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**Theory of Reddit** is a mildly navel-gazing space for inquiring into what makes Reddit communities work and what we in a community can do to help make it better. This subreddit should focus on data, issues, solutions, or strategies that could be reasonably addressed or implemented **by users and moderators**, not admins.
t5_2rtff2010-06-04T19:36:58+00:00Theory Of Reddit: Be the change you want to see.
Theory Of Reddit: Be the change you want to see.

A subreddit for people who care about composition, cognition, harmony, scales, counterpoint, melody, logic, math, structure, notation, and also the overall history and appreciation of music.
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Music Theory

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t3_cg5i9t2019-07-21T23:15:33+00:00[H] Masterclass Bundle for 10$ / Lynda Accounts for 5.20$ [W] PayPal/BTC/Venmo/CashApp
[H] Masterclass Bundle for 10$ / Lynda Accounts for 5.20$ [W] PayPal/BTC/Venmo/CashApp

Hey all,

I'm looking for a static that likes to run a few times a week at least until we get clears.

My availability is anytime 10pm est or later every night. I have preference to running 3 hours nights over 2. I'm cool with pushing more in the first couple few weeks. Could do up to 5-6 even. I just cant run before 10pm est as i leave work weekdays at 9.

I ran last tier as DRG for prog then PF SAM. Played a little as tank. I'm perfectly OK with either of those two classes but would prefer DRG or any tank as I would like to try something new. I'm currently leveling DRK with the intention of either tanking right away or sometime in the future. So if your group would be OK with flexing after clears I'd love the opportunity to try new things. id also be cool with starting out as tank.

I'm generally laid back but when it comes to raiding I am constantly looking for improvements. I'm open to criticism and theory-craft. I can adapt well for the group also. Of course I like good parses but I play on the safer side for the sake of clears. I enjoy the journey of progression and improvement.

The one thing that is a deal breaker for me is people often being late to raid, especially if it's the same person. If my time isn't respected I'd rather PF. Constant substitutions are also a bit of a turn off for prog. I understand life happens though. I don't say this to turn anyone off I would just prefer to be up front with my expectations.

Here are my Alphascape logs.

My discord is SushiGrayyde#1422

Hope to hear from you!

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t3_cg5i6x2019-07-21T23:15:23+00:00LFG Eden Savage MC/sHC and possible Ultimate. DRG/SAM/DRK
LFG Eden Savage MC/sHC and possible Ultimate. DRG/SAM/DRK

Eddie was neither the biggest nor the brightest. He didn't give off a particularly intimidating air either. What set him apart was his skill with HoloScreen App design and modification. As a rule, we kept our worlds apart. We rarely saw each other in the family unit, very infrequently in a professional setting and rarely in the Cyber Plains. On a rare occasion, I saw him work. He never failed to impress me. If not for security's intense defensive and monitoring systems, Eddie would have run of the Tower.

"I'd rather maintain a low profile," he said when I reminded him of his potential. He already had a uHolo - I'd rarely see him use the underskin HoloScreen - and a bicep jack to connect at any access point. Being a Spider's Leg, he'd gotten it via legal means. In spite of his position, his criminal record was squeaky clean.

"But you could be one of the top dogs if you worked for Security-"

"We're not going to have this discussion again, Rowan." The only time he didn't call me Rowe was when he was serious. So, I decided to hold my tongue. "You don't get the gravity of the situation, do you? This is going to be nothing like the worlds you and Maya had your tea parties in. This is the real deal. No UI or levels. There are barely stats or over-powered skills. You're going to be on level ground with everyone else. No matter how good you get, someone with a better SynchRate could come along and make light work of you. I don't want you ending up a vegetable. Do you hear me?"

"I hear you, Eddie. Thank you for doing this. You have no idea how much this means to me."

"Believe me, I do. Otherwise, I wouldn't be risking our necks for this. You better find a way to pay the Spider off quick. The organisation won't care, you're my brother if you're late."

"Fine, fine. Tell me more about the system."

"In place of menus and screens, you'll get a Codex," my brother explained. He wove his hand through the HoloScreen and the image enlarged.

"That's just a journal," I commented, slightly confused. The book floating in front of me looked old and battered. Pages were hanging off the binding, and more than one was stained.

"No screens. No menus," Eddie repeated. "The Codex is everything. It will log your quests, your skills and stats-"

"I thought you said there weren't any stats."

"No, I said there are barely any stats. The usual eight are condensed into four. Ranking your skills will get you coins, and then you use said coins to rank up the respective attribute. It's simple, but the world has no hand-holding, or guides. You'll have to figure out almost everything out on your own."

"Wait. I'll have to upgrade my stats with physical coins? Could someone steal them from me?"

"Of course. Power and Finesse coins can be sold for several Gold. The price for Presence and Arcane can shoot up to the Platinums. There are quite a few unsavoury types - yes, more unsavoury than me, that make a living out of stealing coins. Most try not to hoard them and use or trade them straight away. I prefer hiding mine."

"Why would anyone need to hoard them?" I asked it was all too much to take in. I thought Intemus would be the same as Beast Hunter's Realms, but the differences were quickly adding up. "Just use them straight away."

"Because the higher the statistic is, the more coins you need to upgrade it," Eddie answered. "Don't worry about it too much. You can't surpass the human limit, after getting to five you'd only be upgrading for the sake of high tier perks. Your focus needs to be the skills. Just remember: it is important to rank up skills that pair well together to combine them into a mastery. Don't worry much about that. I think some of your current skills will transfer over. It will give you a headstart."

If I were brave enough to go for the top tier transfer, I could've gotten more out of my old avatar, but the one hundred platinum debt was enough already. What hurt the most about the partial transfer was my Arcane talents were reset. I was by no means a Mage but had a simple Ember spell for the long hunts. It made lighting campfires a breeze and did an excellent job of blinding attackers when aimed right. On rare occasions, I had used it to set my arrows ablaze as well. I'd been hoping to use it to get a headstart in blacksmithing. I always fancied playing with metal but never had the time. Hunting for beasts and Krystals forever took priority.

"It wouldn't matter," Eddie said when I voiced my concern. "The magic system in the higher worlds is pretty limited in comparison to the ones you've been using. You don't get to choose your affinity. Let's just hope your high rank in Ember gives you access to the School of Thermomancy." My brother fell silent, and his brows furrowed. I could see the gears shifting in his head. Some realisation had just hit him. "If Maya left you a message, it means she knew where she was going to be taken. It's got to be because of Dominion Magic."

"What the fuck is that?" I asked, not liking his tone.

"Mind Magic. Telepathy, telekinesis, empathy, illusion projection, the whole shebang. It's the purest method of extraction. We don't use it though. It's much too dangerous. Security has wards in place to enable players to block or report nonconsensual mind melds. Be ready for the possibility of Maya having followed them willingly."

"That can't be right!" I protested.

"Rowe, think about it. Maybe they threatened her parents' lives. Or yours."

"So why didn't she just give them the knowledge?"

"They want a full extraction, not just her interpretation of it," Eddie explained. "You won't get it till you've used a Krystal. The extraction is going to take time. It's not all bad news, though. It means they have to keep her body safe and locked in a Premium SynchPod. It implants a vitals reader in the user. So, they can't hurt her real body. It will alert security straight away."

"Why didn't you tell me all of this before?" I demanded. Eddie had a bad habit of holding back information. I'd always hated it.

"I specialise in trade," he replied. "This isn't my department, brother. It might sound like I know a lot, but these are just theories. My knowledge only scratches the surface. Believe me. There are things the organisation and Topfloorsmens do that even I can't stomach."

Much to my disappointment, the system wouldn't divulge my avatar's information till the character transfer was complete, and I logged in. Eddie said Intemus was a living entity in itself and preferred keeping private.

While we worked, Arianna proved to be a giant distraction after she'd cleared the waiting room. As attractive as she was, I didn't trust her not to carry diseases or slip me something during a kiss. My brother waited till he stopped finding her attempts at seducing me funny before dismissing her. Even if she wasn't an addict, I didn't want to waste time on her and the risk of bedding her even less.

My focus was still Maya. Eddie often said she and I would end up marrying someday, but I didn't think it a possibility. We'd thought about it and had given it a shot - just to find out what sex felt like in reality. It'd been a lot of fun, but we both knew too much about one another for things to get romantic. It was only after the little tryst we had learnt our relationship was much too sibling-like, so it stayed that way.

"Your new unit will be on floor thirty."

"Won't Security have too many eyes there?" I asked.

"She will," Eddie said, flashing his perfect teeth. "You'll be living right under her nose. It's a good thing we came up here on fake papers. If the Parsons do report you, security will look for you where her presence is sparse, not where it's heavy. Besides, if Maya's kidnappers get wind of you, getting to you will be harder the higher you go."

Eddied scanned all my digits into the system. Only the rich and powerful bothered with biometrics. We didn't have enough to protect on the lower floors. More importantly, security had access to the records. Most of us preferred staying off her books. One can never know when crime becomes a necessity.

"Just to be safe, I've scrubbed your identity. You're still Rowan but one of a few thousand. Just be sure not to do something that will get you into trouble."

"That's rich coming from you," I remarked. "I can't make any promises. I don't know what I'll have to do get Maya out."

"In that case, do your best not to get caught."

The trek up to the thirtieth floor was a short one. The next shift change being several hours away, the line for the elevator going up was much shorter than the one going down. Citizens being evicted to the teens or single digits was a regular occurrence. Stepping onto the lift, I realised I didn't mind leaving all my belongings behind. It wasn't just a case of there not being many, but they meant nothing to me if I didn't have Maya to share them with.

Travelling upwards, I caught myself wondering what Maya could've found. The nursery and the hunting worlds were mostly picked clean. They were still populated for the entertainment of the Topfloorsmen. Several guilds were hunting for hidden Krystals, but the majority were more interested in testing out the contents of already-found data packets. They needed folk like us to do the grunt work. It was how most of us made a living. She'd always been the smarter of the two of us. It must have something useful for her to have absorbed the Krystal straight away.

