looks pretty good. It is very well made and the beading is tight. Mine doesn't have any label or branding on it.

  • / - / - / -

Authentic Staud Grace patent leather bag

Pics here
Auth link here

Original price I paid (I purchased this a sample sale): $75
Selling for $65 $55 shipped.

This bag is adorable but I never ended up using it. I got it for very cheap at a sample sale (it retails for $275) because it has some light staining on the outside of the patent leather. If you look at the photos and video I've included you can see this. I meant to fix it (or just leave it as-is – IMHO it's not that noticeable) but never got around to it. Includes dust bag.

All sales are final.

Please ask questions, I'm happy to answer and provide more photos if necessary :)

Serious buyers only please, and all sales final.

My previous BST feedback is here and here.

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t3_d36thz2019-09-12T11:58:25+00:00[FS][US]Mini bags! Authentic Staud and rep Susan Alexandra beaded cherries 🍒 – Price drop!
[FS][US]Mini bags! Authentic Staud and rep Susan Alexandra beaded cherries 🍒 – Price drop!

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I mean the fact that I need an "intro" section at all is kinda sad, but I feel this haul needs some prefacing.

The Thicc Baby Boi

Took a couple hard Ls recently and my brother wanted a pair of sunglasses from Aooko so I took the opportunity to buy myself a LOT of stuff because splitting shipping, right? Except that I shipped his sunglasses separately and then my stuff afterwards because I kept adding stuff to my haul. Oops. I really could have kept going but had to cut myself off. Will likely be doing another haul soon based off of how all this stuff fits because ~f@t $iSt3r~

I kept a spreadsheet of all of my purchases to calculate the final item price when taking shipping into account. I wanted to figure out if TB hauls with heavy items (like sweaters) were actually cheaper than buying the equivalent quality stuff in North America. Spreadsheet in Google docs is here, if anyone else wants to use! To calculate shipping per item, I took the percentage of the total weight that the item took up and calculated this percentage of the total shipping cost. Not 100% accurate or scientific but whatever, as if that has ever stopped me before!


  • EMS shipping via Superbuy = ¥710 (~ $131.96 CAD)
    • Deposit = 752¥ for an estimated package size of 7396 grams
    • Actual cost = 710¥ for a package size of 6510 grams
  • Total cost = $353.14 CAD
  • Submitted for shipping August 25, shipped August 25, refreshed 17track, refreshed 17track, refreshed 17track, arrived August 28!
    • Sidenote here: y'all, some of these items took FOREVER to get to the Superbuy warehouse. 👏 FOREVER 👏. I have only 0.21 patience and it was TESTED.
  • Seller/agent service and communication - 10/10. No issues here, Superbuy is very user friendly and I must commend their horrible photography skills. It's like when someone is so bad at something that you almost think "wow, they must actually be trying to be bad because how can someone be so terrible at something" . My conspiracy theory is they strive to take bad photos so you'll pay for the extra ones. Hmmm... @shanedawson


  • Height: 5'7.5/175 cm, chest: 96 cm/38 inches, waist: 83 cm/34 inches, hips: 114 cm/45 inches
  • 174 lbs on a good day, like 180 on a bad
  • Exactly between a North American medium and large so clothes never fit nicely (buying clothes from Chinese sized stores that I can't return? Genius idea on my part and definitely can not go wrong in any way)
  • Does a lot of hip thrusts in the gym for the booty, but unfortunately carries all weight in stomach. Broad shouldered because I was a swimmer.
  • 1 cat
  • Currently have 130 hangers in my closet, 90% of which are full
  • Star sign - Cancer
  • Level 228 on Angry Birds 2
  • My style is like ~homeless~ office lady who hides in her cubicle but also likes to look somewhat okay for when she ventures outside and also WILL NOT WEAR JEANS. My middle name is "neutral colours" and I don't like patterns/frills/embellishments. I like to think I'm edgy but I'm really not. Absolutely cannot tolerate anything scratchy- obsessive about the feel of material. In my feelings.
  • Dabs at least once a day (ironically, of course)


1. Black Acne Canada scarf - 168¥ (~ $45.14 CAD with shipping)

This was where this massive haul started. I was sitting, dreaming of fall, like any self-respecting white (ish) girl and decided I needed a quatrillion scarves. I have a few of the diamond mosaic blanket scarves from Aritzia and I actually don't mind paying the price because they will last you forever and are incredibly warm (I use them as a blanket in my office). I had a black one and stupidly thought it would be okay to wash it in cold water and LET ME TELL YOU IT WAS NOT OKAY. So I needed a black scarf replacement and wanted something a bit different but also simple.

Auth | W2C | PSP | Pics | Mod shots

  • Accuracy - 9/10 - I can't comment on the material, but the branding/tags are accurate!
  • Quality - 8/10 - So very interestingly, this is way scratchier than the two way cheaper Acne dupes below. I don't know what the authentic feels like, but this material is definitely more substantial than the two scarves below (should be, considering it was more than double the weight!). The tassels don't feel flimsy. All of the tag stitching is neat. Pin has a good weight to it! Obviously, colour is accurate because black.
  • Satisfaction - 8/10 - I know I will use this a ton. I needed to replace an old, very similar H&M scarf, and this will do the job. I do wish it had a bit more volume (I guess this means I would prefer it wider?) so that it's super oversized. Hopefully will help keep me warm! I also wish it was longer.
  • Cop or drop? Like... As much as I like this scarf it's just not long enough for me. I could've found something unbranded for way cheaper that works better for me. I'd say if you're shorter than me and you want the Acne branding then go for it. Otherwise, drop!


2. Light grey unbranded Acne Canada scarf dupe - 39¥ (~ $12.71 CAD with shipping)

Bought the more expensive one above, and then wanted to try this cheaper one out to see if the more expensive price was justified.

Auth | W2C | PSP | Pics | Mod shots

  • Accuracy - n/a
  • Quality - 7/10 - The material of these scarves feel great. I just wish they were wider to give them more... volume? Like when I wrap it around my neck, I wish that it was bigger. Kind of like this. But I feel like it kinda looks like a little skinny snake around my neck. The tassels feel a bit thin. I don't like that the sewing of the tag shows through on the other side of the scarf.
  • Satisfaction - 5/10 - I mean, for less than $15, what was I expecting? I definitely get thrown off when I see rave reviews of a product, which sets my expectations high I suppose. I don't think I will wear it. It's so thin... and I know will provide me with 0 warmth.
  • Cop or drop? If the thin-ness and unbranded-ness don't matter to you, then I would go for it! If you are looking for a huge, warm, oversize scarf, I would pass.


3. Dark grey unbranded Acne Canada scarf dupe - 39¥ (~ $12.92 CAD with shipping)

Bought the cheap one above and then saw this one from another rep lady's review- it's the from the same shop as the light grey, but a different link. I just wanted to see if they were the same and used this as an excuse to buy another, sue me.

Auth | W2C | PSP | Pics | Mod shots

  • Accuracy - n/a
  • Quality - 7/10 - This did end up being exactly the same as the scarf above, so the quality assessment is the same.
  • Satisfaction - 6.5/10 - Same as above! Did I need 2 (50) different shades of grey? No. But I will probably still wear both.
  • Cop or drop? Same as above!


4. Black velvet skirt - 35¥ (~ $15.15 CAD with shipping)

Saw this on a rep lady's ootd and thought it was cute! I like the Terre skirt(I guess it's called the Twirl skirt now?) from Wilfred/Aritzia and this is same-same but different. Not quite my style and sometimes people at work and my sisters make fun of me when I wear "trendy" things, not limited to, but including velvet, leopard print, actually all animal print, plaid, you get the picture.

Size XL

No auth | W2C| PSP | Pics | Mod shots

  • Accuracy - n/a
  • Quality - 9/10 - This skirt is nice! The velvet feels good and the waist band is substantial. Nicer than something from F21, but less nice than something from, like, Aritzia.
  • Satisfaction - 8/10 - I really like the look, but I'm not confident in wearing this skirt. It's a bit fancy for my office and velvet is kinda trendy for me. But I will break out of my shell and werk it!
  • Cop or drop? I'd cop! It's cheap and easy to style and flattering!


5. Cat head patches - 1.26¥each (~ $0.41 CAD with shipping for all 3)

Again, saw this on another rep lady's TB post and this one looks EXACTLY like my cat so of course I had to have 3 because they're so cheap - 0 clue what I'm going to do with these... maybe glue one to a magnet and put it on my fridge IDK lol

No auth | W2C | PSP | Pics | Cat mod shots

  • Accuracy - n/a (though 11/10 accuracy to my cat)
  • Quality - 10/10 - I mean, I don't really have high standards for the quality of these, especially considering I don't even know what I'm going to use them for! All stitching is neat, no loose threads.
  • Satisfaction - 10/10 - How could I not be satisfied, these were 41 cents...
  • Cop or drop? COP. Because they're adorable and less than $1. Good haul padders.