Floor thirty may as well have been an entirely different world. The plumbing wasn't visible, and none of the metal panelling was missing. Most surprising of all was how only a handful didn't have a uHolo on display. Pulling my sleeves down, I made a mental note to invest in one as soon as I could afford it. Though I intended to stay in the SynchPod most of the time, standing out in the Tower was never a good idea.

Walking down the corridors, I noted the ceiling cameras and passive scanners. Their frequency was much higher than what I was used to. I let myself be seen in the hopes Mrs Parsons didn't remember my name. Or even if she did, Rowe was far enough from Rowan for Security not connect the two.

My heartbeat didn't calm till I was in the security of my unit. Eddie had warned me it was going to be simple. Bachelors didn't need much space. There was no room for a cot, but I was happy to see a fold-out table and chair next to the food processing station. For hygiene reasons, the toilet was in a separate cubicle and had its sink. However, there was no shower. The mid-tier SynchPod was enough to keep me clean, but if I wanted a proper wash down, I'd need to find out where the communal showers were.

I only did a quick check of the room to make sure there was no one hiding in wait for me - I don't know why anyone would, but Eddie taught me: paranoia keeps you alive. Once satisfied, I stripped into my birthday suit, let the SynchPod scan my biometrics and jumped in. Intemus was waiting.

Once upon a time, Maya and I had spent hours on avatar design. This time around, I didn't waste more than a few minutes on the luxury. I left the facial structure as is - it was important Maya recognise me. At the same time, I wanted to make life difficult for her captors. So, I made the avatar's skin several shades darker and the hair black, no different from Maya's. I reset the height to match mine in reality. Adjusting to the difference had always been disorienting when transitioning, but I'd stuck to it in the Beast Hunter Realm's for vanity's sake.

When I tried to progress to race selection, the system skipped to Ancestry. I went back and forth several times, but I failed to find what I was looking for.

"System, take me to race selection," I said.

"Intemus lore only features humanity. There are no other races."

Disappointed, I perused the ancestries. Avatar models in different outfits stood in front of me. Pausing in front of one displayed their name, a small description, and the bonuses and penalties that came with them. The names were mostly tied to topography, and it caused me concern.

"Will my selection limit me to my ancestral birthplace?"

"No," the robotic voice answered. "However, your heritage will determine how others view you. You may not start in hostile territory. You will be advised to start where your people are most welcome. Planting your avatar in a war zone or contested territory is not allowed but unadvised."

"Interesting," I mumbled to myself. There were too many to choose from. There were purebreds and mixed parentage. I didn't have time to browse the entire list. "System, filter ancestries with bonuses in at least two of the following skill groups marksmanship, sneaking, crafting and trading."

The selection shrank from over a hundred to two dozen. Still too much.

"Eliminate anyone, not on positive terms with the Golden Scales guild."

"Invalid search parameters," the system announced.

"Fine. Scan for settlements where the Golden Scales guild has an outpost and then eliminate all ancestries that have a negative reputation in the said settlement."

"Negative reputation includes dislike. Hostility is much further down the spectrum. You will be excluding ancestries that have skill bonuses in three or more of your listed skills."

"Just do what I say," I said, ignoring the warning. Eddie claimed social status was vital to merchant guilds. I didn't want to waste time trying to improve my reputation. The cyber plains were home to digitised folk and the cyber born. They were as real as Maya and I, and real people were slow to change their mind. "I need ancestries that are welcome wherever the Golden Scales are."

"Confirmed." The system took much longer than I thought it would. One by one, the options decreased till there were four left. "Your parameters were impossible. Someone will always find a reason to hate another. The following are disliked by only five per cent of the population in all settlements featuring a Golden Scales outpost."

"Thank you."

Dunesmen: Several thousands of years of walking the sands and practising guerilla warfare has made your kind lightfooted and used to the shadows. Resources being scarce, many will go against the law to get what they need.

  • Stealth, Marksmanship, Thieving, and Acrobatic skills gain experience at a higher rate.
  • High chance of birth with Void or Shaping Attunement.
  • Viewed suspiciously in non-desert settlements, but held in high regard by all mercenaries.
  • Experience penalties with Heavy Armour and Heavy Weapon skills.

Mountainfolk: Your people live in a harsh environment but love it. They don't like moving far from their birthplace or mingling with outsiders. However, the steep slopes have made them nimble, and their isolation has taught them the importance of providing for themselves.

  • Gathering, Marksmanship, Traversal and Taming skills gain experience at a higher rate.
  • High chance of birth with Thermomancy or Essence Attunement.
  • Viewed as primitive folk in non-mountainous settlements and larger cities, but easily trusted.
  • Experience penalties with offensive spells and Weapon skills (except Simple Weapons)

Plainsmen: Your ancestors were people of the land. They preferred nurturing it and domesticating its dwellers as opposed to conquesting for territory. Like them, you love people, creation, trade and hunting.

  • Crafting, Gathering, Trading, Marksmanship and Taming skills gain experience at a higher rate.
  • High chance of birth with Dominion or Essence Attunement.
  • Loved by all but excluded from military and mercenary forces.
  • Experience penalties with all offensive spells and Melee Combat Skills.

Channelsmen: Your ancestors were born on islands off the mainland but didn't let them become isolated. They navigated rough and calm waters for the sake of trade, exploration, and knowledge. You were born to learn, create and make money.

  • Crafting, Trading, Navigating, and Arcane skills gain experience at a higher rate.
  • High chance of birth with Thermomancy or Primal Attunement.
  • Liked by most but often mistaken as Imperialists.
  • Experience penalties with all melee Martial and Exotic Weapon and Gathering skills.

I eliminated Dunesmen straight away. Though thieving sounded like a fun route to take, I didn't want to risk the societal negative. Mountainfolk were next to go. I imagined Traversal skills included sneaking, but the lack of Crafting bonus and the risk of being considered stupid was a negative.

"Select Plainsmen," I said.

My avatar's complexion smoothed and what had been naturally dark skin, now looked more tanned. He looked like me but more relaxed than I'd ever been. From appearance alone, he was likeable. I could see myself becoming a prosperous merchant as him.

"What's this?" I asked when the next selection process started. My avatar and I stood shoulder to shoulder in a room lined with countless spheres. There words in varying scripts engraved on their surface.

"This is where you build your avatar's backstory. The traits you select will modify your bonuses and penalties. Some may handicap you in some respect while giving you a supreme advantage elsewhere."

"How many do I get?"

"Six," the system answered. "You pick three, then I pick three."

"Pick all six for me, I'm in a rush."

"Request denied. The rules are set. You must pick three."

"I've wasted too long on avatar creation already!" I complained. However, the rules had to be obeyed. "You've got to help me narrow the selection down."

"Request granted," the system said, and the majority of the balls turned black. "Traits that don't pair well with your previous parameters have been dulled. Do note: due to the time dilation only two minutes have passed since synchronisation with the pod."

The first to grab my attention was Apprentice.

You're talented and hardworking enough to have found a master in your chosen craft. Experience gain in selected profession increased by 25%. Related skills will start at the Apprentice rank. Your master will be assigned randomly.

Several choices of profession drifted in front of me. It wasn't only related to crafting, but there were diplomatic and combat-related professions too. Apprentice Salesman was an amusing option, but I moved it to the rejected pile. Only alchemist, artificer and blacksmith remained by the time I was done eliminating the unsuitable options. Unsure how lucrative the first craft was in Intemus, I dismissed it. After some thought I decided, the second was bound to be too expensive to rank quickly, so I settled on blacksmithing.

The system was kind enough to darken more options when I locked in my choice. However, I was determined to get it all done, sticking to the shelves closest to me. The ball labelled 'Adopted' caught my attention.

Nurture is as important as nurture. Brought up by a parent or parents of a different ancestry, you have assimilated their interests and nature. You will inherit two skill growth bonuses from your adopted parent. A fraction of their reputation bonuses and penalties will be added to yours as well.

"System, do I get to choose which skill bonuses I will inherit?"

"No. However, the ancestral skill bonuses do not stack. If your adopted parent is one of the Mountainfolk, you won't receive further bonuses in Gathering, Taming or Marksmanship. Only Traversal will be added to the bonuses. All weapon skill penalties will be added too."

"Excellent," I said. "Make my avatar a Channelsmen adopted by Plainsmen."

"Request completed," the system said, and the avatar's physique changed. The smooth complexion turned rough from its exposure to the sea, the shoulders grew more full and the arms longer. The skin was now more sunburnt than tanned.

"Lastly, is there any trait that reduces the likelihood of my Channelsmen being mistaken for an Imperialist. Or, increases his likability."

One of the formerly black balls lit up, and the rest dulled. It was labelled: Abandoned.

Sympathy isn't always a bad thing. While in the settlement you grew up in, you're liked by all, more so by those in your neighbourhood. After all, it takes a village to raise a child. However, your lack of birth papers may be a hindrance.

Combination effect with Adopted: You will inherit an extra skill and reputation bonus from your adoptive parents. However, all penalties are doubled.

Tip: Be sure to get a copy of your adoption certificate.

"It's perfect," I said, finalising my selection. I didn't have any use for Taming, but the guarantee of inheriting Marksmanship and Trade skill bonuses was worth more to me than the extra likability. "Now show me what you're picking."

"You may view my selections through your Codex once in Intemus."

"Fine. That means I get to start now?"

"No. Starting location and name selection are still left."

"What city is the Golden Scales headquarter in?" I asked.

"The cloud city of Nimbus," the system answered. The scenery changed once again. My avatar and I were now standing on a cloud looking at a cluster of floating islands. It looked like the city had been born on top of the flat rock face and then spilt over the sides. Buildings not only clung to the grey rock face but hung from it as well. The city's rim was one giant port. There were docked sky ships occupying most of it. I watched some depart and others waiting for a spot to tether. It was a wondrous sight.

The variety of vehicles left me wondering about the world's magic and crafting systems. Wooden rectangles were dangling from massive balloons, with propellers lashed to their sides. A good fraction of the ships looked no different from ones you'd see on the ocean but had horizontal sails in addition to the vertical one. Most intriguing of all were the complex aerodynamic structures with no visible propulsion. I guessed they used Arcanic means to stay afloat.

"I can't think of a more perfect city for a merchant's guild. What's the manufacturing and military scene like?"

"Nimbus runs on trade and manufacturing. There is a constabulary serving the council of guilds that run the city, but it doesn't have its own military. Instead, the guilds have their own defence force or employ mercenaries to defend the city from pirates and sky beasts. It serves as a transit hub too. A significant fraction of the population makes a living restocking ships on long voyages and catering to sailors and deckhands-"

"That's enough," I interrupted. "I don't need a breakdown of their economy. What happens next?"

"I select the final background traits to formulate your avatar's back story," the system explained. "And, you pick your avatar's name."

"Make your selection then, what are you waiting for?"

"It is done. I was waiting for you to confirm your starting location. What would you like to name your avatar?"

My now-dead avatar was named Rowan Parsons, while Maya's had been Madhu Maya - she'd adopted my late mother's last name. However, I needed something different for my new journey.

"Rowe Kross." Eddie employed the last name for professional reasons. Hicks wasn't threatening enough, and it tied us together.

"Your character background will judge your last name. You may only select the first."

"Fine," I said. Something inside me wanted to employ the 'kay' sound still. My avatar looked like he should have it in his name. "Let's go with Krowe then."

"Unconventional but suitable. Avatar creation is complete. Commencing dive in five. Four. Three. Two."

I didn't hear her finish her countdown before the world went black.


Chapter 1


Royal Road

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t3_cg5i5p2019-07-21T23:15:17+00:00The Gunwright - Chapter 2
The Gunwright - Chapter 2

I think this is something we could do as a united fandom (book fans and gamers). It doesn't matter if you disagree with the casting or other things we've seen so far. I dare to believe we all still want this show to be the best it can be, no matter what.

I already know this will get downvoted to hell because some of you might consider this an incredibly idiotic and unnecessary idea, but if even a small percentage gets down with this... I'm happy.

There have been whispers about the series already being greenlit for 3 seasons, as has been usual for Netflix before they cancel anything. My dumb theory is that if the views and hype for The Witcher surpasses even the Stranger Things trailers, Netflix might consider revealing some of their future plans for the series (total amount of seasons etc).

The Witcher | Official Teaser | Netflix

Open up the teaser on a tab, right-click the video, choose "Loop" from the droplist, mute the audio, change resolution to 144p and voilá! The teaser will loop in the background without draining too much performance from your PC.

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t3_cg5g9d2019-07-21T23:10:15+00:00Let's make The Witcher teaser the most viewed video on Netflix's YouTube channel?
Let's make The Witcher teaser the most viewed video on Netflix's YouTube channel?

• All of the Apollo moon missions had help from anti-gravity and other advanced “E.T.” technologies for landing and lift-off on the moon. They had advanced nano-tech skin shielding combined with a charged field around the craft to protect them from radiation.


The Moon

• A lot of the TV images of the Moon were staged on earth to avoid showing the massive amount of artificial structures that were present. Stanley Kubrick directed those sequences at the MGM studios in London, England.

 Subsequently, President Richard Nixon ordered three of the actors assassinated to cover up his role in ordering the staged events. 

Some of the Vietnam War was to find the CIA “actors” who escaped to Southeast Asia (think “Apocalypse Now”)

Some of the “moon rocks” were actually from Antarctica.

• All of the Apollo astronauts (except one) have had specific memories of their visits to the Moon erased.

• Shortly after the Apollo 11 landing on the moon July 21, 1969, Neil Armstrong relayed a message regarding some space vehicles outside the window of the Lunar Module to mission control:

 “These babies are huge, sir... enormous... Oh my God, you wouldn’t believe it! I’m telling you there are other spacecraft out there...lined up on the far side of the crater edge.They’re on the moon watching us!” 

The Moon has a number of interesting characteristics.

(I call these the 10 of Moons)

• First, the moon maintains a nearly-perfect circular orbit. No planetary model can adequately explain how that occurred whether it originated from the earth, the solar system or from outside the solar system.

The best, and currently accepted model, is called the Orpheus Theory, which states that the Moon came into being as a result of a collision of two planetary bodies, one being the earth, the other a rogue planet.

However, it leaves Earth with an excessive angular momentum.

From the Sumerian Creation Tablets it was written that two moons of a rogue planet called Nibiru smacked into Tiamat (the primordial Earth)

... From that collision the Earth and Asteroid Belt were produced.

Our Moon was already a satellite of Tiamat and was attracted to the largest remaining fragment.

Other reports state that our moon came from another planet called Maldek (Malona) which was destroyed during the Great Galactic War.

The asteroid belt is all that remains of that planet as well as a portion of Tiamat.

• Second, the moon is 27.322% of the Earth’s size. The Moon rotates around the Earth once every 27.322 days. A coincidence?

• Third, it maintains an orbit and rotational period which are exactly the same. We never see the other side from the prospective of an earth-bound observer.

• Fourth, the distance from the earth to the moon is 1/400th the distance from the earth to the sun and the diameter of the moon is 1/400 the diameter of the sun. The Moon and the sun are the same size from the perspective of an earth-bound observer (and only an earth-bound observer).

• Fifth, using any unit of measure, multiply the earth circumference by the moon circumference and divide by 100 and you get the sun circumference.

• Sixth, the Moon circumference is 10,920.8 km and it turns once every 27.322 Earth days which means the Moon is rotating at 400 km/d. The Earth is rotating at 40,000 km/d. The ratio is 100:1. Coincidence?

• Seventh, there are 109.2 Earth diameters to one Sun diameter, there are also 109.2 Sun diameters to the diameter of the Earth orbit at aphelion andthe circumference of the Moon is 109.2 x 100 kilometers. Another coincidence?

• Eighth, the largest craters on the Moon are convex instead of concave and are far too shallow for meteor impacts. There is a shell below the surface that is not penetrated.

• Ninth, the Moon precisely imitates the annual movements of the Sun from the perspective of the earth-bound observer. When the Sun is at its lowest position in the sky on December 21st the Moon is at its highest, and when the Sun is at its highest on June 21st, the Moon is at its lowest and at the equinoxes their positions are identical.

The respective high and low positions from the perspective of the earth-bound observer are also identical in magnitude and they also rise and set at precisely the samelocation on the horizon. The gravitational influence and reciprocal movement of the Sun and Moon are identical.

 “The best explanation for the Moon is observational error – the Moon does not exist.” – Irwin Shapiro of the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics. There’s more... 

• The Moon has “mascons” which are mass concentration areas immediately under the surface instead of in the core. Historically these areas have made it difficult for spacecraft to maintain close orbits and have caused numerous probes to deviate from their intended course. When the Moon was sounded by crashing the Apollo 12 Lunar Module into it, it “rang like a bell” for over an hour. Afterward the Apollo 13, 3rd stage rocket was dropped on it, and it rang for 3 hours and 20 minutes. It also wobbled in a precise way,

...almost as though it had gigantic hydraulic dampeners inside.

• Six seismometers were placed by the subsequent Apollo astronauts all over the near side of the moon. With repeated remote soundings it was possible to identify two very large dense objects in the core which are aligned with the moon-earth axis. The crust of the moon is made of (among other things) brass, titanium, uranium 236, neptunium 237 and rust-proof iron.

Rust-proof iron does not exist in nature. The radioactive dusts are consistent with the prior use of nuclear weapons.

• Analysis of the bound gases in the soil indicates that it was under the influence of another star system prior to 1.5 billion years ago.

The Moon did not originate in our solar system.

• The disembodied head of an artificial life form was photographed by the Apollo astronauts on the moon and looked very similar to C3PO from the “Star Wars” series of movies. Another object looks like a Storm Trooper. These objects were photographed years before the original “Star Wars”movie was released, which begs the question: what did George Lucas know and when did he know it?

• The Moon is inhabited by both extraterrestrials and humans.

They live inside.

• There is at least one large “helium 3” fusion reactor facility on the moon which can be easily seen with an amateur telescope. It is on Aristarchus.

... It has a distinct bluish color.

The Blue Gem

• The Moon has a human mining base on Sinus Medii which extracts helium 3 for fusion reactors. This is a civilian operation.

• There is also a joint Soviet – U.S. military base called Luna. When President Kennedy stated that we would go to the Moon before the decade was over, we were already there.

• The Moon has a weak atmosphere and it is possible to walk about on the surface without a spacesuit (after going through decompression), but with supplemental oxygen. There are plants growing on its surface.

• A large extraterrestrial base is visible on the far side of the Moon. Much of the far side (inside) is currently occupied by extraterrestrials. There are at least three small cities occupied by humans and humanoids.

Dark Side Base?

• There are numerous structures on the Moon made of glass which are very old and heavily damaged. They are the domes of ancient cities.

Lunar Dome

• There are many lakes on the Moon. The largest is on the far side near an alien base. The water came from earth.

• There is one very large and very old, damaged alien spaceship clearly visible on the far side of the Moon. This was photographed by the Apollo 20 astronauts. (Yes, there were other Apollo missions)

• We have been going to the Moon since 1947. Photos from NASA official of Earth and Moon, 1947, V2 Rocket

And 2

• Our Moon is reportedly from a star system in the constellation Ursa Minor called Chauta. It was modified and brought here during the Great Galactic War as a satellite of Maldek, the planet which is now the Asteroid Belt.

It is entirely artificial with a titanium shell and a hollow interior. It used to have nine huge domed cities on it. Remnants of these domes still exist on the surface.

  • Let's talk about the rest of our solar system.

• Titan (a moon of Saturn) is not as cold as we were led to believe.

It has water and water-ice and abundant life forms. It has an oxygen-nitrogen atmosphere similar to our own. It has hundreds of times more liquid hydrocarbons than all of the known oil and gas reserves on earth.

It is the “Persian Gulf” of the solar system.


Artist Rendition of NASA accounts

• Iapetus is the outermost Moon of Saturn.