6. Beige "cashmere" hoodie - 38.8¥ on sale (~ $16.08 CAD with shipping)

A rep lady staple! I already have this in the camel colour. Definitely not cashmere, but pretty soft. When I got my first one of this sweater, I was a bit disappointed cause I wasn't that impressed considering the rave reviews. But, here I am, purchasing 2 more so CLEARLY I was not deterred...

Size 2XL

No auth | W2C | PSP | I don't have pics of this because I already gave it to my mom

  • Accuracy - n/a
  • Quality - 9/10 - Like I mentioned above, my only disappointment with these is that in my opinion, they don't quite live up to the RepLadies hype. Yes, it's soft but can it pass for a $100+ piece? No, I don't think so. The sleeves are slightly short on me, which is a bit annoying.
  • Satisfaction - 7/10 - Oy vey. This colour is TERRIBLE on my skin tone. Fun story, I always thought I was warm toned because half-Asian, so yellow, right? NOPE. One day had a light bulb moment- no wonder I can only wear silver jewellery!! Probably won't keep this (edit: I gave it to my mom).
  • Cop or drop? COP, though you probably only need 1 or 2, not 3, lol.


7. Black "cashmere" hoodie - 38.8¥ on sale (~ $16.72 CAD with shipping)

Same as above but aNgStY because black. Matches my soul and heart pretty well.

Size 2XL

No auth | W2C | PSP | Pics | Mod shots

  • Accuracy - n/a
  • Quality - 9/10 - same as above!
  • Satisfaction - 10/10 - I know I will get a lot of use out of this because a) I love black and b) it's comfy.
  • Cop or drop? COP. If I could go back in time, I'd get the camel, black and maybe grey.


8. White (Aritzia) Babaton Clarke bodysuit - 78¥ (~ $20.38 CAD with shipping)

As a Canadian gal, Aritzia is my day 1 hoe. But, quality has changed since the company went public... Definitely not worth the prices anymore. I miss the old days *sighs in baby boomer tone* (jk I'm 25). I have a black body suit from Aritizia that I don't love the fit of, so I thought I'd try this one in white and if I like, also purchase in black to replace the one I have.

Size L

Auth | W2C | PSP | Pics | Mod shots

  • Accuracy - 10/10 - This is grey market so how you could get more accurate than the actual product is a thinker for sure.
  • Quality - 10/10 - As I've said, I love Aritzia, but I can't justify spending $50+ on a body suit (though I will not lie, I have before... so I guess this statement is invalid, actually). The quality on this body suit compared to others is nicer in my opinion (it's soooooft). I have the Wilfred Free Leila bodysuit and the TNA Dalal bodysuit (not available anymore) and this is my favourite of the 3. This is also double lined which is nice.
  • Satisfaction - 10/10 - In a dream world, this would be slightly longer, but all bodysuits tend to not be long enough for my torso. But, for $20 compared to $48+tax, I am more than satisfied.
  • Cop or drop? COOOOOOOOOOOOOOP. I'm going to be buying this in black and camel too. Such good basics.


9. Henri Bendel silver pendant necklace - 65¥ (~ $12.56 CAD with shipping)

Had a similar necklace to this from my ex. Got dumped. Can no longer look at necklace without crying. Needed replacement. Send condolences please, am sad girl. This haul was retail therapy...

Maybe auth? | W2C | PSP | Pics | Mod shots

  • Accuracy - ?/10 - I'm not sure what to rate this for accuracy. It could be grey market/unsold Henri Bendel stock, but I'm unsure because the brand no longer exists. And, it seems similar to the auth that I linked but again, not sure if this is the correct piece!
  • Quality - 8/10 - The necklace is nice and heavy and the chain feels nice.
  • Satisfaction - 6/10 - Kinda disappointed in this one because the pendant is SO large that it looks pretty gaudy to me. Not sure if I'll wear it... I'd rather have purchased one of the other 94219 necklaces in my cart.
  • Cop or drop? Ehhh, probs drop. There are nicer necklaces out there for the equivalent price.


10. Beige ("The khaki is a little lighter") three-quarter sleeve shirt - 39.9¥ (~ $11.77 CAD with shipping)

I think I saw this on someone else's TB find's list. Looked good on the model so good advertising on their part? PSPs made me nervous because the proportions all looked weird.

No auth | W2C | PSP | Pics | Mod shots

Size XL

  • Accuracy - n/a
  • Quality - 4/10 - The material actually felt better than I expected, not that Forever 21 polyblend stuff. But, the cut and fit are just terrible. Colour is nice!
  • Satisfaction - 0/10 - Yuck, not for me. I was skeptical on seeing the PSPs and should have gone with my gut that this would not work for me. The v-neck is too high, sleeves too short and just doesn't sit nicely. Definitely will be donating this one.
  • Cop or drop? FREAKING DROP. Please don't buy this people, even if you look exactly like the model in the pics. I can guarantee it will not look good on you (no offense).


11. Alphabet stamps - 12.83¥ (~ $5.01 CAD with shipping)

Because cheap and I like to make cards and bullet journal.

No auth | W2C | PSP | Pics

  • Accuracy - n/a
  • Quality - Well the box is cute! Stamps kind of stick together when trying to take them out of the box. Stamp part with the letter could be raised more so that when you stamp, the edge of the stamp doesn't also stamp.
  • Satisfaction - They're fine for what they are, they'll do the job, and I'll use them. Did I need to spend $5 on them? Nope.
  • Cop or drop? Cop if you don't have access to alphabet stamps like this for $5, drop if you do.


12. Navy "silk" pajamas - 49.9¥ (~ $15.57 CAD with shipping)

When I first saw pajamas on TB I thought they were a good item to buy cause even at Walmart (here in Canada anyway), a pajama set like this still goes for over $15.

Size XXL

No auth | W2C | PSP | Pics | Mod shots

  • Accuracy - n/a
  • Quality - 7/10 - I had pretty low expectations for these! I have a pair from Walmart that are kind of satiny but kind of that gross feeling polyester satin. These feel more silky than those. Unfortunately, the bottoms are too small. They feel like the same shape of fabric was used for both the back and the front so the back is too low and tight and the front is awko taco.
  • Satisfaction - 4/10 - I like the shirt, but these were definitely not worth $15. They shrunk a ton after washing them and the pants are already in my Donate Pile®
  • Cop or drop? Drop these, not worth the cost. Definitely possible to find equivalent items in North America.


13. White CDG x Good Design Shop hoodie - 198¥ (~ $47.21 CAD with shipping)

Found this on r/fashionreps and I am going to live out my streetwear/hypebeast dreams... just kidding. I thought this would be good for fall with sneakers, oversize denim jacket or leather jacket and leggings.

Size M

Auth | W2C | PSP | Pics | Mod shots

  • Accuracy - 10/10 - I mean the design is spot on. Can't comment on the hoodie material or cut, but I found it on r/fashionreps where they are obsessed with accuracy so...??
  • Quality - 8/10 - THE FUFU WAS STRONG WITH THIS ONE. It almost smelled like stale cigarette smoke? The hoodie material is way thinner than I was expecting. I thought this would be like those thick sweatshirts from Gildan, but this is a thin boi. Not a bad thing, just unexpected. I've washed it a few times, and no issues with the print cracking.
  • Satisfaction - 10/10 - I actually like that it's thinner! It will fit nicely under a fall jacket and fits me nicely! I also feel cool wearing this because look at me, I'm young and hip! I'm not a regular mom, I'm a cool mom! (I'm not a mom at all).
  • Cop or drop? Tough one here. Did I need this hoodie? Nope. Will I get a ton of wear out of it? Yes. Did I need to spend $50 on a hoodie I didn't really need? Probs not. BUT, if I could go back in time to before this haul knowing what I know about the things I got, I'd probably still buy this again. Sooooo COP. Edit: I actually really like this hoodie and would cop again.


14. Creamy white knit turtleneck - 108¥ (~ $33.24 CAD with shipping)

I have a turtleneck ADDICTION and it's SEVERE. My office is casual enough that in the winter I can wear leggings with tall boots and an oversize turtleneck AKA COZY GANG. It's such an easy and comfortable outfit that I need over 9000 turtlenecks in every shape, colour, material, etc.

Size 2XL

No auth | W2C | PSP | Pics | Mod shots

  • Accuracy - n/a
  • Quality - 8/10 - The material isn't as scratchy as I was expecting! I really like the longer back hem and shorter front, which I feel like is often found in higher quality items. The front of the neck part folds a bit weird. Sleeves are a bit bell-shaped, which I like.
  • Satisfaction - 8/10 - It's not amazing and cut absolutely perfectly, but it's passable. I probably could have got something similar at H&M, but their knits actually tend to be $35 and up (in Canada at least). I know I will get a least a few wears out of this and it's not unbearably scratchy. Not as cozy as in the pictures for sure though.
  • Cop or drop? Undecided... If you live in a place with easy access to fast fashion knits, then probably drop. But the lines of this sweater are nice!