It resembles a space station right out of Star Wars; it has less mass than expected; it has a metallic-like reflective surface; it has a massive equatorial ridge 6 miles high with three ridges imbedded in it; it has rectilinear geometry on the surface consistent with a truncated icosohedron; it has a dark side and a light side which are so different, the planet can’t be seen on one side; its rotation and orbit are perfectly synchronized and is outside the planetary ecliptic.

Iapetus and Lucas...again

It also resembles the properties of our Moon in many ways.

(See above Moon Post on amazing similarities between the two)

... It is reportedly the base of the Galactic Federation in this solar system.

• Venus was once known as the Destroyer. It was placed in orbit to stabilize the solar system.

When Earth and Venus are at their closest positions to each other, the same side of Venus is always facing us.

It has no clouds at its poles.

Lightening emanates from the planet surface.

It was recently found to have oxygen in its atmosphere.

In 1985 NASA discovered three pyramids and a sphinx in a complex that looks like those in Egypt.

...It is called the Cytherean complex. More than 200 photographs have been taken of it.

Compound on Venus

....Venus is being terraformed.

• There are glass tubes that are several hundred feet in diameter on the planet Mars.

One of them shows a break, and at the break is a vehicle.

The picture below is of a large alien spaceship positioned on the edge of the Valley Marineris (Mars).

It has windows and engines visible. It appears to be very old.

Real Image From Mars. Coordinates: 6°25'40.89"S 76°53'48.65"W.

• All of the planets as well as the sun are electromagnetic. The temperature inside the sun is colder, not hotter than its surface.

The sun’s power is only partially nuclear. Two-thirds of its power is gated from another dimension.

• The Mars probe “Opportunity” captured a humanoid in one of its high-res panoramic shots, which was discovered after digital enhancement.

Many Unique Images via Egyptian type architecture; humanoids

• In 1989 there were more than 670,000 humanoids on the planet Mars. They lived in multiple underground cities.

....The Draconians reportedly invaded Mars and destroyed a colony in 1989.

We were then told by the Draconians that we had to trash the Earth environment and extinguish self-rule and bring people to their knees or they would come here and extinguish us as well.

• There are many artificial structures buried under a thick layer of dust and silt which are remnants of ancient Martian cities destroyed in a planetary cataclysm some 70,000 years ago.

....There’s a large underground base at Utopia Planitia (the Nowhere Plain) at the bottom of an ancient seabed.

• As part of the Great Galactic War a massive plasma discharge slammed into the planet Mars, vaporizing the water and ripping away the atmosphere and in a matter of minutes carved the huge Valley Marineriswe see today.

(See Coming Atlantis Creation Post)

Fragments of that planet were blasted into space and small chunks found their way to Earth. Martian rocks can be found lying about on Antarctic ice to this day.

• There are a number of “stargates”, and “looking glasses” on earth which allow us to travel great distances and to look back and forth in time.

(See Coming Montauk Post)

... Except for lesser size, a “looking glass” looks nearly identical to the machine that was created for the movie “Contact”, in which the characterEllie traveled to Vega.

• The time portals and looking glasses have all indicated a problem with the 2025-33 timeframe; they can’t go there. After the year 2025, Earth is missing.

• There are two very large sculpted faces on Mars. On one side at 40 degrees north in a region known as Cydonia, is a half-man half-lion image and on the opposite side of the planet is an image of a young female wearing a crown.

Sphinx on Mars

The later image is a monument to a Niburian Annunaki leader called Alalu, as identified in the 6000 year old writings of the Sumerians translated by Zacharia Sitchin.

Alalu on Mars

(See yesterday's The Pharaohs post for more information)

... It is 1.6 miles long by 1.2 miles wide by 2000 feet high and contains within, three massive pyramids. It has teeth, eyes with pupils, a nose with nostrils, a mouth and chin and a headdress similar to that of ancient Egyptian pharaohs.

The left side of the monument (the right side as seen from above) is that of a lion.

Interestingly there is another monument on Earth which is half-man half-lion associated with three massive pyramids known as the Sphinx.

... The queen has a more realistic human appearance and is of a similar size.

Giza reconstructed on Mars

• We have been going to the planet Mars beginning in 1971 both in antigravity vehicles and through “jumprooms”.

The Russians were there with us. Traveling to Mars using a jumproom is virtually instantaneous. It looks like an elevator.

The doors close and then they open, and then you’re on Mars.

• There are plants and animals on the planet Mars. There are many canals and rivers. There are massive reserves of water below the surface. There is water ice at the poles. It is full of life.

• The sky on the planet Mars is blue. (Check out that recent Reddit popular video of Rover video of mars. The sky is what color?).

...The color images that we have seen have been deliberately altered to give the reddish sky.

• The atmosphere on the planet Mars is thin but breathable. No spacesuits or supplemental oxygen is required to walk about on the surface. The temperature on the surface of Mars is above freezing most of the time.

It is very similar to Earth at 12000’- 14000’ elevation.

Atmospheric pressure is 710 millibars and the average equatorial temperature is 59 degrees Fahrenheit.

• Mars’ artificial moon Phobos has a city on it which is an alien outpost.

It was once a moon of Maldek.

Approximately 75,000 years ago the first true humans, who were originally Martians, appeared on Earth.


• Triton was built as a way-station to deal with a mass exodus. It is in orbit around Neptune.

Image of Triton

• Triton is an artificial planet and was towed into our solar system. The conditions on the inside are as near as possible a copy of those on Earth.

• Triton is enclosed by a transparent dome which allows the sunlight to penetrate into the interior.

The suns rays are amplified 1020 times to give the same intensity as the Sun on Earth. Air and water are generated and there is no pollution. It has all variety of flora and fauna.

Some of the plants and animals are from earth and some are from Epicot.

• The orbit of Triton about Neptune is 5.9 days and has an inclination of 129.8 degrees.

The rotational period is synchronous with the orbit so, as with our own Moon, the same side always faces the planet.

... It has essentially no eccentricity and it is retrograde to normal planetary rotation.

The outer surface as enormous quantities of water ice. No scientific model can adequately explain these anomalies.

• It is the Noah’s Ark of the solar system.

It is a way station for transfer to an Earth-like planet called Epicot many light-years distant.

....There is an advance party of Earth dwellers living there. There are farms, towns and a whole ecological system. There is a control station located on the transparent dome staffed by some 435 people. The environment is controlled. The flora and fauna are from both planets.

• The alien protectors of this planet are allowed and required by Cosmic Law to save all life on Earth in the event of a natural cataclysm.

However, they have to follow the Law of Non-interference; they will not save us if we destroy ourselves nor if we refuse assistance.


If you enjoy this content please help stimulate more by showing my family some love! It really helps my self-esteem and a happy wife is a happy life!

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t3_cg56up2019-07-21T22:45:38+00:00The Moon & The Planets
The Moon & The Planets

I amb truly 100% sure that Kaido will be killed by the revolutionaries and I think it will be Dragon the one who would do it. I got 3 arguments that support these. The first one is the one that made me think a lot around this subject and the final one is the proves that I got in the series.

1- First one, u/WildReporter great theory

Read it, it's just perfect and the rest of this post is just a support/continuation of that. Oda is well known for referencing a lot of myths and cultures around the world and making a lot of foreshadowing using historically important stories and references. It feels so well all around, and it's Dragon making a first real appearence (he's already making an appearance in the series but we haven't seen him in action) killing a dragon.

2- this is a two part argument: we have been seeing Dragon more and more lately (the last 5 years or so) and I think that it will soon make the great appearence. Some will argue that Dragon will only show himself in the final sprint, but I think that, in all the movement that the revolutionary army got, the reverie, Dragon not being with Sabo there... I bet that the last important friendly character being shown will be Shanks and Dragon has to come before. We've got the Yonkou and the World Goverment left until the end of the series and ther is not that much room for Dragon to been seen in combat. Also, if luffy became strong enough to beat Kaido in combat, what emotion would it have the rest of the series. If luffy became able to defeat the strongest creature on earth on his own then it should say: "if it's one on one, Luffy will win" and that can't be. Luffy has always fight with enemies that, at first are much more strong than him. He then became more powerfull and/or knows their weak spot and then, finally, wins them still being weaker than them. If Luffy is strong enough to beat Kaido the patern can continue unless Kaido is weaker than the other Yonko.

So if Luffy will not defeat Kaido himself and the time for Dragon to shine is coming, Dragon should be the one to defeat Kaido. But ther isn't any reason for Dragon to go and batle Kaido... or there is?

3 After the Dressrosa arc, in the chapter 803 we see Koala informing Dragon about the arms found in the Joker's port. They got a special mineral that will help them determine where they were made. And where are they made? in Wano.

The revolutionary army were doing research after the arms in the underworld. They now probably know that wasn't Joker the one who made them all this time. We know that the arms were made in Wano and we know that the revolutionary army just discovered that (with Koala inform). Oda just told us that the revolutionaries are planing to do something to get that arms. They probably didn't know anything about the Joker-Kaido thing nor the situation in Wano.

(We don't know anything about that strange mineral but it is possible it's seastone)

So Oda has been foeshadowing all of this and all the pieces clicks. Revolutionaries were in Dressrosa searching for the arms so they probablly will go to Wano. Luffy will not defeat Kaido alone (I think we all knew that). All the pieces of this puzzle are pointing there.

Hope u like it, coment what u think about me thoughts and sorry for my bad English (my third laguage)

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t3_cg54ky2019-07-21T22:39:42+00:00who would kil Kaido?
who would kil Kaido?

Now and then there's a Slashdot article about some network adapter that could have spyware because of proprietary chips in it, various conspiracy theories about end-to-end infiltration of spy chips in routers and network cards that make the front page, and so on. It made me wonder: Has anyone collected information about this issue and summarized what seems to be truth and not?

It seems like it would be quite the pain if you got all the software installed right but all of your network devices were phoning home in ways that packet sniffers wouldn't detect because of hardware patches to ignore it.