15. Black Anti Social Social Club baseball cap - 19.5¥ (~ $5.57 CAD with shipping)

I like to wear baseball caps to the gym on the weekend to hide my dirty hair. I wanna be cool, but I don't think it's believable that I'd wear, like, a Balenciaga Sinners baseball cap to the gym. So this is my attempt to be hypebeast but like also it's low-key cause logo on the side? I know this is somewhat of a meme brand so maybe I am asking to be made fun of? I mean this was also under $5 so yeah.

Auth | Other auth photos showing inside tag/back buckle | W2C | PSP | Pics | Mod shots

  • Accuracy - 9.5/10 - Only difference in the logo placement I can see is that on the auth, "club" seems to be parallel to the bottom, whereas it's on an angle on mine. Inside tag matches, buckle thingies match.
  • Quality - 7/10 - I mean, it's a black hat. I'm deducting points for the hole in the logo writing, which I will be trying to fix with white out lulz. (Okay, edit here- I fixed with white out and it turned out fine, probs wouldn't pass an r/fashionreps QC but NO ONE IS QC-ING YOUR HAT IN REAL LIFE PEOPLE).
  • Satisfaction - 10/10 - I will definitely wear this to the gym. It was cheap and it makes me feel cool. I will note that the bill of this hat is very long so if you have a small head, I think this will be oversized. Good for boiz tho!
  • Cop or drop? Cop as a haul padder for sure!


16. White-ish acrylic/acetate/resin/lucite/? earrings - 22.8¥ (~ $5.58 CAD with shipping)

I decided I need my aesthetic to be like cool 70s gal. Is this right? Is this 70s? Also don't know what material these are like is acrylic the right word even?

No auth | W2C | PSP | Pics | Mod shots

  • Accuracy - n/a
  • Quality - 7/10 - Ummm, they're okay. Not too heavy which is actually nice considering how large they are. Forever 21 quality though for sure. They came with extra backings and an alcohol wipe which were nice bonuses. The post hasn't bent at all (which I've had problems with with other TB earrings).
  • Satisfaction - 5/10 - I was really excited for these and was disappointed. They're a bit too big/thick. I wanted something more along the lines of this or this. Not sure if I'll wear these.
  • Cop or drop? Probably drop. Quality is okay, but look is overall meh to me.


17. Anthropologie hair clips - 29.9¥ + 8¥ domestic shipping (~ $8.24 CAD with shipping)

Fits in with above described aesthetic plus I like to clip my hair back on either side because I don't have layers because I think my hair looks thicker (thiccer lol) and more healthy when it's cut straight but then it looks blocky in the front *takes deep breath from run on sentence* so I like to clip it on either side to create like faux layers and anyway I liked these even though they're not actually that cheap *inhales again*.

Auth | W2C | PSP | Pics | Mod shots

  • Accuracy - 10/10 - These are grey market so 100% accurate.
  • Quality - 10/10 - These are well made and nice, sturdy clips! Definitely nicer than drugstore or dollar store quality.
  • Satisfaction - 9/10 - Don't quite sit in my hair the way that I envisioned, but I will make them work.
  • Cop or drop? Well, let me put it this way. If I had walked into an Anthropologie and these had been there for $8, I probably wouldn't have bought them. But, they're good as a haul padder? So overall, probably cop.


18. Silver pendant necklace - 38¥ (~ $9.17 CAD with shipping)

Kinda similar to the Henri Bendel one above but I wasn't sure which I'd like better and thought I'd get a backup cause its light and I'm shipping stuff anyway.

No auth | W2C | PSP | Pics | Mod shots

  • Accuracy - n/a
  • Quality - 9.5/10 - This necklace is good for less than $10! It doesn't have that Forever 21 costume jewellery feel. Feels similar to one I have from Nordstrom (that I can no longer wear, see Henri Bendel necklace for info on this lol). Says S925, so hypothetically silver plated- we will see how it wears!
  • Satisfaction - 9/10 - I only rate this a 9/10 because I don't LOVE the chain. It's one of those chains that looks kind of silvery/sparkly when it moves because the links are small, which is just not my favourite type of chain.
  • Cop or drop? Cop! I have worn it a few times, it's really good as an everyday daily necklace. Pretty casual, hits at a nice length for me. A light item to ship, so a good haul padder.


19. Beige v-neck sweater - 49¥ (~ $x CAD with shipping)

Basic! As in staple not as in basic bitch.

Size XL

No auth | W2C | PSP | Pics | Mod shots

  • Accuracy - n/a
  • Quality -
  • Satisfaction -

Ended up returning this because it showed up to the Superbuy warehouse with a rip in the front!


20. White mock neck sweater - 28.8¥ (~ $12.27 CAD with shipping)

A cheap basic! I was picturing this with joggers, ankle boots, black leather jacket and big scarf!

Size XL

No auth | W2C | PSP | Pics | Mod shots

  • Accuracy - n/a
  • Quality - 9/10 - Could be softer. No hanging threads. The cut is pretty nice, but I like when the arm sleeves are stitched on an angle. Like the sleeve is attached at a diagonal? I don't know how to describe this lmao. Like the seam goes from your armpit on a diagonal towards your collarbone? I just think its more flattering. What was I talking about again?
  • Satisfaction - 9.5/10 - Such an easy staple to wear in a bajillion ways. My only complaint is that it could be slightly softer and the sleeve cut like I poorly described above.
  • Cop or drop? I'd cop this! It's good quality for the price.


21. Reddish brown cardigan - 29.9¥ (~ $16.17 CAD with shipping)

Always need more cardigans that a) I can wear into the office to cover up tank tops with spaghetti straps and b) are long enough to cover my bum so I can wear leggings to the office for maximum comfort. I have so many, but I've been loving the rust colour these days.

One size

No auth | W2C | PSP | Pics | Mod shots

  • Accuracy - n/a
  • Quality - 8.5/10 - This one was a bit of a surprise because I expected it to be oh-so-scratchy... But it wasn't too bad! You can tell it's not an super expensive knit by the feel, but I think its nicer than H&M quality. Maybe on par with Zara.
  • Satisfaction - 6/10 - I love the colour, but don't love the fit. It's just slightly too boxy and in my opinion not the most flattering. I think this would work well for someone with a slimmer build than me! It's not long enough to cover my bum and every time I've reached for it, I've ended up wearing something else because this is just not flattering on me.
  • Cop or drop? I think drop. You could definitely find something equivalent at like Marshalls/Winners/TJ Maxx/Target/etc.


22. White cardigan - 89¥ (~ $31.29 CAD with shipping)

I was hoping this might be large/long enough to wear buttoned up with tights as like a sweater dress? I clearly did not pay attention to the fact that the cleavage/front part is DEF too low cut for this idea...

One size

No auth | W2C | PSP | Pics | Mod shots

  • Accuracy - n/a
  • Quality - 7/10 - It's okay. The material feels pretty nice and the cardigan is definitely thick and warm. But, the fit is not good for me at allllll. So boxy and unflattering. The holes where the buttons would button up aren't finished and I pulled a few threads trying to button/unbutton it. The buttons don't really fit into the holes so you either gotta leave it buttoned or unbuttoned.
  • Satisfaction - 4/10 - Bleh, this does not fit me nicely. It was heavy (expensive) to ship and isn't the nicest quality. Will probably end up donating this.
  • Cop or drop? Drop for sure, especially considering how heavy it is (for shipping cost).


So this haul ended up being a lot more money than I intended to spend ($353.14 CAD). It's so hard to exercise restraint when everything seems so cheap pre-shipping. Part of the reason I accumulated so much stuff was that it all seemed like great deals. But, after factoring in shipping, some things ended up at least the equivalent price that I would have paid in North America. Or rather, I ended up with a lot of items that I would not have purchased at a store if that had been the upfront price. Like the white cardigan with blue trim- would not have bought this if I knew it would have ended up at over $30 CAD. I'm pretty disappointed with most things and would've preferred a few nice things from Aritzia (can you tell I like Aritzia?).

Lessons learned:

  • Grey market is usually a better bet than random stuff! This seems obvious but...
  • A good way to decide if you ACTUALLY need something, rather than getting caught up in things seeming cheap, is to imagine whether or not you'd purchase it at the price (including shipping!) if you walked into an actual store. A lot of these things I would not have purchased at all in a store. I really got caught up in the "omg it's so cheap!" mindset.
  • KEEP A SPREADSHEET WITH ESTIMATED WEIGHTS! This way, you can approximately calculate the final price and purchase based on that. As an economist, it's best to purchase with perfect information 🤓.
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t3_d2s03h2019-09-11T15:34:28+00:00🔥 FAT 67905.6 KG TAOBAO HAUL FOR FALL INCLUDING MUST COPS BIGGEST LIST EVER ABSOLUTELY LIT 1:1 FINDS THANKS REPFAM 🔥 (ft. lots of modshots!!)

Hi again! Clearing out some stuff that I just don't use or love. I ship within US via USPS or Canada with additional shipping cost. All sales are FINAL. No exchanges so please look at item photos for details. All prices INCLUDE shipping and Paypal fees G&S.

Photo of all items with name:

  1. Christian Dior Black Patent J'dior Slingbacks Kitten Heels 85mm Size 37 SOLD
  2. Zara Baby Blue with White Flowers Crop Top Size M
  3. Unbranded Zimmerman Corsage Plisse Orchid Mini Dress Size M
  4. Celine Nano Belt Bag in Burgundy Grained Calfskin SOLD

SOLD Christian Dior Black Patent J'dior Slingbacks Kitten Heels 85mm Size 37 SOLD

Source: Dead TB link

Selling price: $65 55 shipped

Original purchase price: 290 CNY + 75 CNY (part of) shipping

Included: Dust bag and heel tips

Flaws: Never worn or used. I took off the shoe protector cover on the bottom.

Quality Assessment: The shoes are well made. Clean lines and sturdy feeling. I also believe these are leather soles but am unsure. This shoes are solid mid-tier reps.


Authentic (in white):

Zara Baby Blue with White Flowers Crop Top Size M

Source: Dead TB link

Selling price: $15 10 shipped

Original purchase price: 50CNY + part of shipping haul

Included: tags

Flaws: None, never worn.

Quality Assessment: I do not think this is grey market because the price tag attached seems a little cheap. However, the top itself is of solid construction. It just fits a little too loose on me and I wished I had gotten it in a size small.

Size reference: M Shoulder Width 34 Sleeve Length 32 Length 47 Bust 88


Authentic: Can not find exact authentic

Unbranded Zimmerman Corsage Plisse Orchid Mini Dress Size M

Source: TB link

Selling price: $45 35 shipped

Original purchase price: 116.2CNY + part of shipping haul

Included: tags

Flaws: None, never worn.

Quality Assessment: Unbranded and not silk. However, made of a soft cotton-like fabric and no loose strands. Well-constructed and beautiful print like authentic. A good mid-tier rep of the infamous Zimmerman dress.

Size reference: M: Bust 85 Waist 70 Skirt Length 84



SOLD Celine Nano Belt Bag in Burgundy Grained Calfskin SOLD

Source: TS Redden

Selling price: $95 shipped

Original purchase price: 450 CNY + part of 450CNY shipping haul

Included: dust bag

Flaws: Worn a few times but no signs of wear seen. Used to be pretty stiff but more malleable now

Quality Assessment: Very nice, sturdy mid-tier quality bag with the old Celine logo. The inside suede is also very nice and like new. There is some wrinkling on the big flap but normal with use.


Authentic (in black):

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t3_d0k1pn2019-09-06T17:51:49+00:00[FS][US] Dior, Zara, Unbranded and Celine
[FS][US] Dior, Zara, Unbranded and Celine

Hello everyone!

I am listing some more items from my closet up for sale! I recently moved into a new home and I love it but my closet is SO SMALL. So it's really forcing me to pick my favorite items. With that being said, I am selling my Chanel Espadrilles from Fisherman, Louis Vuitton Coin Wallet, and Authentic Tory Burch "Bombe T" Crossbody bag. Please feel free to make reasonable offers, no lowballing.

Louis Vuitton Zippy Coin Purse/ Card Wallet SOLD

  • The selling price including shipping: NOW $35 including shipping was: $38 + $5 USPS Priority Mail Shipping or best offer :)
  • The original purchase price: $50 + shipping.
  • Seller: Originally purchased preowned on BST from another replady. I believe this is from Old Cobbler.
  • Where you ship to and what method (e.g. USPS, UPS, FedEx, etc.) USPS Priority Mail with tracking, shipped next business day!
  • What is included (e.g. dust bag, full packaging, care cards, etc.) Just the wallet.
  • **Any flaws? "*\* None that I know of, but I am not an expert QC'er. Please see all pictures!
  • Quality assessment. Be honest! Wallet is in great condition. Taken care of and always stored in a safe place. Has a lot of room in it despite being so small!
  • Authentic item for comparison: Link to Auth
  • Photos: Pictures and Username Pic

Chanel Espadrilles- Size 40- Fisherman Higher Tier SOLD!!

  • The selling price including shipping: $80 including USPS Priority Mail or best offer :)
  • The original purchase price: $105 including shipping.
  • Seller: Fisherman.
  • Where you ship to and what method (e.g. USPS, UPS, FedEx, etc.) USPS Priority Mail with tracking, shipped next business day!
  • What is included (e.g. dust bag, full packaging, care cards, etc.) Just the shoes.
  • Any flaws? None that I know of. I am not an expert QC'er, so please look at all pictures!
  • Quality assessment. Be honest! These shoes are in excellent condition. I have worn them only a few times and they look amazing. Please let me know if you have any additional questions.
  • Authentic item for comparison: Link to Auth
  • Photos: Pictures and Username Pic

NEW AUTHENTIC Tory Burch Bombe T Small Convertible Crossbody SOLD!!!

  • The selling price including shipping: $135+ $5 USPS Priority Mail Shipping or best offer :)
  • The original purchase price: Bag + Shipping: $205 (Can't remember exact amount)
  • Seller: Authentic- Purchased at Nordstrom
  • Where you ship to and what method (e.g. USPS, UPS, FedEx, etc.) USPS Priority Mail with tracking, shipped next business day!
  • What is included (e.g. dust bag, full packaging, care cards, etc.) Just the bag, unfortunately I no longer have the packaging. I purchased the bag but never wore it. It has been sitting in my closet since purchase.
  • Any flaws? None- this bag is Authentic.
  • Quality assessment. Be honest! Bag is new without tags or packaging. I purchased it and then immediately stored it in my closet. The crossbody strap has been folded inside the bag since purchase.
  • Authentic item for comparison: Link to Auth
  • Photos: Pictures and Username Pic

Please let me know if you would like more detailed photos or if you have any additional questions. I have years of experience + good feedback selling on eBay and will treat your sale like I would with any other sale!

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t3_czyger2019-09-05T09:25:47+00:00[FS] [USA] Price Drop!! Closet Clean Out Louis Vuitton Zippy Wallet
[FS] [USA] Price Drop!! Closet Clean Out Louis Vuitton Zippy Wallet

It’s ya girl's first time on taobao/superbuy and boy did I go a little crazy! I told myself that I would contain my need for rep items and I'd start with a small haul with cheaper items before adventuring to catch bigger (rep) fish. Funnily enough, the temptation was just too much and I ended up making my second TB haul the day before my first haul arrived so....I may have gotten a bit distracted in reviewing my highly anticipated, definitely-never-been-reviewed items today. Whilst we're waiting for part 2, lets get on with the nitty gritty deets of haul numero unos!

Basic Information:

  • Taobao via Superbuy (got a CNY 20 coupon on shipping)
  • Shipping cost $60.16 (cry) for 2.1kgs (should've just kept some of the packaging...)
  • Carrier: EMS
  • Order timeline:
    • Made multiple TB orders via SB but it all sat in my warehouse for ages
    • 12 August - Finally submitted my order for shipping
    • 14 August - Shipped via EMS
    • 20 August - Haul arrives!