I see some computer manufacturers advertising open hardware, like the System76 Thelio which states "Open hardware licensed to give you rights" and the Purism Librem15 which vivaciously claims "All other laptops use hardware chips coupled with software that can betray you. News stories have shown how these chips can surreptitiously transmit voice, networking, picture or video signals."

Does anyone know how true these claims are and how much they actually matter in real-world circumstances day-to-day?

And, is there a list of "known as good" hardware floating around online, if one wanted to build a computer out of individually chosen components?

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t3_cg4y4a2019-07-21T22:23:29+00:00How safe are modern network cards and other hardware chips? Is there a list of ones that are known as "open source"?
How safe are modern network cards and other hardware chips? Is there a list of ones that are known as "open source"?


Game Group Store Score (Reviews)
Demetrios - The BIG Cynical Adventure (RIP) SiMPLEX Steam, GOG 87% (182)
Lovely Planet 2: April Skies SiMPLEX Steam 94% (49)
PiiSim SiMPLEX Steam 85% (26)
Etherborn (RIP) SiMPLEX Steam, GOG 93% (15)
Jim is Moving Out! SiMPLEX Steam 100% (1)
Ghost Land DARKZER0 Steam 67% (6)
Cafe Crush DARKZER0 Steam 67% (3)
Orc Raid DARKZER0 Steam 100% (2)


Update Group Store Score (Reviews)
TerraTech.v1.3.RIP SiMPLEX Steam 83% (6.2k)
Age.of.Civilizations.II.v1.01415.x86 SiMPLEX Steam, GOG 79% (4.5k)
Age.of.Civilizations.II.v1.01415.x64 SiMPLEX Steam, GOG 79% (4.5k)
Sheltered.Stasis.Build.18.07.2019 SiMPLEX Steam 79% (4k)
OPUS.The.Day.We.Found.Earth.v3.1.0.x86 SiMPLEX Steam 86% (684)
OPUS.The.Day.We.Found.Earth.v3.1.0.x64 SiMPLEX Steam 86% (684)
Tales.of.the.Neon.Sea.v1.0.79 SiMPLEX Steam 71% (502)
China.Maos.Legacy.v1.1.1.X86 SiMPLEX Steam 93% (145)
China.Maos.Legacy.v1.1.1.X64 SiMPLEX Steam 93% (145)
Bugs.Must.Die.v1.1.0.7339 SiMPLEX Steam 98% (109)
Final.Theory.v1.2.x86 SiMPLEX Steam 81% (85)
Final.Theory.v1.2.x64 SiMPLEX Steam 81% (85)
Devil.Engine.v1.0.0.3.Build.43560 SiMPLEX Steam 97% (60)
Etherborn.RIP.SPEECH.ADDON SiMPLEX Steam, GOG 93% (15)
Elemental.War.v1.0.1.Rev.4347 SiMPLEX Steam 92% (12)
Pro.Cycling.Manager.2019.v1.0.3.2.Update SKIDROW Steam 64% (152)



Game Group Store Score (Reviews)
Cafe Crush DARKZER0 Steam 67% (3)



Game Group Store Score (Reviews)
Cafe Crush DARKZER0 Steam 67% (3)


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Q: What are all these NFO thingies? Where do I download?

A: NFOs are text files included with game releases which contain information about the releases. r/CrackWatch only informs which games have been cracked. To download look for the releases on CS.RIN.RU or torrent websites. Useful websites can be found in The Beginners Guide and on WebOasis.


Q: WTF is Denuvo?

A: Denuvo is a Digital Rights Management (DRM) technology used to protect games from being cracked. Games that have Denuvo are harder to crack and usually take much longer. See Pinned Post for a list of Denuvo games.


Q: An update is out, but it includes the base game as well! Can I only download the update without redownloading the entire game?

A: Yes. CS.RIN.RU is your friend.

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t3_cg4tf92019-07-21T22:11:33+00:00Daily Releases (July 21, 2019)
Daily Releases (July 21, 2019)

source -

I take no credit for this patch, author did a great job. Just fixed a few spelling mistakes & phrasing.

Rebalance Goal

Aikido should focus completely on defense and counterattacks, with no offensive skills.

New Buffs, Techniques, and Special Abilities

Name Unarmed Level Available Unarmed Technique Type Effect
Arm Block 0 Arm Block If you have an unbroken arm, you can (on a chance) redirect an attack to your arm and reduce 50% of the bash damage.
Aikido Stance 0 Passive Dexterity also lowers incoming damage after you block. The damage reduction is equal to your Dexterity.
Blocking Counter-Throw 0 Block Counter Down 1, Knockback 1.
Dodging Counter-Throw 2 Dodge Counter Down 1, Knockback 1.
Intermediate Aikido 3 Passive +1 Block attempts, +1 Dodge attempts. (Note: Dodge/block attempts are per-turn)
Grab Break 3 Grab Break Breaks from grabs.
Blocking Disarm-Throw 4 Block Counter Disarms, Down 1, Knockback 1.
Dodging Disarm-Throw 4 Dodge Counter Disarms, Down 1, Knockback 1.
Advanced Aikido 5 Passive +1 Block attempts, +1 Dodge attempts.

Important Changes

  • Removed -50% damage debuff, no longer relies on a Pain mechanic.

  • Added arm block, block damage reduction, and block counter.

  • More Block and Dodge attempts per-turn.

Advantages and Disadvantages

Aikido is now the most defensive style in CDDA. It moves fluidly between dodge and block benefits without conditions needed to be fulfilled first. This is unlike Karate (needs a hit), Zui Quan (needs an attack) or Capoeira (needs movement).

Having both a block and dodge counter that forces opponents away from you will go a long way to keeping you from getting surrounded. Having a grab break is good for the same reason.

Aikido has no offensive attacks or damage buffs. On top of that, the counters moving opponents away from you is going to increase the amount of time it takes to kill something. Analysis/Theory

Blackbelt now has a defensive option by stacking DEX. If you really want to flex this idea, build 5 STR to get the +1 to Dodging.

The power spike of Aikido seems to be at 3, when you get the grab break, and the extra checks per-turn. Level 5 seems a bit undervalued compared to the ease of getting to level 3. So it's not good for getting you over the initial hurdle, but it's a pretty quality style if you have an Unarmed book or two.

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t3_cg4si92019-07-21T22:09:04+00:00A few hours ago, #9355 gave a dramatic rework to Aikido. No more damage loss, counter disarm and throw techniques, Dex improves blocking reduction. Discuss.
A few hours ago, #9355 gave a dramatic rework to Aikido. No more damage loss, counter disarm and throw techniques, Dex improves blocking reduction. Discuss.


Game Group Store Score (Reviews)
Cyberprank 2069 - PROPER PLAZA Steam 86% (36)
Demetrios - The BIG Cynical Adventure (RIP) SiMPLEX Steam, GOG 87% (182)
Lovely Planet 2: April Skies SiMPLEX Steam 94% (49)
PiiSim SiMPLEX Steam 85% (26)
Etherborn (RIP) SiMPLEX Steam, GOG 93% (15)
Jim is Moving Out! SiMPLEX Steam 100% (1)
Ghost Land DARKZER0 Steam 67% (6)
Cafe Crush DARKZER0 Steam 67% (3)
Orc Raid DARKZER0 Steam 100% (2)


Update Group Store Score (Reviews)
TerraTech.v1.3.RIP SiMPLEX Steam 83% (6.2k)
Age.of.Civilizations.II.v1.01415.x86 SiMPLEX Steam, GOG 79% (4.5k)
Age.of.Civilizations.II.v1.01415.x64 SiMPLEX Steam, GOG 79% (4.5k)
Sheltered.Stasis.Build.18.07.2019 SiMPLEX Steam 79% (4k)
OPUS.The.Day.We.Found.Earth.v3.1.0.x86 SiMPLEX Steam 86% (684)
OPUS.The.Day.We.Found.Earth.v3.1.0.x64 SiMPLEX Steam 86% (684)
Tales.of.the.Neon.Sea.v1.0.79 SiMPLEX Steam 71% (502)
China.Maos.Legacy.v1.1.1.X86 SiMPLEX Steam 93% (145)
China.Maos.Legacy.v1.1.1.X64 SiMPLEX Steam 93% (145)
Bugs.Must.Die.v1.1.0.7339 SiMPLEX Steam 98% (109)
Final.Theory.v1.2.x86 SiMPLEX Steam 81% (85)
Final.Theory.v1.2.x64 SiMPLEX Steam 81% (85)
Devil.Engine.v1.0.0.3.Build.43560 SiMPLEX Steam 97% (60)
Etherborn.RIP.SPEECH.ADDON SiMPLEX Steam, GOG 93% (15)
Elemental.War.v1.0.1.Rev.4347 SiMPLEX Steam 92% (12)
Pro.Cycling.Manager.2019.v1.0.3.2.Update SKIDROW Steam 64% (152)



Game Group Store Score (Reviews)
Cafe Crush DARKZER0 Steam 67% (3)



Game Group Store Score (Reviews)
Cafe Crush DARKZER0 Steam 67% (3)


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Q: When will [insert game name here] be cracked?

A: STOP! r/CrackWatch members are not psychic. Games get cracked by completely ANONYMOUS SCENE GROUPS who don't disclose their progress or plans to the general public so NO ONE knows WHEN and IF a certain game will be cracked.


Q: What are all these NFO thingies? Where do I download?

A: NFOs are text files included with game releases which contain information about the releases. r/CrackWatch only informs which games have been cracked. To download look for the releases on CS.RIN.RU or torrent websites. Useful websites can be found in The Beginners Guide and on WebOasis.


Q: WTF is Denuvo?

A: Denuvo is a Digital Rights Management (DRM) technology used to protect games from being cracked. Games that have Denuvo are harder to crack and usually take much longer. See Pinned Post for a list of Denuvo games.


Q: An update is out, but it includes the base game as well! Can I only download the update without redownloading the entire game?

A: Yes. CS.RIN.RU is your friend.