All of my other photos are taken on an iphone xr if that helps and I included auth prices for funsies

Me: 5'2"/157cm, 57kgs, usually an AUS Size 8-10


My precious darlings:

  1. Tiffany Return to Tiffany Bead Bracelet with pink enamel
  2. Tiffany Return to Tiffany Heart Key Pendant
  3. Amulette de Cartier Necklace XS
  4. Kate Spade Mandy Crossbody Bag (Khaki)
  5. Kate Spade Adi Cardholder (Light Pink)
  6. Coach Wristlet
  7. CDG Play TShirt (Size M)
  8. RL Cashmere Sweater (Size L)
  9. RL Silk Top (Size L)
  10. Rollie Derby in Black Tumble (Size 38)

Tiffany Return to Tiffany Bead Bracelet with pink enamel (CNY 95 / $20AUD)

[My photos]| [W2C]| [Auth $270]

#### **Quality - 8/10*\*

  • Feels much lighter than the auth imo but it’s also quite a small bracelet
  • It only measures 15cm for me which means it's a little bit difficult to put on since I was expecting it to be 16.5cm
  • Clasp is decent but doesn't feel as nice as the necklace clasp does and I found it very tricky to get open/closed with one hand

#### **Accuracy - 8.5/10*\*

  • The beads look a tad smaller than the auth which is maybe why it feels lighter?
  • I believe the authentic is 16cm so this one is actually a tad shorter
  • Engraving on the heart is really clear and neat. I do think that it may be slight slanted to the left side but it’s honestly so small no one will notice
  • I think the silver shininess on this is really lovely but also a bit too shiny compared to the authentic? My friend’s one is definitely more dull but she’s also had hers for a few years
  • Enamel colour looks a tad bit darker than the auth but that might change with lighting

#### **Satisfaction - 7/10*\*

  • If it weren't for the length issues, I would absolutely give this a 10. It's a fairly decent subtle flex and I really don’t thinkanyone would call this out unless they had the exact same bracelet on
  • I’ve been wearing this bracelet for the past week without removing it for showering or gym and it’s actually been holding up really well! I’m actually noticing less scratches on this compared to the key pendant but it might be because this is smaller and doesn’t dangle as much

Tiffany Return to Tiffany Key Heart Pendant (CNY 128 / $28AUD)

[My photos] | [W2C] | [Auth $390]

#### **Quality - 9/10*\*

  • Pendant feels weighty and the necklace chain feels thin yet sturdy like auth
  • Clasp is good, I feel like it's a little small but I couldn't remember how it was like in store as someone put it on for me
  • I’ve been wearing it for the past few weeks and there’s definitely a lot of scratching going on with the pendant and the key! I actually think this makes it look more worn in and more authentic looking

#### **Accuracy - 9/10*\*

  • I'm not sure why but I feel like the shape of the loop area on the heart pendant seems a little off? I think the arch of the heart is slightly off
  • Very nitpicky but I feel like the N and Y in TIFFANY is slightly off but that is with me scrutinising it with a huge blown up photo from the website. The rest of the engraving is really clear and great. I would say that it is very close to auth!
  • Rubedo metal key colour is also very accurate - I would say that it looks a bit more cool toned on mine but that might change in lighting

#### **Satisfaction - 10/10*\*

  • I'm really happy with this! It's the perfect “lowkey flex” especially around college or if I’m doing mundane things like my laundry or grocery shopping
  • I’ve been wearing it a lot for the past few weeks and there’s definitely a lot of scratching going on with the pendant and the key! Whilst I’m a little sad about this, I actually think it makes it look more worn in and authentic looking
  • Also, this is probably more a design flaw, but I found it super annoying because my pendant keeps flipping around the wrong way and the back of the pendant is the part that I’m worried about (in terms of looking authentic)! By the way it connects to the chain, it’s definitely something that would flip but I had no idea it would flip so much and so often too! The key also seems to hit the heart a lot when it flips so it makes a little noise every time I move too quickly or pick something up etc. Still I’m glad I didn’t spend almost $400AUD for this necklace!

Amulette de Cartier in XS (CNY 59 / $13AUD)

[My photos]| [W2C]| [Auth $2650]

#### **Quality - 7/10*\*

  • Apparently made of sterling silver and it’s been holding up decently when I shower with it
  • The chain feels incredibly flimsy to me? I’m not sure whether this is part of the cute dainty design but it honestly feels like it might snap any moment
  • The MOP doesn’t have the same look/glisten as my other MOP pieces
  • This is also incredibly tiny! It’s only 12mm at the widest point of the amulette and I think I just made a mistake of ordering the wrong size (but I also don’t recall a size being on the site)

#### **Accuracy - 7/10*\*

  • Haven’t seen the auth irl so I’m going off online photos
  • Diameter of motif is 12mm (same as auth) though the chain length is only adjustable at 39mm and 42mm (auth is 38-41mm)
  • Mother of pearl seems reflective but not as clear? Or nice? compared to my other MOP pieces. Inner “diamond” is quite sparkly which is nice
  • The chain is really dainty/almost flimsy? The chain colour also feels a little too warm or yellow coloured
  • The back of the amulette is a reflection of the front minus the diamond in the middle. I couldn’t find any photos of the back of the amulette but I believe that’s correct? It’s better than the reps that just have a blank back
  • Not branded, but honestly I don’t mind because this thing is soooo tiny no one would ever see that tiny “cartier” engraving anyways

#### **Satisfaction - 7/10*\*

  • I was honestly in love with the design which is why I wanted to GP this to try it out! Unfortunately I wanted the bigger size and this one is just so. Freaking. Tiny! I feel like it’s a nice dainty piece to have and it looks great if you’re wearing a dark shirt but otherwise it’s basically invisible
  • I struggle a bit to put it on every time and this is definitely a necklace I wouldn’t sleep in as it feels too dainty! It feels like I might accidentally tear the chain if I pull on it a bit too hard!

Kate Spade Mandy Crossbody Bag (CNY 89 / $19AUD)

[My photos] | [W2C similar to mine] | [Auth $230]

#### **Quality - 6.5/10*\*

  • Some loose stitches on the bottom which I cut off myself
  • Glazing is not very neat on parts of the strap and on the sides of the bag. The strap was also folded a lot so it took me a few days to straighten the strap out
  • Slight fufu smell on arrival
  • The worse part is definitely the lining inside! It honestly feels a little like textured baking paper, though I wasn’t able to rip it with my fingers. As other reviews have said, it crinkles and makes a lot of noise when you’re getting things in and out of the bag! I think it’s definitely the biggest giveaway that it’s a cheaper bag.
  • Zippers are fairly smooth to use and the “saffiano leather” seems convincing enough but it’s definitely PU

#### **Accuracy – 7.5/10*\*

  • Measures 17.5 x 23 x 10cm compared to auth of 16.5 x 23.5 x 7.5
  • Metal spade logo on front is too wide and not pointed enough, whilst the stalk of the spade is not wide enough. Actual Kate Spade lettering appears too spaced out and the font isn’t really correct. The whole logo is a little too big compared to the bag itself imo
  • Noisy inner lining which is also in the wrong pattern I believe (usually meant to be in the black and white polka dots)
  • Adjustable strap area missing Kate Spade branding

#### **Satisfaction – 8.5/10*\*

  • Still really happy with this bag as it’s a decent quality bag considering the price and it’s a good lowkey flex for hanging around on campus. I do think the noise is a bit of a callout but I found that it was fine if I took it on a night out where it’s a little noisier and darker! Definitely a little calloutable when it’s crinkling on a silent train though :’)
  • Really happy that I decided to try out the Khaki colour which is a nice neutral beige colour, which is perfect for the upcoming spring
  • Considering picking the other style from the same seller (where there’s a portion of chain on the strap)

Kate Spade Adi Cardholder (CNY 59 / $13AUD)

[My photos] | [W2C link dead] | [Auth $60]

#### **Quality - 7/10*\*

  • Slight fufu smell. Apparently this is real leather and I would…maybe believe that?
  • Glazing is a little messy on the sides, especially where the card slots begin
  • Stitching on the back is a little wonky on the left side though it looks consistent and neat at the front
  • The lining inside is branded and feels fairly nice (not the same as some of my auth wallets but similar) and is much nicer than the KS bag
  • I didn’t realise it but the zipper actually protrudes out of the wallet fairly clearly IRL (less obvious in the photos) and that bothered me a little bit as it seemed a little unneat but I think the auth also looks like that. Zipper was not that smooth on arrival but I smeared some wax on it to make it better

#### **Accuracy – 8.5/10*\*

  • Came in a branded box with branded packaging but I got SB to get rid of that for shipping. They did put some of the KS cards and price tag inside which actually looked legit on quick inspection but has some typos on closer inspection
  • The leather has the exact same texturing as the authentic in photos
  • The spade logo is a little too wide on the spade section and the stalk looks a little off too. The KATE SPADE printing is a little too spaced out and large compared to the auth. The logo is also slightly slanted on my one but you can only notice it if you look really closely

#### **Satisfaction – 9.5/10*\*

  • Really happy with this purchase! I was previously using a badly repped Gucci Marmont Cardholder (may review later) but I hated it because it looked terrible, didn’t carry enough cards and couldn’t carry my coins either. This is a pretty decent rep but it’s also such a functional wallet. Highly recommend if you’re looking to downsize to a cardholder but not ready to give up using cash/can’t be bothered using a separate coin case

Coach Wristlet (CNY 59 / $13AUD)

[My photos]|[W2C] | [Unable to find auth]

#### **Quality - 5/10*\*

  • Strong fufu smell – I’m still trying to air it out!
  • This wristlet is heavy! I’m not sure why, though the layers of leather/pu are quite thick on this wristlet. It maintains it’s shape really well as a result of this
  • Apparently this is made from real leather but it doesn’t really smell like that to me. It has been holding up really well so I’m more than happy to put my phone in it because I know it’ll be well protected.
  • Zipper is a little bit meh, it gets stuck around the corners a bit but I fixed it by applying some wax to the zipper
  • Kind of weird, but if you squish the wristlet, you can almost feel the cardboard crinkling inside and then returning back to it’s normal shape LOL

#### **Accuracy – NA/10*\*

  • I haven’t been able to find an exact auth of this wristlet, but I do know that Coach makes a lot of wristlet designs and this one seems fairly similar to the older designs which have a printed logo
  • Inside lining is just blank – I believe auth ones have printed lining. This one feels like nylon perhaps
  • Coach logo is also printed on. It’s actually quite difficult to see irl because of the way it reflects the light so I’m fairly happy with how it looks.