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t3_cg4si82019-07-21T22:09:04+00:00Daily Releases (July 21, 2019)
Daily Releases (July 21, 2019)
# Windows | Game | Group | Store | Score (Reviews) | |:-|:-|:-|:-| | [Cyberprank 2069]( **- PROPER** | PLAZA | [Steam]( | 86% (36) | | [Demetrios \- The BIG Cynical Adventure (RIP)]( | SiMPLEX | [Steam](, [GOG]( | 87% (182) | | [Lovely Planet 2: April Skies]( | SiMPLEX | [Steam]( | 94% (49) | | [PiiSim]( | SiMPLEX | [Steam]( | 85% (26) | | [Etherborn (RIP)]( | SiMPLEX | [Steam](, [GOG]( | 93% (15) | | [Jim is Moving Out\!]( | SiMPLEX | [Steam]( | 100% (1) | | [Ghost Land]( | DARKZER0 | [Steam]( | 67% (6) | | [Cafe Crush]( | DARKZER0 | [Steam]( | 67% (3) | | [Orc Raid]( | DARKZER0 | [Steam]( | 100% (2) | &nbsp; | Update | Group | Store | Score (Reviews) | |:-|:-|:-|:-| | [TerraTech.v1.3.RIP]( | SiMPLEX | [Steam]( | 83% (6.2k) | | [Age.of.Civilizations.II.v1.01415.x86]( | SiMPLEX | [Steam](, [GOG]( | 79% (4.5k) | | [Age.of.Civilizations.II.v1.01415.x64]( | SiMPLEX | [Steam](, [GOG]( | 79% (4.5k) | | [Sheltered.Stasis.Build.18.07.2019]( | SiMPLEX | [Steam]( | 79% (4k) | | [OPUS.The.Day.We.Found.Earth.v3.1.0.x86]( | SiMPLEX | [Steam]( | 86% (684) | | [OPUS.The.Day.We.Found.Earth.v3.1.0.x64]( | SiMPLEX | [Steam]( | 86% (684) | | [Tales.of.the.Neon.Sea.v1.0.79]( | SiMPLEX | [Steam]( | 71% (502) | | [China.Maos.Legacy.v1.1.1.X86]( | SiMPLEX | [Steam]( | 93% (145) | | [China.Maos.Legacy.v1.1.1.X64]( | SiMPLEX | [Steam]( | 93% (145) | | [Bugs.Must.Die.v1.1.0.7339]( | SiMPLEX | [Steam]( | 98% (109) | | [Final.Theory.v1.2.x86]( | SiMPLEX | [Steam]( | 81% (85) | | [Final.Theory.v1.2.x64]( | SiMPLEX | [Steam]( | 81% (85) | | [Devil.Engine.v1.0.0.3.Build.43560]( | SiMPLEX | [Steam]( | 97% (60) | | [Etherborn.RIP.SPEECH.ADDON]( | SiMPLEX | [Steam](, [GOG]( | 93% (15) | | [Elemental.War.v1.0.1.Rev.4347]( | SiMPLEX | [Steam]( | 92% (12) | | [Pro.Cycling.Manager.2019.v1.0.3.2.Update]( | SKIDROW | [Steam]( | 64% (152) | &nbsp; # Mac OSX | Game | Group | Store | Score (Reviews) | |:-|:-|:-|:-| | [Cafe Crush]( | DARKZER0 | [Steam]( | 67% (3) | &nbsp; # Linux | Game | Group | Store | Score (Reviews) | |:-|:-|:-|:-| | [Cafe Crush]( | DARKZER0 | [Steam]( | 67% (3) | &nbsp; # [<< July 20, 2019]( ***** #Q&A **Q:** When will [insert game name here] be cracked? **A:** STOP! r/CrackWatch members are not psychic. Games get cracked by completely **[ANONYMOUS SCENE GROUPS](** who don't disclose their progress or plans to the general public so **NO ONE** knows **WHEN** and **IF** a certain game will be cracked. &nbsp; **Q:** What are all these NFO thingies? Where do I download? **A:** NFOs are text files included with game releases which contain information about the releases. r/CrackWatch only informs which games have been cracked. To download look for the releases on [CS.RIN.RU]( or torrent websites. Useful websites can be found in [The Beginners Guide](/r/CrackWatch/comments/a7l141) and on [WebOasis]( &nbsp; **Q:** WTF is Denuvo? **A:** Denuvo is a Digital Rights Management (DRM) technology used to protect games from being cracked. Games that have Denuvo are harder to crack and usually take much longer. See [Pinned Post](/r/CrackWatch/comments/avrrh6) for a list of Denuvo games. &nbsp; **Q:** An update is out, but it includes the base game as well! Can I only download the update without redownloading the entire game? **A:** Yes. [CS.RIN.RU]( is your friend. 
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Daily Releases (July 21, 2019) - Source

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New questions have emerged over leaks of confidential UK diplomatic cables criticising Donald Trump after a 19-year-old Brexit activist was revealed to be the person who obtained them.

In a lengthy feature in the Mail on Sunday, Steven Edginton, who describes himself as a freelance journalist and who since April has worked for the Brexit party, said he was passed Sir Kim Darroch's briefings on the White House.

Edginton, who has vowed to protect the identity of his "Trusted source", said he spoke to serving and former civil servants to find out about their role during preparations for Brexit.

Edginton said: "I appreciate that my CV - and my pro-Brexit views - will inevitably fuel the conspiracy theories but I want to be absolutely clear: the leak of Sir Kim's cables had absolutely nothing to do with the Brexit party."

Last summer, he turned down the offer of a place at the London School of Economics to continue working for Westmonster, the hyper-partisan online news outlet founded by Banks and formeMichael Heaver, a former spokesman for Nigel Farage and now a Brexit party MEP. He then picked up a number of roles in quick succession, including a stint as digital campaign manager at the Taxpayers' Alliance, and this year began work doing digital strategy work for Leave Means Leave.

After Tice co-founded the Brexit party with Farage to fight the EU elections, Edginton joined as head of digital campaigns, where he was one of the few individuals with access to the party's Facebook page during the EU elections - helping to oversee a series of slick videos.

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Brexit party activist says he obtained Kim Darroch cables

Hey everybody! I have 19 spots open! I also decided to up the amount by $5.

Open an account get a $200 direct deposit! We both then get a $50 credit for it! The credit is applied almost instantly too which is a big plus! Chime will also post the deposit almost immediately upon receiving it so in theory you could be paid out tomorrow! It's supposed to be payroll but I read in another post you can transfer in from another bank and it will work.

These are the other banks that are supposed to work:



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TD Bank

I imagine you can do it with any account though really! Once I have verified the deposit and receive my $50 I can payout via cashapp, venmo, paypal, chime, or crypto if you so desire!

Please PM me after doing it so I can keep track of everybody, and include your preferred form of payment as well! I will payout as soon as the deposit hits my account!

If you want crypto please PM wallet also. I can do ETH, BTC, or XLM. If payment is via any form but crypto I will include $3 bonus!

Terms and Conditions:

In order for both the referred friend and the referring Chime member to each qualify for and receive the $50.00 referral reward, the following conditions must be met: The referred friend must open a new Chime Spending Account (“Account”) using the referring Chime member’s unique referral link between January 1, 2019 and December 31, 2019 and the Account must receive a payroll direct deposit of $200.00 or more within 45 days from when the Chime Spending Account was opened. The direct deposit must be made by referred friend’s employer, payroll provider, or benefits payer by an Automated Clearing House (ACH) deposit. Bank ACH transfer, Pay Friends transfers, verification or trial deposits from financial institutions, transfers from PayPal or Venmo, mobile check deposits, and cash loads or deposits are not qualifying direct deposit. Referring Chime member must be part of the “$50.00 for Payroll Direct Deposit” referral reward campaign in order for each party to be eligible for a reward. The reward is paid to each party within two (2) business days after qualifying funds are first deposited into the referred friend’s Account. Members may earn no more than $1,000.00 in referral rewards per calendar year (January 1, 2019 - December 31, 2019). Referred friend acknowledges that payment of the reward will result in the Member’s knowledge of friend’s establishment of a new Account. Chime reserves the right to cancel or modify the referral reward offer terms or terminate the member’s eligibility at any time with or without prior notice. This offer is neither sponsored nor endorsed by The Bancorp Bank. Credits of $10 or more must be reported on tax form 1099-INT.

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[OFFER] $50 from Chime Bank and $15 from me

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Technology used to counter violent messages online from Islamic State and the far right is being adapted to counter the spread of "Anti-vax" conspiracy theories.

Moonshot CVE, a company currently working in as many as 28 countries, uses techniques to identify and intervene in the cases of internet users at risk of being radicalised online.

Moonshot's "Redirect method", which involves the use of online advertising targeted at Google and social media users searching for certain extremism-linked keywords, is now being turned to the problem of "Vaccine hesitancy", identified by the World Health Organization as one of the 10 greatest threats to global health this year.

Data provided by the company to the Guardian on online searches performed in London for far-right memes and references over a recent four-month period shed light on the effectiveness of the tools being deployed.

Typically, the model being developed by Moonshot involves those at risk of being drawn into violent extremism being identified and "Signposted" elsewhere, such as to counselling, job opportunities or counter narratives to extremist material.

Current campaigns include a pilot intervention in south Asia, where it has been building an app that will help a local mental health NGO mentor those at risk of being drawn into extremism.

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t3_cg4p8o2019-07-21T22:00:58+00:00Anti-extremism software to be used to tackle vaccine disinformation
Anti-extremism software to be used to tackle vaccine disinformation

Moonshot’s “redirect method”, which involves the use of online advertising targeted at Google and social media users searching for certain extremism-linked keywords, is now being turned to the problem of “vaccine hesitancy”, identified by the World Health Organization as one of the 10 greatest threats to global health this year.

Typically, the model being developed by Moonshot involves those at risk of being drawn into violent extremism being identified and “signposted” elsewhere, such as to counselling, job opportunities or counter narratives to extremist material.

While its founders expect a focus on extremism to always be at its heart, most recently it has been examining how to adapt the model to respond to what it described as “other destructive communities online” such as those spreading anti-vaccination theories, those involved in human trafficking, and people who are vulnerable to gang violence.

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t3_cg4fc42019-07-21T21:35:40+00:00The Guardian: Redirection tool that confronts anti-vax theories under development by UK’s Moonshot
The Guardian: Redirection tool that confronts anti-vax theories under development by UK’s Moonshot

Pokémon Sun & Moon, episode 131

Alternative names: Pocket Monsters Sun & Moon, Pokemon the Series: Sun & Moon, SuMo

Rate this episode here.

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Pokémon Sun & Moon - Episode 131 discussion

Economics Guide


Funny thing about economics here, it’s actually a fairly small number of students who enter UMD as Economics majors. However on graduation day it is one of the top-5 largest majors at the university. Economics is a great combination of statistics and analytical thought that is complimentary to so many fields which makes it a popular double major and gives you a foot in the door to many different career fields.

With that in mind, there are two different tracks designed with two different career goals in mind: the Bachelor of Arts (BA) and Bachelor of Sciences (BS). While the BS is more statistics heavy and more rigorous, I would not recommend it for just anyone. The BS requires Economics student to take Calculus 1 & 2 as well as Econometric 1 & 2. It’s a gauntlet and will do some damage to your GPA if you aren’t a math-oriented person. It’s difficult to even know how employers, looking at only a resume, would differentiate a 3.2 BS vs. a 3.4 BA so don’t let prestige be a deciding factor. II do think it will better prepare you if your goal is to get a PhD or you desire to work in an honest-to-goodness economic field, like at the Federal Reserve.

On the otherhand, the BA is designed with a bit more of an applied focus (maybe aspiring for an MBA/masters degree) and greater flexibility meaning those that might join the workforce in a kind of analyst role. In the BA, you have a much better opportunity to double major or take a broader array of studies. For this track however, I highly recommend still taking Econometrics as regression analysis is essential in almost any field you will enter. I would also recommend being sure to come out of college with strong Excel skills and a passable knowledge of a stats package like Stata or R. The important part about taking the BA is that you come out with some hard skills to show employers.

As an Economics major, you won’t get all the same benefits as someone in the Business school. Just know that you will have alot of competition in the job market and you need to have something that makes you stand out. Consider anything that touches data, don’t hone in on one field. Even within the government they hire economists or analysts in almost every bureau. Hunt for internships with governments, think tanks, private equity, etc and foster those connections in the field because I personally have found that is the best avenue to a future job. I’d also recommend trying your hand in the workforce before going for an advanced degree. Employers will often offer education assistance but it will also give you a chance to explore what you like before dropping a ton of dough or getting in over your head.


Introductory Courses

Economic courses for first and second year students are largely theoretical and are actually fairly self-contained. Hopefully most people will find them pretty easy as the concepts aren’t too crazy. Introductory Micro/Macro and Intermediate Micro/Macro cover the basic academic understanding of the field. Understanding supply & demand, tax policy and externalities, monetary policy and more are foundational to everything you will see in the field but the actual concepts don’t usually pop up in future courses. Theory just isn’t too valuable until it’s backed by empirical data which gives answers that are much more complex.

Just to give you a taste of the issues we wrestle with: “Minimum wage increase will reduce employment”. Not that simple! Labor movement is not free or easy (job searching, health care, etc) which allows employers to hold down wages below their theoretical market value. Service industries that tend to pay minimum wage can not just replace labor with capital. Marginally attached workers might see the opportunity cost of a job as more valuable than $8/hr but could return to the labor market with a wage increase. That’s not to say employment doesn’t decrease because in general it should, but there are multitudes of reasons why it does not always play out like it ‘should’. In the past Economics used to be very theory driven but in the era of big data the field demands that you prove it.

With all that said, today’s Econ majors need to be prepared for math that goes well beyond Y=C+I+G+NX. Calculus has applications on the theoretical side so a good understanding of that will help you out in intermediate and advanced micro/macro courses. If you chose the BS track, you will also get a trial by fire in Calc 2. The real money maker though is statistics. While the class doesn’t always apply to economics, your best chance of finding a job after college will utilize stats extensively. Pay attention too as econometrics will build off of this.

300-level Electives

The 300 level courses tend to be more on the theoretical side with a slightly more real world application than the intro courses. While the offerings are limited, here I would recommend finding the classes that most interest you and if you get a chance to write a paper that might serve as a writing sample, make sure to knock it out of the park. If you can use this to land an internship in the field (which in economics is not an easy thing to do, in my opinion), that could potentially lead to a career straight out of college. You should really be thinking about this starting sophomore year because by the time junior year comes around it might be too late to start looking. Another idea to keep in mind is that the Agricultural Economic program offer some classes that can double for economic requirements and plural society general education credits. All in all, I don’t think these courses are that great but they come in a pivotal time when you’re past the beginner stuff and need to serious consider your next two years.

Now is about the time you should really start sinking your teeth into the field too. You should have some familiarity with Excel formulas but there is so much more to that program and you should be building models for almost anything you can. I don’t care if you download historical baseball player contracts and the GDP deflator to calculate everyone’s average annual value in current year dollar terms. Learn some more formulas like Lookups and IF statements. Maybe you’re into the stock market and want to calculate the descriptive statistics of some portfolio compared to the S&P 500. Get exposed to FRED and IPUMS-CPS for some macro/micro datasets. Download R or get Stata and start dabbling in data management, analysis, regressions, and visualizations. Read NBER working papers, CBO reports, BLS data, FiveThirtyEight/Upshot articles.

400-level Electives

400 level economic courses are where the classes finally get good so make sure you take advantage. Firstly, irregardless of whether you are on the BS or BA track, you should take Econometrics. Almost every data-related position you will consider will require these skills so while it’s a difficult class it will probably be the most important course you take. Two other things you should keep in mind are further developing technical skills in Excel and Stata/R but also taking a course that allows you to write an economic paper that can serve as a writing sample.

The thing I would recommend against is continuing to taking too many further theoretical classes. I took Game Theory and the logic is really fascinating but I don’t think I will ever directly apply skills I learned in that class for the rest of my life. I would say that you should have a good idea of what field you are interested in entering and be sure to have a solid understanding of it. General economic knowledge is just not that practical in the job market, you need to focus on technical skills and research experience.


As I have mentioned, achieving an economics degree opens many doors but it doesn’t set you up for a specific career. For that reason, connections and networking are a big part of the job searching process. I also would typically advise against immediately pursing an advanced degree. If a doctorate is your dream, you might be best served by getting a research assistant position at an economic bureau where you can get experience and quality recommendations. If you wish to join the workforce, you should be willing to consider a broad array of fields - essentially anything that includes the word “analyst”. I always say that an economics major in DC is a dime a dozen so you need to have something that makes you stand out from the pack. In most analyst roles you will be looking at data and learning how to present it, but employers often provide education assistance for something like a master’s degree that can help you further advance your career.

Many employers don’t expect their fresh hires to be advanced users in any programs so just be someone who is eager to learn something new. Having a broad foundation is a great start, especially to get yourself in the door. Excel should be your bread and butter so get comfortable in that program but specific software beyond that is going to be specific to the field and company. Just demonstrating that you are a willing and able learner is important, which is why I encourage you to self-teach yourself some new skills any chance you get. In addition, you should be confident - confident in presenting material, speaking in front of higher ups, confident in yourself. A huge part of the field you are about to enter is convincing others of what you already know. People skills, work on it! Good luck!



  • FRED - an aggregated database of macro information. It’s basically the go to source since it pulls inflation, GDP, exchange rates, unemployment, interest rates, and even price indexes from BLS or stock indexes from Dow or S&P. It also lets you visualized the data, make transformations, and more. You can get an API key to pull information directly into Stata and Excel too.
  • IPUMS CPS - A resource to download census and related survey data in a micro format. This is where you get the data to see how education, location, career field, race, gender, etc predict income or something like that. Run fancy regressions with all the controls.
  • There’s alot more but these are the two obvious ones.


  • Excel - a spreadsheet program which lets you run mathematical formulas and other operations. The idea in Excel models is that cells link together so one value is changed and it effects all the “downstream” cells. It’s alot more than just a calculator so learn it good cause it’s used everywhere. People love Excel junkies.
  • VBA - A coding language in Excel. You don’t need to learn this for most jobs but it’s a good introduction to coding languages in an environment that everyone uses. Can be helpful in automating reports or tasks.
  • Stata - it’s currently the go-to statistical software of economics. It can handle alot more complicated data management and analysis, and you basically create a scripted Do file to run most processes. It’s somewhere between a modeling program and a coding language once you learn how to use it right.
  • R - probably the future of statistical packages. It’s open source (read: free) and has tons of addons that give it features beyond what Stata can do. The popular addon R Studio basically makes it work like a Stata clone, however the language is more complicated so I would argue it’s a tad harder to learn. You might not use it in classes either but you should be aware of it. Did I mention free?
  • SAS/SPSS - other stats packages no one really cares about but are sometimes used. Alot of workplaces have licenses for all the major programs
  • Python - a general coding language that is becoming super popular. Can do most of the things that R can do but doesn’t have the same intuitive interface or quite as good data viz packages. If you want to learn coding as an economist beyond VBA, this is where you should go.


  • FiveThirtyEight - a data journalism outlet that primarily covers sports and politics. They do a really good job of presenting data in a comprehendible way. They also have some code and datasets on Github.
  • The Upshot ($) - a New York Times blog that uses data when looking at politics and economics. They have a super cool live election tracker but they also cover economic issues in a thoughtful way.
  • The Economist ($) - a magazine that covers international politics and economics. It’s not usually the most in depth articles out there but it is a great source to keep up with the world at large.
  • CBO - Congressional Budgeting Office. They do cost estimates and analysis of policy and government. It’s a non-partisan organization and gives incredibly deep but also comprehendible papers on tons of subjects.
  • NBER - National Bureau of Economic Research. Non-partisan non-profit that hosts economic working papers. Not usually as painfully technical as published articles but tons of high quality research is on that site.
  • Twitter - Follow government bureaus, non-profits, think tanks, economists, opinion writers, etc. It’s a good place to get connected with the field. In addition to writers for outlets already mentioned I’d point you in the direction of Bloomberg, NY Mag, The Atlantic, Washington Post, Wall Street Journal, Vox.