#### **Satisfaction - 6/10*\*

  • I don’t hate this but I don’t love it either. TBH I don’t think I’m really a wristlets kinda gal but I’m happy to use this when I need the bare essentials like phone, keys and cards. The branding is pretty subtle on this but I’m happy with less obvious logos
  • I thought the design was super cute and it’s definitely something I’ll take with me when I go for walks at the beach in spring/summer! Also great flex for college parties and late night maccas runs!

CDG Play T-Shirt (CNY 48 / $10)

[My photos] | [W2C]| [Auth $110]

#### **Quality - 9/10*\*

  • Got the white with red heart in size medium
  • I’m going to be honest – I’ve never heard/knew about CDG until coming to repladies! Oh the things I’ve learnt! I’ve definitely started noticing more people rocking CDG items like the converse sneakers and the play shirt since I joined RL so here I am picking up my very own (rep) CDG play shirt!
  • Quality of this shirt is fairly good for a white tshirt as it is not see through and the cotton feels very nice and thick.
  • CDG heart patch is nicely sewn onto the shirt
  • I’m honestly not a fan of the cut of this shirt – it’s quite baggy on me and the sleeves feel quite long too? It’s definitely a shirt that’ll only look nice on me if I tuck it into a high waisted skirt or jeans.

#### **Accuracy - 8/10*\*

  • I feel like the placement of the heart seems a little too low in comparison the photos I see online? Maybe it’s because I’m short. The heart also looks slightly too rounded but still fairly accurate
  • Tag is made out of this thin, paperlike material which crinkles on itself and looks fairly calloutable (tho tbh who’s going around looking at your shirt tags???)

#### **Satisfaction - 9/10*\*

  • Really happy to have a nice basic boujee tshirt to add to my collection! Will definitely be rocking this around the city for a lazy but put together look
  • I found that it does seem to get wrinkled really easily when I wear or wash it so it’s definitely a shirt that requires ironing imo
  • Definitely already thinking about getting more of these in different colour combinations

RL Cashmere Sweater (CNY 58 / $13AUD)

[My photos] | [W2C]

#### **Quality - 9/10*\*

  • Got the colour "rice camel" in large
  • Wasn’t really a fan of the RL cashmere hoodie as I have soooo many hoodies already so I decided to go for this mock neck cashmere sweater that I saw in a lot of older reviews
  • It’s ribbed so it looks super small when it arrives but it actually stretches really easily and looks really flattering on
  • I found that the mock neck didn’t really resemble the photos that I saw on TB – seems like the necklace was finished nicer on the one in the photo but mine is alright. It sort of sits a little awkwardly on my neck (am I being self conscious of my neck fat now???)
  • Came with no tags whatsoever so I’m not sure what material this is but it really is super soft and it hasn’t pilled or shrunk in the wash! I also have a bit of sensitive skin and I’ve found that I haven’t really reacted to this at all!

#### **Accuracy – NA/10*\*

  • Not a rep

#### **Satisfaction – 9.5/10*\*

  • I’ve gotten so many complements on this sweater already! It’s honestly so soft and warm and I’m definitely considering getting more of these!
  • I would recommend sizing up because I went for my usual size according to the measurements and it’s still quite tight on my chest area. It definitely will stretch to accommodate but I think I was looking for a fitted look but not tight look.

RL Silk Top (CNY 58 / $13AUD)

[My photos] |[W2C]

#### **Quality - 9/10*\*

  • Got the colour "lotus root starch" in L size
  • Definitely not real silk but more a satin feeling fabric. Still has a really lovely sheen and flow to it
  • Straps are not adjustable though one side of the top is cut lower and the other side is cut higher. There’s no tags on the top so you can pretty much wear it any way you want!
  • Straps look a little odd imo though the v neck cut is quite flattering on me. I’m also not a fan of the boxy loose cut of the bottom of the shirt. It definitely feels like I’ll need to wear tighter high-waisted bottoms with this top to make it work

#### **Accuracy - NA/10*\*

  • Not a rep

#### **Satisfaction - 7/10*\*

  • I can totally see why this is part of the RL starter pack! It’s a lovely looking basic piece that can be worn in a number of situations! I’m not really a fan of the cut so I don’t think I’ll purchase any more for now but they’re definitely a lovely, cheap staple to have

Rollie Derby Shoes (CNY 158 / $33AUD)

[My photos]| [W2C link dead] | [Auth $160]

#### **Quality – 9.5/10*\*

  • Definitely made from leather though it was a little squashed on arrival
  • Really comfortable to break in and wear
  • Super lightweight (which is what I expected)
  • The left shoe seems to have some issues with the leather at the front of the shoe? It’s just not as smooth around the front side of the shoe. It is a little noticeable IRL but people may think I just damaged the shoe myself

#### **Accuracy – 10/10*\*

  • I have a very strong suspicion that this is a defected authentic or grey market. My friend has the exact same pair and it looks exactly the same! Every logo, printed instructions and information, colour, sole etc is exactly the same! I did already suspect this prior to buying as they had fairly detailed photos on TB which showed the leather issue on the left shoe. The seller was also selling a very limited number of these shoes in limited sizes which lead to me suspect that they’re grey market or slightly damaged authentic ones
  • I did ask SB to remove the box and packaging but you can see in the PSP photos that the box for the shoe is definitely not the branded one. I’m a little conflicted about this as the item itself is either a 1:1 rep or it’s just a slightly defected auth or grey market product
  • The tags that came with the shoe are also definitely authentic with no errors (looks exactly the same as my friends tags)
  • It also came with a very fresh leather smell which leads me to believe they haven’t been worn or anything dodgy like that.. I also asked SB to confirm with the seller that the shoes were new and unworn prior to shipping

#### **Satisfaction - 11/10*\*

  • I’m actually so happy about these shoes! I know that the auths aren’t super expensive compared to designer shoes ($160) but it’s still a lot of money for a pair of shoes and it’s definitely a brand that I’ve been wanting to try out for a long time
  • They’re actually so incredibly lightweight and I definitely feel like I could walk all day in this and be completely fine!
  • Whilst I have other oxford shoes that I love, I’m not sure if I’m really liking the white contrasting sole? I feel like it gives it a relaxed look which is a bit odd because I wear it to work/placement.
  • Despite this, I’m still really tempted to buy another pair of Rollie shoes from this seller because of the price??? I’ve definitely seen other sellers on TB selling these shoes but they usually only have the website photos in their description and they’re going for CNY 258. Definitely a lot more to risk as they might just be reps which I’m not too keen for when it comes to this brand as the whole point of their shoes is that they’re super lightweight but sturdy and are great for people who need to be on their feet all day


## Agent/Seller Service and Communication - 9/10

  • Superbuy was really easy to use for a beginner and I really liked the translation features that they have
  • I didn’t really like the PSPs that they took, especially some of the ones where I had to specify very very specifically what I wanted a photo of
  • The shipping cost was also very expensive (via EMS) for the weight but I did buy a lot of small items which made the shipping cost of each individual item to be roughly ~$6AUD which I’m fairly happy about.
  • Just as advice for newbies looking into making a TB/SB haul – would highly recommend doing it through SB for the convenience and ease. It’ll definitely be more expensive compared to TB Direct, but I definitely think it’s worth it for the ease. I felt that I could always get an agent to help me out with any of my needs and enquiries to sellers were also easier too. Also – try to factor weight into the cost! My shoes were light (400grams from memory) but most other shoes can weigh around 1kg which is potentially an extra $15-20 for shipping, whereas smaller items like a tshirt can be around 150-250g, wallets for around 150g, wristlet was 300g, KS crossbody was around 400g etc.
  • I also paid extra for some of the packing bonus items like wrapping it in tons of tape so that I would eventually waste 15 minutes of my life trying to pry open the box with my greedy hands. Apparently people recommend this to prevent customs from opening it? I guess it worked and everything felt very protected inside

As usual CCW!

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t3_czcrqv2019-09-03T23:35:57+00:00[Review] My first budget boujee Taobao haul feat. Tiffany’s, Cartier, Kate Spade, Coach, CDG and other RL starter items
[Review] My first budget boujee Taobao haul feat. Tiffany’s, Cartier, Kate Spade, Coach, CDG and other RL starter items

Hi everyone! This is my very first review on RL and I hope I’m doing this right - please let me know if I can improve on anything. About a week ago, I posted a photo of my haul on the daily thread and there was some interest in ~ da goods~. So here’s my review!