  • CORE’s The Economy - sort of a modern revision of the Econ 101 textbook. It’s an open source text book created by an international team of economists. It’s not to say Makiw’s Principles of Economics is wrong but it leans heavily into theory, while this book focuses more on the real-world application of economics in a post-Great Recession era.
  • Podcasts! - Freakonomics, Planet Money, etc are great resources for learning about economic issues.
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t3_cg47yh2019-07-21T21:17:24+00:00Economics Guide
Economics Guide

Over the past several days, I have published the first formal mathematics into the Dalilcoin block chain. The next Dalilcoin release (0.2.2) should include the source files for the publications in the doc subdirectory, along with descriptions of the contents.

One theory has been published, giving constructors and axioms for a higher-order set theory. This was translated from the "Foundation" file distributed with Qeditas-Egal ( After this I published a first document making a number of basic definitions and proving some basic results. Most of this was also copied from various different Qeditas-Egal formalizations. I then made a signature publication to allow easy importing of some of these basic definitions (like "and" -- conjunction) and basic facts (like "andI" -- conjunction introduction).

After this I published a document containing the definitions related to Category Theory. The definition of MetaCategory came from Qeditas-Egal, but I added definitions for functors, natural transformations, adjunctions and monads. A corresponding signature was published. In future documents, this signature can be included and the document can directly refer to objects like MetaCategory, MetaAdjunction, etc.

Today I published three documents with 189 category theory related conjectures and put bounties on them. These are the first bounties on the main Dalilcoin chain. I also published a document resolving three of the conjectures and collected the bounties, as an example to demonstrate how publishing proofs and collecting bounties can be done.

There are now 186 conjectures with bounties, for a total of 9615 fraenks (funded using much of my own staking rewards since the chain started). The bounties range from 40 fraenks to 75 fraenks. (For comparison, staking a block only gives a reward of 25 fraenks.) If you are running a node, you can see the current state of the bounties using the "reportbounties" command. You can also use "reportpubs" to see information about the formal mathematics published so far.

The conjectures concern 13 categories: Set, HF (Hereditarily Finite Sets), Small (sets in a universe), PtdSet (sets with a distinguished point), Top (topological spaces with cts functions), PtdTop (topological spaces with a distinguished point), Mon (monoids), Grp (groups), AbGrp (abelian groups), Rng (rings), RngWId (rings with identity), CRng (commutative rings), CRngWId (commutative rings with identity).

In each case one conjecture is that the structure gives a category. Then for each category there are separate conjectures for existence of certain constructions: initial object, terminal object, products, coproducts, equalizers, coequalizers, exponents, a subobject classifier and a natural number object. For each of these categories there is an obvious forgetful functor. For the categories other than Set, there is a conjecture that the forgetful functor is a functor from the category to Set. There are then conjectures that the forgetful functor has a left and right adjoint.

Many of these conjectures are false, and the bounty can be claimed by proving the negation of the conjecture. To demonstrate this, I added an extra conjecture to the Set category: there exists an object that is both initial and terminal. It is easy to prove in Set that if an object is initial it is empty and if it is terminal it is nonempty, leading to a contradiction. In addition, I proved Set is a category and used the empty set to prove there is an initial object. These three proofs allowed me to claim three bounties (worth 40 fraenks each).

More information will be in the next release, which should be ready in the next week or two. I am willing to answer questions in the meantime if there are any.

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t3_cg437c2019-07-21T21:05:41+00:00Major Milestone: First Mathematical Documents and Bounties
Major Milestone: First Mathematical Documents and Bounties

So I know not everyone on Reddit loves reposts but when it comes to smaller communities especially ones centered around a show that had ended years ago: maybe reposts should be more allowed and maybe encouraged sometimes.

I tried posting the link to Zen Monkey Studios who makes licensed pins. Which if you're into the pin community like I am you know that licensed pins are the best form of pin making there ever could be (especially with all of the art theft going on.) (If there's a limit to the number of times a link can be submitted in a month I'm sorry for not knowing the limit.)

And I got a error message that the link had already been submitted before and it stopped me from submitting it at all. Idk if there's an expiration for the amount of times that something can be submitted but the link that I tried to post tends to update reguarly. Even their Korra series of pins gets regular updates.

And being unallowed to post it really makes me question what content is allowed in this sub. Like we're forever in the off season at this point. Both the original show and Korra have been over for a while now, maybe it would be a good idea to allow reposts even if it's allowing the same link to be submitted once a month or something. Because even though it might not be new content for people who grew up with the show it could be new for someone who just discovered it. I'm personally watching ATLA entirely through with my friend who is seeing it for the first time. Or maybe even seeing a post about some fan made/officially licensed merch could be news to people who didn't happen to see the original post about that fan art/merch the first time around.

I think as a community that's living in the permanent off season maybe we should allow reposted content that's just highlighting new merch (even if it's just once every few weeks or months) or popular fan art or theories or whatever so long as it serves to continue discussion (theories and idea) or fandomism (fan made or official merch) of the show. So long as it renews what we all love and share about this series.

People discovering this show in particular is like the xkcd comic about people learning about something they should have known all along we should celebrate newcomers and we should celebrate their new ideas and posting reposted content for the enjoyment of people who might not have been part of this sub when it was originally posted. It might be old to us who grew up with the show (I personally saw every episode when it aired) but it just might be news to someone else discovering the show for the first time.

Book 3 of ATLA ended 11 years ago: perhaps at this point it's better to not limit people submitting content to this sub even if it's been posted X many months ago. Maybe it's better to allow reposts to see how it changes the community in terms of just having things to talk about.

submitted by /u/CorgiCrossing to r/TheLastAirbender
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t3_cg42hc2019-07-21T21:03:59+00:00[Meta] About Reposts
[Meta] About Reposts

YouTube - I Might Be a Genius

In our pilot episode, we (your hosts, Matt Dyer & Courtney Rae) briefly introduce the nature of our podcast and spend the episode introducing ourselves! Briefly covering the nature of ourselves, our star signs, a meteor of gold that could upset the economy at large, and what character class we find ourselves falling into within our group of friends. This pilot episode is all about establishing a shared appreciation for humanity and human nature, both in practice and in theory. With plenty of tangents, fun facts, and random thoughts, we welcome you to episode one of the Boondoggle Podcast. Our question to you, this episode: What character class or RPG role do you play among your friends?

The Boondoggle Podcast is a platform for a couple of amateurs exploring who we are, what we are, and why we are the way we are. Particularly, in the realms of culture, narrative, and all of those physical and metaphysical elements that shape who we become. Granted, we may not be experts on the matter, and our topics might be goofy… (ok they’ll definitely be goofy) but Boondoggle Podcast is as much a passion as it is a hobby. And this particular passion is one that seeks to engage and normalize authenticity, introspection, and an appreciation for how our identities are created and expressed. And better yet, that no matter what your story is, you have a time, a place, and purpose, that may yet to be discovered.

submitted by /u/TheBoonDogglePodcast to u/TheBoonDogglePodcast
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t3_cg3zgf2019-07-21T20:56:43+00:00Episode 1 - I Might Be a Genius
Episode 1 - I Might Be a Genius

Andiru - Intoxicated (Mixed) (03:41)

Capyac;Cool Company - Ceasefire (Mixed) (03:40)

Castelle - Polychromatic (Mixed) (02:38)

Close Counters - SOULACOASTA (Mixed) (03:39)

Conrad Clifton - Neva Seen (A Broken Heart) [Mixed] (04:29)

Courage - Long Way Up (Mixed) (02:17)

Domenique Dumont - Sans cesse, mon cheri (Mixed) (03:56)

Lenny De Luca - Floating (Mixed) (03:08)

MILLIONYOUNG - Respiro (Mixed) (03:03)

Neon bunny;Children’s Corner - Girl (Mixed) (02:43)

Pastel - Floating (Mixed) (02:29)

Rhye - Count to Five (Mixed) (04:26)

Tourdefrance - In Alto Mare (Mixed, Tourdefrance Edit) (04:43)

Tribeqa - Never Stop (Mixed) (03:32)

Twin Theory - Innocent (Mixed) (02:50)

Tyde - Don't Worry (Mixed) (03:05)

Download here:

submitted by /u/Hoodlight to r/beatportmusic
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t3_cg3ya62019-07-21T20:53:51+00:00Young Franco - Cafe Kitsune (DJ Mix) (Kitsune)
Young Franco - Cafe Kitsune (DJ Mix) (Kitsune)

Courage - Long Way Up (Mixed) (02:17)

Lenny De Luca - Floating (Mixed) (03:08)

Tourdefrance - In Alto Mare (Mixed, Tourdefrance Edit) (04:43)

Rhye - Count to Five (Mixed) (04:26)

Conrad Clifton - Neva Seen (A Broken Heart) [Mixed] (04:29)

Capyac;Cool Company - Ceasefire (Mixed) (03:40)

Domenique Dumont - Sans cesse, mon cheri (Mixed) (03:56)

Neon bunny;Children’s Corner - Girl (Mixed) (02:43)

Pastel - Floating (Mixed) (02:29)

Tribeqa - Never Stop (Mixed) (03:32)

MILLIONYOUNG - Respiro (Mixed) (03:03)

Castelle - Polychromatic (Mixed) (02:38)

Twin Theory - Innocent (Mixed) (02:50)

Tyde - Don't Worry (Mixed) (03:05)

Andiru - Intoxicated (Mixed) (03:41)

Close Counters - SOULACOASTA (Mixed) (03:39)

Download here:

submitted by /u/Hoodlight to r/beatportmusic
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t3_cg3y9f2019-07-21T20:53:48+00:00Young Franco - Caf Kitsun (DJ Mix) (Kitsune)
Young Franco - Caf Kitsun (DJ Mix) (Kitsune)


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