Please note that I’ve never touched or looked at any of these items in stores. These are all comparisons made from photos I looked at online.

PS: I’m coming back in after writing everything, and I’m reading what I wrote at the top of this post..and I’m quickly realizing my cognitive state has degenerated from the time I started writing this. So I apologize in advance for the gradual decline as you keep reading lol



📆 Timeline 📆

  • August 11: Ordered most of the items

  • August 14: Ordered more stuff

  • August 15: Shipped 1st round of goods (Package #1)

  • August 16: Package #1 shipped out

  • August 21: Package #1 received

  • August 22: Shipped 2nd round of goods (Packages #2-4), shipped out the same day

  • August 26: Packages #2-4 received


🕵🏻‍♀️ Additional Details 🕵🏻‍♀️

  • Shipping cost: ¥221

  • Carrier: Cainiao

  • Package weight: 7.57kg total, but they shipped it in 3 separate packages at the second shipment..

  • TB Direct/Shopping Experience: 10/10 - I’ve only used TB direct and have never gone through an agent. I ran into some issues with one of the items I ordered but was able to communicate directly with the seller and they were very helpful in resolving the problem (thankfully, I paid attention in high school so I’m pretty fluent in reading and writing Chinese - who knew that would help with shopping?!). More on that later.

  • Sizing: 5’2.5” (the ½” is very important to me - I’m 5’3” on a good day lol), 103lbs (158.5cm, 46.7kg)

  • CCW welcome!


🎁 The Goods 🎁

💃🏻 The Ladies 💃🏻

T by Alexander Wang Classic T Shirt with Pocket in White

Size: XS | ¥119.11 | Pics | W2C | Auth: : USD 85

  • Quality: 10/10 -- Honestly, as soon as I touched it, I wanted to rub my face all over it. It’s SO soft!!!

  • Accuracy: 10/10 -- It’s branded, marked as 100% rayon, and made in Vietnam, which is consistent with the auth. I think it’s grey market! It’s a little sheer (I tried to show this in the last pic) but I think the tee is just made like that. Wearing a nude bra underneath it fixes that issue.

  • Satisfaction: 10/10 -- I LOVE THIS PIECE! It’s one of my favorites from this haul. I’m already considering buying more in other colors.

Hahaha, I apologize for the comment on the imgur album.. I got that in the first 5 minutes of uploading the photos. The internet is a huge troll ;p


Madewell Silk Skinny Bandana in Blue and White Flowers

Size: NA | ¥35 | Pics | W2C | Auth: USD 19.50

  • Quality: 10/10 -- I haven’t touched the real thing but it feels like pretty good quality to me!

  • Accuracy: 10/10 -- Branded and labeled as 100% silk. Pretty sure it’s grey market

  • Satisfaction: 10/10 -- Super cute piece and it’s cheap! I tie this around my bag or put it in my hair. Love it, 10/10 would recommend.


Celine Knot Earrings in Gold

Size: NA | ¥45 | Pics | W2C | Auth: USD 415

  • Quality: 10/10 -- They feel nice, nothing to complain about

  • Accuracy: 9/10 -- On the auth, the knots are pointed in different directions. This one has the knots pointing in the same direction (-1). However it’s branded, has a nice weight to them, and looks essspensive. I likey

  • Satisfaction: 9.8/10 -- These are great! Taking off .2 points because the color looks a lot more yellow than I expected (the pictures I posted make it look a lot less yellow than it really is), but honestly, it’s still a great pair. I should also note that I usually wear silver jewellery so that might be why these look super yellow to me.. I also bought a really cheap silver pair off AE (approx. USD1-2, just to see if I like hoop earrings) and these look a lot more ~fancy~


Gentle Monster Black Peter in Tortoise Shell

Size: NA | ¥119 | Pics | W2C | Auth: USD 249

  • Quality: 10/10 -- I was pretty impressed when I took them out of the box! They look and feel expensive. The seller claims it’s UV protected, but I haven’t tested it out myself

  • Accuracy: 9/10 -- Apart from the unbranded box and sunglasses case (-.5), the item itself looks pretty legit. The sunglasses came branded and the shape looks good - at least to my untrained eyes. The lenses did not come with the Zeiss logo printed on them (-.5)

  • Satisfaction: 10/10 -- Another win for me. I really like them! I also bought another pair from the popular AE store that has been reviewed here a number of times. I think the other ones sit on my face better but both feel like good quality. Please let me know if you’d like to see a more detailed review comparing the two!


Alexander Wang Bite Shorts in Grey Black

Size: 24 | ¥168 | Pics | W2C | Auth: USD 200

  • Quality: 10/10 -- Very comfortable and they feel great!

  • Accuracy: 10/10 -- As far as I can tell from photos online, these look exactly the same as the auth. It even came with price tags! I’m highly suspicious these are grey market, but the seller claims they’re not associated with any brands and says the composition is 98% cotton and 2% elastane….buuut the actual shorts say it’s 100% cotton, so idk 🤷🏻‍♀️

  • Satisfaction: 20/10 -- I’ve already worn them a bunch of times since I’ve received them in the mail, and I can tell these are going to be worn anytime I don’t need to be in my ‘adulting’ clothes lol. They fit amazing and I went with my regular jean size (US 24). Love them, they make my legs look long, my waist look small, and my non-existent butt look poppin’. Can’t complain! I already want another pair!!


Unbranded Free People-lookin’ Dress in Apricot

Size: S | ¥128.80 | Pics | W2C | Can’t find the link to the auth, but here’s a similar dress from FP: USD 78

  • Quality: 8/10 -- Fits nicely and I like the cut, but the material is quite sheer (-2). It feels like linen, but I can’t tell for sure.

  • Accuracy: NA/10 -- It’s unbranded - the dress came with the store’s tags. I haven’t touched or seen this in stores so tbh I have no idea.

  • Satisfaction: 7/10 -- Hmm, I really want to like this. Everything about this is great except for the sheerness (I don’t really care if the dress comes branded). I don’t think I want to wear this out in public without a nude slip on. I tried to show how sheer the dress is in the last photo. Also I’m pretty sure this is a rep of a Free People dress but can’t find the link for it (or the name of it, for that matter)


Sezane Aretha Blouse in White

Size: 34 | ¥168.30 | Pics | W2C | Auth: USD 120

  • Quality: 10/10 -- Wow. This feels amazing! It’s not sheer at all and there’s a nice weight to it. The lacing detail on the sleeves look good as well. There are some loose threads on the tag, but it doesn’t bother me.

  • Accuracy: 10/10 -- It’s branded and I’m fairly certain this is grey market. I found this store from another RL’s review and they seem to carry grey market stuff from Sezane, Madewell, and Caves Collect.

  • Satisfaction: 9.7/10 -- I really like this blouse for the quality and the style. However, it fits me weird (-.3) - the neckline sits a bit too low for comfort and the blouse looks pretty oversized on me, but I think it’s meant to be that way??


That RL “silk” but not silk cami

Size: S | ¥29 | Pics - didn't upload since it's been reviewed so much here | W2C | Auth does not exist

  • Quality: 9/10 -- Looks great, feels great, but it’s not real silk (-.5) and I think this material might trap a lot of heat (-.5). This has been reviewed to death on this sub so I got lazy and decided not to take pics of it. Heh

  • Accuracy: NA/10 -- There’s no auth version soooo...what you lookin’ for?

  • Satisfaction: 10/10 -- Fits me great, I love it! It’s truly a RL classic for a reason.


Realisation Par The Naomi Skirt in Wild Things

Size: XS | ¥98 | Pics | W2C | Auth: USD 180

  • Quality: 8/10 -- It’s decent. It’s a little thin but maybe that’s how the auth is? It’s not sheer though. Also the stitching seems to bunch up weirdly at the top. It feels like Forever 21/H&M quality - wearable but nothing remarkable.

  • Accuracy: 8/10 -- The print looks great and there’s the trademark ‘for real,’ but I think the font on it might be a little bit off (-1). More importantly, the shape of the skirt on the auth version seems to have a slight fishtail shape to it, but this skirt doesn’t have that (-1).

  • Satisfaction: 7/10 -- I really wanted to love this! Perhaps the size was a bit too small. I struggled a little to get my butt into this skirt even though (as mentioned above) I have a pretty non-existent butt. I’d definitely size up on this one. My mom says it makes my hips disappear and my tummy poofy lol.. It looks great when it’s not on my body, so maybe it’ll look good on someone else!


Plaid Blazer in Grey

Size: S | ¥128 | Pics | W2C | Auth does not exist

  • Quality: 9.5/10 -- Quality is great for the price!

  • Accuracy: NA/10 -- No authentic version to compare to. But it looks exactly like how it should in the seller’s photos

  • Satisfaction: 10/10 -- Loooooove it! I can’t wait to wear it when the weather cools down a little. I found this from another RL’s OOTD post on the daily thread - it looked amazing on her so I had to get one for myself too!


J’Adior Asymmetric Hoop Earrings

Size: NA | ¥49.90 | Pics | W2C | Auth: USD 470

  • Quality: 10/10 -- Excellent, nice weight to it

  • Accuracy: 8/10 -- The word ‘JADIOR’ should be printed facing the other side and the letters are spaced a little too close together (-1). On the inside of the earrings, some symbols aren’t printed correctly (-1). But I will gladly smack a bitch if they’re leaning that close to my face to QC my earrings

  • Satisfaction: 10/10 -- Woo! Another winner! I love these. I’ve worn them almost every day since I’ve gotten them. Love. Love. Love.


Random Cropped Cami in Grey

Size: NA | ¥15.71 | Pics - they’re in the wash right now, so none! | W2C | No auth

  • Quality: 10/10 -- Good, smells a bit funky but nothing a bit of good ol’ Frebeze can’t undo

  • Accuracy: NA/10 -- * silence * I got none

  • Satisfaction: 10/10 -- It’s great! Looks exactly like the photos on the seller’s listing. Fits very nicely and my bf loves it. I like how it’s a little looser at the bottom for that Brandy Melville-esque vibe (anyone else know what I’m talking about?). Tbh, how can you fault a $2 top?! Get outta here lol


Random Cropped Wrap Top with a lil’ side scrunchie in Red

Size: NA | ¥28 | Pics | W2C | No auth

  • Quality: 10/10 -- Good, this one smells hella funky so it’s going in the washer x10

  • Accuracy: NA/10 -- Nope

  • Satisfaction: 10/10 -- Looks exactly like it should. The neckline is a little higher up than usual but that’s just how Asian clothing tends to be. Again, for a couple of really can’t complain!


Nail Stickies

Size: NA | ¥2.98 | Pics - I’m lazy | W2C | No auth

  • Quality: ?/10 -- I haven’t tried them on yet but there are a bunch of good reviews on the listing

  • Accuracy: NA/10

  • Satisfaction: 10/10 -- Looks very pretty, and they’re super cheap too! Can’t wait.


🕺🏻 The Gents 🕺🏻

Kids See Ghosts Long Sleeve Shirt

Size: M | ¥90 | Pics | W2C | Auth 1 or Auth 2: USD 65

  • Quality: 10/10 -- Feels like how most merch clothing feels like

  • Accuracy: 10/10 -- Looks pretty accurate to me. I’m just eyeballing it but I think the print looks great. Maybe the colors are a little duller than it should be? I’m not sure

  • Satisfaction: 10/10 -- This one’s a gift. Bf likes it, I got nothing much to say. Fits pretty true to regular American sizing for guys.


Cargo/Utility Pants in Army Green and Black

Size: 2XL | ¥89 | Pics - I got none, I have no idea where he put them | W2C | No Auth

  • Quality: 10/10 -- Great quality, he says they’re comfy and he loves them

  • Accuracy: NA/10 -- One of them has a tiny Supreme tag on it but it’s far from Supreme lol. Do they even make cargo pants?!

  • Satisfaction: 10/10 -- Bf loves them! I bought a pair for him in a previous haul, and he loved it so much he wanted two pairs this time. Yay for extra pockets for him to carry my random things heh heh and happy bf


BAPE Camo T-shirt

Size: XL | ¥138 | Pics - None | W2C | Auth: USD 99

  • Seller Communication: 9/10 -- The package never arrived at the consolidation warehouse (>1 week after they shipped it), so I messaged the seller to ask about it. They shipped out a new one a day later, but unfortunately I had already left my mom’s by the time it arrived at the warehouse, so I didn’t even get to see it. I wish they asked if I wanted a refund since it’s been so long, but they just shipped it out (-1)..oh well. This shop has been well reviewed on /r/FashionReps, so I think it’ll be a pretty good rep.


🍣🍜🧺 Fun Things 🧺🍜🍣

Hermes Avalon Throw Blanket in Coffee

Size: NA | ¥298 | Pics - unfortunately I forgot to take more photos before I left this at my mom’ here’s a cropped photo from the haul pic lol | W2C | Auth: USD 1525

  • Quality: 9/10 -- It feels pretty good. It’s a very, very thick material, i.e., not recommended for the summertime in southern US. I’m convinced you’ll get heatstroke from sleeping under it unless you have your A/C blasting at 40-50F. Also, I don’t know what I expected it to feel like, but I thought it would be smooth like a baby’s butt - it wasn’t. Still, it was pretty soft and my mom approves. Stitching looks pretty damn good as well.

  • Accuracy: 9/10 -- Full disclosure, I didn’t pull it out of the wrapping because it was meant to be a gift. The H’s look pretty good, but the Hermes label looks a little wonky. The spacing between the E and the R was a little far apart. It came with branded tags. Ugh, I wish I had pictures.. What was I thinking lol

  • Satisfaction: 9/10 -- I think it’s great for the price. It feels hefty. I hope my brother likes it! I chose this listing over another one posted previously on RL because this one had a higher cashmere-to-acrylic percentage (80-90% cashmere) compared to the other one (65-75% cashmere). Who knows how accurate these numbers are, but I tried🤷🏻‍♀️


A Bowl of Rep Ramen Noodles because why go on a diet when you can have ramen that looks so real?!

Size: NA | ¥33.80 | Pics | W2C | Auth: USD 6-10 + plane ticket to Tokyo

  • Quality: 10/10 -- Duuuuuude! THIS. THING. LOOKS. SO. REAL. Even in real life!!! The green onions are squishable and feel like real green onions, but glued onto the bowl.

  • Accuracy: 10/10 -- My mom thought it was a real bowl of ramen I made for her and was about to heat it up in the, you tell me. Ha ha ha my poor mom

  • Satisfaction: 20/10 -- Great for pranking, for dieting, this case, my brother wanted to display it at a car show lol (along with some fake sushi; below). Don’t ask, it’s one of the questionable decisions he’s made related to his car. But that’s another story.


A Collection of Rep Sushi how can you have fake ramen without fake sushi?!?!

Size: NA | ¥81.96 | Pics | W2C | Auth: USD 2-100+, and two plane tickets to Tokyo (because you’re taking me with you to Tokyo. Please.)

  • Quality: 10/10 -- These are gr8. What else can I say?!

  • Accuracy: 10/10 -- My mom knew better this time. My dad on the other hand, along with all my friends who watched my IG stories, did not. Everyone was very impressed with my sushi making skillz insert air horn sound effects

  • Satisfaction: 10/10 -- You can’t beat the fake ramen, but this one’s pretty good too. Apparently eBay sells this for USD 80. Wtf??


An Auth Sushi Boat you gotta put your sushi on a boat, because it isn’t legit otherwise

Size: 50cm with Flag | ¥64.99 | Pics - unfortunately I got none | W2C | On Amazon: USD 50

  • Quality: 10/10 -- I didn’t open up the bubble wrap because it was for my brother, so idk. But it looked pretty good

  • Accuracy: 10/10 -- Yeaaahhh..pretty good, I must say!

  • Satisfaction: 10/10 -- Yup, looks good. The sellers will even print your name or logo on that little flag, if you ask!



Wooo! Holy moly, that was a lot of work! I think it took me 8-9 hours to churn this out?! I don’t know how y’all do it. I really, truly appreciate all the reviews written on this sub - it really helps put things in perspective when I write one myself. I feel like I need a drink 🥂 Cheers, y’all!


Oh, a few things before I sign off. This post really helped me muster the courage to start writing a review. So thank you, /u/elizabetch_taylor!

Additionally, this is a super helpful tool! It made it a lot less nerve wrecking to write a post because a socially anxious reddit noob like me can finally check what my post will look like before sending it out into the interwebs 😁


Alright, ciao for real! 👋🏻

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t3_cyh4ns2019-09-01T23:21:18+00:00[Review] TB Direct Haul - Grey Market AW, Madewell, Sezane, rep GM, J’Adior, random clothing, and... rep ramen noodles?! 🍜
[Review] TB Direct Haul - Grey Market AW, Madewell, Sezane, rep GM, J’Adior, random clothing, and... rep ramen noodles?! 🍜
  1. Mr. Porter
  2. Net-A-Porter
  3. Farfetch
  4. Matches Fashion
  5. East Dane
  6. Shopbop

Link to article

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t3_cxnu5o2019-08-30T22:21:14+00:006 safe and trusted places to shop for designer clothing, shoes, and bags online
6 safe and trusted places to shop for designer clothing, shoes, and bags online


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